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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, June 11, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

Well, it's US Open time. I love the major tournaments. You get
to see everybody. And this year, for the first two rounds,
Tiger, Phil and Adam Scott will be playing in the same group.
That'll be interesting to watch. I like all three of them. I'm
hoping the fiesty defending champ Angel Cabrera has a good


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Three Common equipment woes easily Corrected, by Tom Patri, One
of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers in America

As a teaching professional who does not own a shop, nor relies
on equipment sales to pay my bills I'm in an extremely powerful
position to make recommendations to my students on their
equipment. They realize I'm not making recommendations for
financial gain, but purely because I feel there is a better club,
or technology that they will benefit from....Even today almost
20 years after I was first introduced to formal fitting, it
amazes me just how many amateurs who come to my lesson tee have
equipment in their bags which is not only not maximizing their
efforts, but in fact actually hurting there performance

What I would like to discuss in this piece with you folks out
there in the golf world are the three most common things that
my recreational golfers bring to my tee that relates to 
equipment woes, and are easily, and quickly fixable. If
corrected would make your golf life much more enjoyable, and
your performance better overnight!

1. It is hard for me to believe just how many golf clubs I pull
out of my student’s golf bags on a daily basis whose grips are
in a condition that almost makes them difficult, if not
impossible to hold, based on the excessive wear. Please keep
in mind that when your grips are worn, and become slick it
requires you, the player to increase your grip pressure to
control the clubface. However that increased pressure, in fact
creates tension.....tension destroys golf swings! It will inhibit
your ability to freely release the club, make your best turn,
and therefore hinder your ability to create speed as well. If 
your grips become even the least bit worn (shinny or slick),
change them ASAP! I also recommend you clean your grips often
with warm water, a light scrub with a soapy solution, and a wire
brush....Give them a light scrub , then a warm rinse, and allow
them to air dry. They will feel like new. When you drive your car
it is required you control the steering wheel, when you drive your
golf ball , please control the clubface with a sound fundamental
grip, placed upon a club grip in excellent condition to control
your clubface.


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2. Do you carry a 60 degree wedge? It was really not that long
ago this animal did not even exist...I remember having to be
extremely creative, some would say manipulative with a 56 degree
wedge to hit shots that flew high and soft when the situation
dictated the need. Today many amateurs put themselves in 
positions that if they carried a 60 degree club would allow them
to escape with a basic pitch shot motion, with no need to be a
tour player, or magician!! The technology of the 60 degree club,
and the quality of the bounce configurations in today's equipment
market, has taken a great deal of pressure off the average player
who has invested in this wonderful tool...Not only is this gem a
wonderful pitching tool, but it stands to reason it has a
tremendous application in the bunker world as well. Have your PGA
professional help you fit the bounce configuration that best suits
the lies, and sand at your home club.

Get Info or Schedule a Free LASIK Vision Exam:

3. I have never been a great long iron player myself personally.
My downswing sometimes gets a bit steep, and therefore the 2 or
3 iron were never dear friends of mine!! Along comes the hybrid
type clubs ands suddenly the somewhat longer Par 4's I play don't
feel like quite so much work any longer. Now it has gotten to the
point that I welcome the challenges the golf course presents to me
in the previous 2, 3, or 4 iron range. The hybrid technology has
also paid huge dividends in light rough or lies in the fairway I
would previously cringed at....If your an average golfer , who
struggles with his or her mid to long irons , jump on the hybrid
train ASAP! I must also say I find it very interesting that even
at the tour level, when I work with my professional students how
many hybrids are showing up in their bags as well. Let’s face it,
why not make this sometimes difficult game easier for us whenever

Please take some easy to follow advise. Have your grips checked
on a regular basis, by your PGA professional. Also have him fit
you for a proper 60 degree club, and talk over with him the
correct, and fitted hybrid, or hybrid(s) you need to have in
your bag....Do this ASAP, and continue to enjoy your golf.
Always remember to give back to this wonderful sport that gives
us so much enjoyment.


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Ebay seller arrested for counterfeit clubs
- PGA.com

May 29, 2008 -- HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. -- A raid conducted in
Miami, Florida on May 27 by Miami Dade Police Department resulted
in one arrest and the confiscation of counterfeit golf clubs
bearing the marks of such brand names as Titleist,
Scotty Cameron, Cleveland Golf and TaylorMade.

Jorge Wagner was arrested and charged with one felony count of
possession of counterfeit goods with intent to sell. He was
released on $5,000 bail.

In this case, several golf manufacturers were notified of
counterfeit products arriving from China through seizure notices
received by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Miami. Subsequent
seizures also were conducted out of Anchorage, Alaska and Long
Beach, California, all with products going to various aliases and
locations allegedly used by Wagner within the Miami area.

"We were able to connect the importer information provided by
Customs, with Mr. Wagner's eBay seller id's: exo05,
cosmo_electronics, sellingstuff83 and theperfectstuff. These
items were being listed as brand new, legitimate Cleveland Golf
products," said Steve Gingrich, Vice President of Global Legal
Enforcement. "Thanks to the diligence of Customs agents, and
the work produced by the Miami Dade Police Department, we were
successful in our efforts to shut down another individual who
preyed on internet shoppers by selling and using our brand name."

"Counterfeit products are returned to us for warranty repair on
a daily basis by consumers believing the product they purchased
on the internet to be legitimate," added Gingrich. "The golf
industry is committed to combating the proliferation of
counterfeit golf products and strongly encourages all consumers
to purchase their products from authorized dealers."

"Acushnet Company is pleased with the outcome of this case,"
said Lisa Rogan, Trademark Manager for Acushnet Company, which
comprises the Titleist, FootJoy and Cobra brands. "We are doing
everything we can to protect consumers and retailers by 
keeping counterfeit golf product out of the marketplace. We will
continue to investigate sellers and work with law enforcement to
prosecute those sellers."

The brand companies victimized by the alleged Miami-based
counterfeiting operation are members of the U.S. Golf
Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group, which was formed
in 2004 to petition U.S. and Chinese government agencies to
combat counterfeit activity.

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