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Publication: Today's Golf

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          GOLF TIPS - Friday, January 18, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

I think this is the longest period in which I haven't played
golf in years. Normally we are lucky enough to get one day
each month in which we can play. This year it's either been too
wet or too cold. And this weekend is supposed to be in the double
digits below zero. Too bad. Watching the Golf Channel has got
my competitive juices going again.


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Chipping Made Easy

by Anne Cain, Anne Cain Golf Academy

Want to lower your scores quickly? Learn and apply the following
techniques to improve your chipping game. Two reputable sources
shared this chipping system with me when I first turned
professional: PGA Hall of Fame member Paul Runyan, and renowned
PGA instructor George Kelnhofer. Statistically speaking, if you
can chip the ball within 8 feet of the hole your odds go WAY UP
in making the putt. Here is the system:

1. Set Up/Address Position

* Feet close together
* Choke down on club
* Ball positioned even with left heel--feet narrow
* Left ear remains in line with zipper
* Hands are positioned well in front of ball (even with left
* Right wrist is bent
* Weight distribution favors left foot

2. Technique

* Make controlled stroke maintaining bent right wrist
* Propel stroke with arms and shoulders--no wrist flicking!
* Land ball 1 yard on the green with low trajectory
* Choose appropriate club
3. Club Selection

* System is based on "ball carry distance" compared to "ball
  roll distance"
* Measure distance from your ball to your landing spot
  (1 yard on green); call this "#1"
* Measure from that spot to the hole; call this "#2"
* Divide #2 by #1
If the answer equals:
1, then use your SW
2, then use your PW
3, then use your 9I
4, then use your 8I
5, then use your 7I 
and so on......

* Adjust club selection for uphill/downhill

4. Summary

* A SW chip will roll about the same distance it carries in the
  air ( 1 to 1 ratio of roll to carry )
* A PW chip will roll about twice as far as the distance it
  carries in the air (2 to 1 ratio)
* A 9I chip will roll about three times as far as the distance
  it carries, and so on (3 to 1 ratio)
* And so on....

5. Example

* From your ball to the landing spot (1 yard on green) is 6 paces
* From the landing spot to the hole is 13 paces
* 13 divided by 6 = 2+
* So use a PW!!

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I was goofing around on the pga.com website and I found a blog
run by none other than Sean Cochran. Sean is renown and has
clients like Dave Pelz and Phil Mickelson. There is way too
much for me to list here, but I would highly recommend you
taking an hour or two away from the TV or newspaper and reading
his fitness blog. It's really got something for whatever ails
your swing.

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No More 3-Putts, Please!

by Jerramy Hainline, Hilton Golf Academy

The only thing that can really ruin a good day on the golf
course is having a lot of 3-putts!  To hit a few good shots
to a green and then finish it off with 3 putts, is painful to
say the least.  The reason people 3 putt a lot is because they
have difficulty with the distances, not necessarily the aim.
Our whole lives we are trained to practice direction in
everything that we do.  Take for instance tossing a ball to a
friend; if someone tries to toss a ball to you it’s always in
your general direction, isn’t it?  Sometimes it may land at
your feet, or they might chuck it over your head, but I have
never seen somebody throw it behind themselves, or 20 feet
left of you. 

The reason: we can all aim when we throw, kick, or even putt
a ball, we just can’t get the distance down.  So, here’s how
you practice the distance:  PUTT TO THE FRINGE OF THE GREEN. 
The fringe is the edge of the green where the grass starts to
get taller.  Start out at about 3-4 feet and putt a few balls
to the edge.  Don’t worry about WHERE on the fringe you putt
it, just try to get the distance down but putting to that
defining line where the grass changes height.  If you can’t
get out on the golf course, you can do this inside by putting
to a wall in your home or office.  The goal is to put to a
long line (like a wall) not a specific point (like a hole). 
This way, you will focus more on the DISTANCE, not the AIM!
Give it a try and watch your three putts vanish into Arizona

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