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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, July 11, 2007
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"
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Question of the Week


Fellow Duffers,

I don't often get to play this much, but last week I played
5 rounds in 4 days. And you know what? I got better. I hit
more greens in regulation than usual and I was sinking more
6 and 8 foot putts than usual. So this week my advice is to
play a few days in a row if you can. If you cannot, then at
least make a committment to go to the range and spend an hour
a day practicing. I bet the next time you get out you'll go


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Having trouble getting out of the sand? Is your club digging
too far under the ball and leaving it in the bunker? Then check
your sand wedge. It may be that it does not have enough bounce
to keep the club from digging too deep into the sand.

My sand wedge is 56 degrees with about 13 degrees of bounce.
Of course they come in a wide variety of configurations, but
over the years this is what I've found works best for me.

I have another sand wedge that I put in my bag when I play
courses with hard sand and tight fairway lies. It is
56 degrees with only 8 degrees of bounce. The lower bounce 
helps to keep my club from bouncing off the hard sand or tight
lie and skulling my shot.

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Fix Three Faults with One Drill

Sync up your swing to stop pulls, slices and weak shots
By Donald Crawley
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher

This story is for you if...
You want more power.
You're told you make a reverse pivot (and your slice confirms
it). When you don't slice, you hit pulls.

The Fault
Your arms and body swing independently of one another. This
lack of synchronization produces a swing that's very difficult
to control.

The Fix
Address a ball with any club, then take your right hand off
the handle, reach under your left armpit and hold it there.
You can now fix three errors that result from swinging out
of sync, the first of which is a late wrist cock. With your
right hand off the club it should be easy to hinge the club up.

Stop a reverse weight shift
Pull back with your right arm and get your torso behind the
ball. Notice how your weight moves onto your right leg and your
reverse pivot disappears..

Stop a cut/pull downswing
On your downswing, hold your left side in place as you drop your
arms and club downward and start to unwind your hips. Your swing
should feel tight and connected. That's the sensation of
synchronization--your body and arms working in harmony to hit
crisp, powerful shots.

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Ditch Your Slice by Learning to Hit a Hook

Contributing Writer, GOLF MAGAZINE

I have a confession: I love being a hooker. Deep down, I bet
you'd love to be one, too. I know this because I feel your
pain. During my playing career, my ball flight went from a
slight fade (when I was at my best) to a low skanker that
couldn't resist the right rough (when a microphone became
the sexiest thing I'd ever seen). But that's all in the past.
Thanks to my instructor, Mike Abbott, I kicked the bad habits
that caused those big benders to land somewhere to the right
of Rush Limbaugh. By learning how to hook it, I now keep the
ball in the fairway more often, and I hit it farther too.
Here's how I did it. For once, this is a good time to follow
my lead.

Abbott: "Curing a slice means first going to the other
extreme: You adjust your grip and posture to quickly hit a
big hook. Then you can gradually move to hitting it straight,
because you've learned how to rotate your hands and arms to
square the clubface."

Feherty: "To a recovering slicer like me, an ugly, screaming
duck hook can be as lovely as watching Cameron Diaz bend over
to get a ball out of the hole."

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How to go Left when Right is Death

How to lose your slice and hit more fairways
GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teacher

The Situation

From the 10th tee at Pebble beach any ball that drifts right
is headed for the beach or the deep blue sea. To make things
worse, the fairway slopes toward the ocean. There's a large
fairway bunker in the left center of the fairway, but it's
farther out than it looks. Most players can't reach it.

Your Fear

You regularly slice the ball or lose your tee shots to the

The Thing That'll Save You Short Term

Tee the ball up on the far right-hand side of the tee box
and hit away from the ocean. Aim far enough left so that even
your biggest slice will stay ashore.

The Permanent Fix

Learn how to draw the ball. If you slice often, you control
the clubhead with your shoulders and forget that you should
square the clubface by rotating your right forearm over your
left. When you start down with your shoulders instead of your
arms it throws the club onto a steep out-to-in path and leaves
the face open at impact.

Two tips to increase your forearm rotation

To turn the clubhead over and hit a draw, you must rotate the
back of your left hand down (toward the ground) through impact.
It's similar to veering left in your car: When you rotate the
steering wheel to your left, your right hand passes directly
over your left hand points toward the floor. Make this move
in your swing and your ball will turn left, too. Now hold your
driver with only the middle finger, index finger and thumb of
your right hand. make several short practice swings. You will
notice your right arm is unable to support the weight of the
club. As a result, your forearm will roll over and close the
clubface. Re-create this feeling with both hands on the club
when you swing.

How to train for rotation

Grab your left triceps with your right hand and make a couple
of practice swings with your left arm only. This will quiet
your shoulders. Your emphasis should be on the rotation of
your lower arm, below the elbow joint. Just by rotating your
left forearm, wrist and hand, you will move the clubhead
several feet back and through and generate an awful lot of
clubhead speed.

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