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Publication: Today's Golf
How To Get a Deal on Irons

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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, March 12, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

Are you hankerin' for new irons, but when you go to the local
superstore you get a case of sticker shock and leave empty
handed? No need to do that.

Find a local pro shop that sits on a driving range and talk to
the pro there. Ask him for a deal on the set that you hit best.
9 out of 10 times he'll be happy to help you out. He needs the
sale because he doesn't the millions of dollars for advertising
like those other guys.

He'll even throw in a custom fitting for free.


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Shaping Shot Trajectory
By Gary Wiren

A lot of times when a player is out on the golf course and he
has a tree in front of him where it is going to obstruct his
direction to the green he just pitches it out and takes his
penalty. Well you don’t have to do that, you can shape the
ball around the tree, right to left, left to right. All you
really have to know is how to do that, and it is pretty
simple. I am going to shape this shot around our imaginary
tree, my Mizuno umbrella, and I will show you how to do it
in a very simple fashion.

Whenever you go right to left we need to close the clubface
down, and when you close the clubface down you take loft off
of the club. So when you use a right to left shot and you
don’t have too much distance to go take a more lofted club.
I am going to use an 8-iron on this first one and show you
how I can spin the ball out around this Mizuno umbrella here
and hook it around to the green.

First of all I take my line and point the aiming line well
out to the right. Then with my body aimed well to the right
of the target I take the clubface and close it so that it
faces where I want the ball to finish. In this case I want
the ball to finish out here on this green right in the
middle. So I am putting the club down at a right angle to
the target. Then I set it down to the ball and I simply
swing right out along my target line and let the ball go
ahead and turn over around that umbrella and coming back to
the target. There it is perfectly done. Right around to the
middle of that green.

If you want the shot to go left to right you are going to
be adding loft to the club as you open the face, so I am
going take a 4-iron here, much less loft, and I am going to
change my aim position way over to the left side. With my
clubface I am going to set my clubface where I want the
ball to end up. I am going to swing way out to the left
here because the reason you have to swing a long ways to
the left is that is not going to go where you are aiming to
start with. It is going to go between where you want it to
end up and where you are aiming. You have to give it plenty
of room. The face is wide open. My clubface is aiming where
I want the ball to finish. I am going to swing out to the
left and down that line, and watch the ball it will curve
right over and again back to the middle of that green.
There we are, around the target, over to the green.

Really simple. That is all you have to do, but you have to
trust it. So many people set the club down closed and then
gradually get it back to square, back to square, and all
they do is push it out to the right. Trust it and make your
normal swing.


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Pre-Shot Routine for Putting
By Gary Wiren

You probably hear about or read about the term Pre-Shot Routine.
Most of the time you think about it only for a full swing, on
your drive. Well you should have maybe five pre-shot routines:
one for your drive; one for your fairway irons; one for chipping
and putting; one for bunker play; and one for pitching.
Different routines for all of those.

I am going to go through my routine for putting. This is not
necessarily your routine; it is a routine, one that I am going
to show you that I like to do. First thing I ask myself when I
come up to the green is I try to check out if this putt is
uphill or downhill. Surprisingly you hit a lot of putts and you
say, oh, it was uphill. Well that is too late. Then I try to
figure out if it breaks to the right or to the left, and when I
do that of course I am looking at slope and the grain. Those
are two things that the fine US Open Champion Lou Graham one
told me.

That is all I do in putting is I go up there and do this and do
that and this is my pre shot. I add three things. I say to
myself, I see the line, so I see the line about four inches out
to the right. I am going to imagine a yellow line going right
down to that line; that is where I am going to aim it. Then I
say I feel the distance. In my routine I like to swing my hand
back and through, back and through. There we are; that is going
to get it there as far as how hard I have to hit it. Now I make
a practice stroke with what it felt for how hard to hit it and
I say I am going start the ball right along that yellow line
and roll it right to the cup. That is the positive affirmation
necessary to make it go down there to make it go it. So a
pre-shot routine and having that kind of confidence really
makes you putt better.

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Balance As Your Teacher
By Gary Wiren

Did you ever stop and think about how important balance is in
sports. If you are running back in football and you are running
through the line and you lose your balance you lose yardage. If
you are a baseball player and you are going to pick up the ball
and you lose your balance you lose the ball. In golf, if you
lose your balance it tells you that you probably made a bad swing.

Let me show you the difference between what I would say is a
swinging hit and a hitting swing. One of them gives you a good
balanced finish, the other does not. Now when does this happen?
Usually when you are trying to hit it hard, a driver or fairway
wood. You are trying to reach the green in two and so what are
you going to do, swing harder. Well harder is not always the

It is swinging better with speed that counts. So here we go with
the swing which is the one that is the hitting swing which causes
you to lose balance. You swing it back, you hit, and you fall off
balance. The left foot falls back, or you fall to the right.
Whenever you fall to the right you have hit too much with your
right side instead of swinging the golf club. What I should be
trying to do is make a swinging hit. Notice my finish. My finish
is over on the left side in perfect balance. Look at it this way,
back and through, perfect finish. When you have a perfect finish
it tells you that you made a golf swing. Now whether you got it
perfectly in the center or with the face perfectly square I can
not guarantee that. What I can guarantee is that you made a
swinging hit, not a hitting swing. And when you do that it looks
easy. It looks just like this. Perfect balance.

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