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Publication: Today's Golf
Bobby Jones

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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, January 23, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

I just re-read Bobby Jones' classic instruction book called "Bobby
Jones on Golf." Fascinating. I don't know about you but it always
amazes me when I read something intelligent, witty and wonderfully
insightful written by someone long dead. It's almost as though my
brain thinks mankind was created less than fifty years ago.

Anyway, there is so much good, clear thinking in this book that
I wish every golfer would read it. One great visual aid that Jones
said he learned from somebody who was taking lessons from Johnny
McDermott, was to swing the club through the ball outward toward
the right edge of the fairway. This was promised to create a
straight drive. For Jones it caused a hook. So he simply reversed
the instruction and tried to swing to the left side of the fairway
when he was stuck hooking the ball.

One way forces you to swing from the inside, and the other from the
outside. I can't wait to try it. The key, Jones says about the golf
swing, is that often a person is not actually doing what he thinks
he is doing as he swings a club. The important thing is to find a
swing thought that makes you FEEL as though you are doing it. That
way it is repeatable--until you over-cook it and need to find
something else that works!


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Wrist Hinge for Power
By Sandy LaBauve

The wrist in your golf swing can add some power to your shot. Your
wrists are going to work differently depending on how you are
swinging. In a two-plane golf swing what happens since you are
taking the club straighter back is that the club does not tend to
rotate on its own, so you really have to do a lot of wrist cock
drills trying to get your wrists hinged. Some people will try a
very early wrist cock when they are trying toswing on a two-plane
way, but they are really trying intentionally to cock that wrist
and rotate the golf club to get it on the angle or swing plane that
we need.

In a one-plane golf swing what happens is that the weight of the
golf club tends to hinge your wrists naturally. When you are bent
over and you are swinging the club on a diagonal line back to the
inside like you do on a one-plane swing, the weight of the club
tends to hinge your wrists back so you get some angle to your golf
swing pretty naturally, it is almost like a flinging feeling.

If I ever see a student and they do not have any wrist hinge in
their swing it is a big trigger to check the tension level in the
golf swing, if it is too tight they can not hinge their wrists. I
check their grip, if they have too much of a palm grip the wrists
will not hinge without their hands coming off so they will grab
hold of the golf club, or I check the swing shape. Remember, if
a person is swinging in a two-plane way there is really no wrist
hinge that happens on its own, you have to make it happen. So
again, one more reason why a one-plane swing might work better
for you. It will activate some wrist action in your swing, set
your angle and give you a little bit of power in a natural way.


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Bunker Shot from Solid Wet Sand
By Mike LaBauve

Have you ever walked into the bunker expecting to find normal
conditions and you go to sink your feet into the sand and there is
no sand. It’s packed down hard or the sand might be wet and packed

If you try your normal bunker shot where the ball is forward in
your stance and the clubface is open exposing the bounce the club
is going to hit off the sand behind the ball and right into the
middle, sending a low shot right across the green.

To hit the shot correctly, when you can feel that there is no sand
underneath your feet, you want to take the bounce off and get the
leading edge a little bit more exposed. So to do that, I’m going to
go from this normal position, to squaring up the face up just a
little bit and then moving the ball back and my hands a little
forward. That will make the leading edge dig a little into the sand.

It is almost looks like a chip shot. I put the ball a back in the
stance, put the hands a little bit forward, square up the face a 
little bit, and another nice shot. Remember, the next time it feels
really hard underneath your feet, hold your clubface down a little
bit, put the ball a little further back in your stance, and move your
hands forward. I guarantee you’ll get great results on this
difficult shot.


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Chip From Buried Rough
By Jane Blalock

I want to teach you a golf shot that I developed specifically for
US Open style golf courses and actually for the US Open, and what
happened is that I won a few other tournaments with this shot. It’s
fun to be creative in the game.

So this shot is specifically for balls that are sitting down in
deep grass close to the green. Most often people will try to hit a
sand wedge and try to blast it out of there and what might happen
is that they skull it or they might leave it just two or three feet
forward in the heavy rough. The shot I am going to teach you is a
very high percentage shot.

We are going to use a 9-iron. Keep the blade slightly open, I put my
weight forward as I do in almost every short shot, and what I am
going to attempt to do is pick the club up abruptly and hit down
right on the back of the ball. I am not going to follow-through. My
intent is to pop this ball out of the heavy rough and it should land
in the next cut of grass and trickle onto the green because it will
have a little bit of overspin. The good thing about this shot is that
it will always get you out of the rough and will end up somewhere on
the green so it will save you those double bogeys. You are going to
have to use a lot of acceleration, pick it up and hit right down on
it. If you can save par with that type of shot you are going to be
way ahead of the field.

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