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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, August 6, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

It's been extremely hot outside and I'd like to stress the
importance of staying hydrated on the course. Begin by drinking
plenty of water the day before you're going to play. Drink at
least 64 ounces that day. Then when you're on the course drink
8 ounces for every 1/2 hour that you are on the course. 

Also, make sure you replenish your salt, and eat a couple of
bananas to make sure you have enough potassium in your system.
Remember, if you are cramping up, it's probably due to a
deficiency of sodium or potassium. If you have health issues
please consult your doctor.


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A common question goes something like this:

"Sam, I can usually get on the green in three, but then it takes
me three more to get in the hole. If I could only two putt
every hole I could be shooting in the eighties. My big problem
on the greens is that I cannot read the break with any
consistency. Is there a trick to it?"

Yes, I'm happy to say there is a trick to it. Unfortunately,
it's not a trick that most of us want to do. Why? Because it's
called practice.

I have recommended that all of you find a used copy of
Dave Pelz's Putting Bible and incorporate his lessons, but most
of us would rather play a few rounds of golf instead of reading
a 400 page book about putting. What's even more demanding is the
fact that good ol' Dave is going to have you practicing for a
couple of hours a week until you internalize his lessons. Who's
got that kind of time?

Having said that, I realize that most of us reading this don't
play golf for a living, so allow me to offer some advice that is
a bit more practical for the guy working 65 hours a week.

If your goal is to two putt, simply get to the course 30 minutes
before your tee time and practice 10 minutes of chipping and 20
minutes of putting. In both sessions pay close attention to the
speed of the practice green. By the time you are ready to tee
off you will have gotten your speed under control, and even if
you still struggle with the read of the green, you will be much
closer to the hole and will significantly reduce the number of
three putts for that round. I promise you it's true, or else
I'll fix you up with me sister...and she's a real looker.

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Developing a Pre-Shot Routine
By Dallas Judkins

If I could make just one point to amateur golfers, it would be
that they need to work on the fundamentals more. One of the
keys to that is developing a pre-shot routine. All the great
golfers have a routine they stick to.

Whatever it is that works for you, make sure you do it all the
time - from tee shots to approach shots to putting or bunker
shots. The more you can do that, the more the game becomes like
riding a bicycle.

I play with a lot of amateurs and club members and their pre-
shot routines are never the same. They go out and quickly hit
100 balls in a row on the range, but don’t spend any time
developing a pre-shot routine - they don’t even stand behind
the ball and look at the target first. That doesn’t translate
well to the golf course.

Keep the same ball position, use the same grip and keep your
posture the same; even play the same ball so you get a feel
for it. All of that becomes part of your routine. In order to
see long-term improvement, you need the right equipment for
you, the proper technique and plenty of repitition.

I also notice that many players get hurried as they go to hit
a shot. Developing a dependable pre-shot routine should
prevent that. It could be anything; maybe you just take your
hat off and on before every shot. Try thinking of it like a
major league pitcher who has his routine down on the mound.
They never change. Try it and see what happens.

Dallas Judkins has been a PGA member since 2001 and has been
the Head Golf Professional at The Club at Carlton Woods in
The Woodlands, Texas, since 2000. He was also the Coordinator
of Golf Staff Operations for the PGA Tour’s Shell Houston Open
from 1998-2000. The club at Carlton Woods features a Nicklaus
Signature course, which opened in 2001, and a Fazio course,
which opened in 2005.

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I wanted to add an x-wedge to my bag but I didn't know which club
I could afford to give up to stay legal. So I tracked three
consecutive rounds and found that I only hit my 4 iron a total of
one time in those rounds. It turns out that instead of hitting my
4 iron I've been hitting my rescue club. My 4 iron is now resting
comfortably in the bag in the corner of my office. Will my
configeration stay this way? I don't know, but experimenting with
different wedges could shave a few strokes off your scorecard.

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