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Publication: Get Your Freebies
Interactive Human Body

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                     GET YOUR FREEBIES                   
                   Tuesday, May 8, 2007               

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Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

Everyone loves CDRoms especially when they're FREE! In
today's issue I tried to include something for everyone.
I think you'll really like this week's picks!

The software is absolutely FREE, but you will have to pick 
up the Shipping & Handling cost of $5.99 per item you take.
Most of the titles listed can be found on the shelves at 
your local retailer from $24.99-$99.99. I think this is a
great offer! Check them out below:

Freebie Fannie

3-PACK of Emergency Lanterns...

Store Price: $19.99
DEAL PRICE: $14.99 or less!

For peace of mind, this is a deal that EVERYONE needs to take 
advantage of. With these stylish and functional lanterns you
will provide bright, wide light for any emergency, like a 
power outage, roadside emergency or blackout. 

Featuring long-lasting krypton bulbs, these versatile and easy-
to-carry lanterns can even be used on patio, table, or camping 
trips. Kids Love Them Too! Just $14.99, or SAVE $6.00 when you 
order two 3-packs (6 lanterns in total) for just $23.98.
>3-Pack of Emergency Lanterns

          Free CDRom - Interactive Human Body 

An experience for children, teenagers and adults with a 
thirst for knowledge: reference work and learning aid in 
one. The latest developed technologies and experienced 
tutors guarantee hours of informative and instructive 
entertainment. Choose from:

* Hundreds of drawings, photos, illustrations, and live 
* Navigator for quick & concise overviews. 
* Explorator for individual research 
* Moveable X-Ray Viewer reveals body layers (muscles, 
  organs, skeleton and other internal workings)

This is 1 CDRom you do not want to pass up. Order today
for free ($5.99 s&h plus $2.99 for each additional) by 
visiting: Human Body CDRom


          Solitaire Master 2 free CDRom

Solitaire Master 2 contains 300 great games including 
Klondike, free Cell, Deuces & Queens, Cat's Cradle, Four 
Leaf Clover, Spider Web and many more. Plus, with the 
Solitaire Wizard, you can create millions of your own 
solitaire games. For an added challenge, play any one of 
the 15 specially designed tours which feature a collection 
of themed games. Order today for free ($5.99 s&h plus $2.99 
for each additional). Visit: Solitaire Master 2 CDRom

		Are you Cuckoo for Sudoku?

  eSUDOKU - The Ultimate Numerical Challenge - eSUDOKU
       Keep the Fun of Sudoku Right in Your Pocket 

Retail Price: $19.99
OUR PRICE: $3.99

Sudoku, the fiendishly addictive number puzzle game that has 
taken the nation by storm, is now available in electronic
handheld form! With up to 6 different levels of play and over
1,000,000 different puzzles to solve, eSudoku will give hours 
of satisfaction and game play. And for only $3.99 you can
play your favorite puzzle game anytime, anywhere without a
pencil! Do you have what it takes to become a Sudoku Master? 
Visit: Sudoku Handheld Game

Can YOU SAVE Thousands Of Dollars Around The House?

YES YOU CAN... And it starts with this free CDRom from the #1 
name in home improvement the Home Depot experts. These experts 
from every field of home improvement have teamed up to deliver 
this one-of-a-kind, easy-to-follow CDRom that will help you 
master any job in and around the house. It's the ultimate tool 
for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. Get tips and techniques to over 
150 household projects. Don't pay thousands for repairs when you 
can do it yourself QUICKLY & EASILY. Remember this special CDRom 
is free (Don't pay $24.99 as in stores), you just cover the s&h 
of $5.99 plus $2.99 for each additional CDRom (mix & match) Visit:
Home Depot CDRom


  "I've been a subscriber for less than a month and I 
   can't believe all the great deals I've gotten" 
                                           - Karen

  "I love starting my day off reading Deal of the Day...
   almost twice a week I order. Keep the deals coming!"
                                           - Frank

   "Wow! You really outdid it with the Backpack deal.
    Thanks, I bought two for my kids." - Rita

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Get the Deal of the Day free ezine

  The Bible's Greatest Stories - Old Testament On CD Rom
   Normal Retail: $26.95... Our Price: free (s&h $5.99)

Now the magnificent legacy of the Old Testament can become 
a vivid part of your everyday life with this interactive 
storyteller and study tool on CD-ROM. The Bible's Greatest 
Stories - Old Testament offers many hours of enriching 
stories and learning. Features include Video Storytelling,
Daily Inspirational Bible Verses, online access to related
websites, & Much More Normally retailing for $26.95, you 
can order it for now for free ($5.99 s&h plus $2.99 for each 
additional) while supplies last by visiting:
Bible - Old Testament


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