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Publication: Today's Golf
Pivot, Sand and Fat Shots

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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, October 3, 2007
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

Bobby Jones said something like, "If I could give golfers just
one piece of advice it would be to remove all tension from their

Try it. Next time you're standing on the first tee adressing
your ball, consciously loosen your grip and get the tension out
of your shoulders and back. Relax and swing. The club will not
fly out of your hands. In fact, the loosness will cause the
clubface to square up naturally and you'll make better contact.

Try it. If you don't like it you can go back to strangling the
club on the next swing!



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The Pivot By Hank Haney

There are two elements to the golf swing: how you pivot your
body; and how you swing your hands and arms. The body pivot is
so important. If you don’t turn your body correctly then it is
difficult to swing your hands and arms on the proper plane.

When you turn your body what you are looking for is you want
to rotate and keep your body centered. So I turn my shoulders
keeping my head centered, turning back and turning through. If
I am going to make a mistake I would always rather move back a
little bit as opposed to leaning forward and doing a reverse
pivot. You keep yourself centered when you pivot and you keep
the bend forward from your hips the same the whole time.

If I am turning correctly, the angle that I turn at is the
same angle that I start at address. If I make an incorrect turn
I am either tilting my shoulders or I am leveling it out too
much. Keep your posture, rotate on your angle, keep your center
and turn back.

The pivot is the key to getting your swing back on the correct
plane. If you do not pivot properly you have little chance to
swing your hands and arms on the correct plane. Both of these
elements work together in the golf swing. If you don’t have one
then you probably do not have the other. If you do have one it
does not necessarily guarantee that you will have the other one.
You have to get them both working together. The proper pivot is
a great place to start.


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Varying Bunker Shot Distances By Hank Haney

One of the things that is difficult in bunker shots is varying
your distance. But the real key is just getting the right set
up. When you set up for a sand shot your stance is open, your
ball is forward in your stance and your clubface is open. The
clubface should be open approximately the same distance to the
right of the target as your feet are to the left of the target.

So if I am going to play a short bunker shot I widen this "V"
created by my clubface and feet angles. I open up with my feet
a lot to the left and open up with my clubface a lot to the
right. The face of the club is wide open and now I am going to
play a very short bunker shot. If I am looking to just barely
get the ball out of the bunker then the key is wide open with
my stance and wide open with my clubface and the ball is just
barely coming out.

Now as I want to increase my distance, obviously I increase the
length and speed of my swing, but I also square my stance up a
little bit. Now I am slightly open to the left, my clubface is
just slightly open to the right, a little bigger swing and a
much longer shot. So you vary your distance on sand shots by
widening your "V" for a shorter shot and narrowing your "V" for
a longer shot. Feet more open, clubface more open for the wide
"V." Feet a little more towards square, clubface just slightly
open for a narrow "V" and a longer shot. This will make varying
your bunker shots and the distance you hit them a lot easier.


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Fat Shots: Causes and Cures By Hank Haney

One of the worst shots in golf is the fat shot. The thin shot
usually finds the front of the green, but the fat shot goes
right in the lake in front of you.

There are a couple of different causes. One is called the steep
fat where your club is coming in too steep and your angle of
approach is too sharp into the ground. It digs into the ground
too deep and you hit it fat. 
Another one is what we call a shallow fat. Your club is coming
in too shallow or too close to the ground and too far behind the
ball. You then hit the ground, hit behind the ball and you hit
it fat that way.

People who slice the ball usually hit it fat because of a steep
swing; people who hook the ball usually hit it fat because of a
shallow swing. If you are hitting shots fat because your swing
is too steep you are probably tilting your shoulders instead of
turning them. So when you swing I want you to concentrate on
keeping your left shoulder up and turning back around. In a
sense, making your turn more level. If you swing the golf club
more around your body that will eliminate that fat shot.

When you look at the other fat shot, one that is caused by too
shallow a swing, your emphasis needs to be on keeping the club
out in front of you and turning your body through. When your
turn your body through that brings the bottom of the swing
forward. It will allow you to contact the ball and then the
turf. If I turn back and don’t turn through I am going to tend
to hit the ground behind the ball.

So for the shallow fat, less back, more through. For the steep
fat, level your turn, swing the club a little more around and
you will eliminate one of the worst shots in golf.

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