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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, January 30, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

Tiger's game sure was impressive at The Buick. Especially his
putting. Here's what he says about driving the ball:

My driver keys

"I feel tall and athletic in my posture, with my chin up away
from my chest. Going back, my weight shifts to my right side
as I make a full coil to the top. Coming down, I try to
maintain a smooth tempo and feel like everything is turning
together. Good extension through impact, and I’m balanced at
the finish with my belt buckle facing the target."
  Tiger Woods


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By David Leadbetter

If you're hitting crooked drives, an adjustment to tee height
can straighten your shots.

Slicers swing down too steeply at the ball, creating too much
backspin and sidespin. And if their slices are ballooning, they
instinctively tee the ball lower, thinking it will stop the
pop-up. This only causes them to swing steeper to get down to
the ball.

If you fight a slice, you have to shallow out your swing path.
You need to feel as if you're hitting up on the ball, and teeing
it higher will promote that. At address, at least half the ball
should be above the top of the clubhead. This encourages you to
swing more from the inside and to stay back and sweep the ball
off the tee.

Hookers, on the other hand, tend to swing too far from the
inside and get the club trapped behind them. From there, they
have to use their hands to release the club, which, if overdone,
produces a hook. Teeing it lower will keep the club more in
front of your body on the downswing, helping you swing to the
ball on a straighter path.

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 By Jim Flick

Davis Love Jr., who died in a small-plane crash in 1988, was
well known as a great teacher. But not many know that Davis Jr.,
father of Davis III, was also a very good player. He tied for
the lead after one round in the 1964 Masters, and he tied for
fifth with Jack Nicklaus in the 1969 British Open at Royal

Davis pitched the ball magically at that year's British Open,
despite firm and windy conditions. He later told me one of the
secrets to great pitching is controlling your trajectory. The
way to do that, he said, is by adjusting your grip pressure.

Davis said that to hit high pitches, grip the club softly -- I'd
recommend a 2 or 3 on a 10-point scale, 10 being the firmest.
This allows the club to release freely and adds loft as it
slides under the ball through impact.

For low pitches, grip the club more firmly -- a 6 or 7. This
allows you to keep the grip end ahead of the ball, which
stabilizes the clubface through impact, keeping its loft

When you practice pitches, use one club and vary your grip
pressure. See for yourself how it affects your trajectory.

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