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Publication: Get Your Freebies
A Long Weekend

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                     GET YOUR FREEBIES 
                   Friday, July 27, 2007
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Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

I'm headed out for a long weekend but before I go, here's
a list of items from our sister store that will soon be 
gone. Enjoy!!!

All My Best,


Your Child Is Missing...

These are four words you NEVER want to hear. If you should 
ever have to file a missing report, it is IMPORTANT for you 
to document and store vital information about your child to 
help police act fast.

The Child ID Kit allows you to log everything from your 
child's physical appearance and medical history, to their 
fingerprints, dental records, DNA hair sample, and even 
store a recent photo of your child. Here's what you get:

* Personal & Medical Information
* Physical Characteristics Sheet
* Photograph Sheet
* Safe Shoes ID
* Fingerprinting inkpad and finger chart
* Dental Chart

There is nothing more important than your child's safety. Get 
your Child ID Kit TODAY for just $1.49 plus s&h... Visit:


*--->  Get Your POWERFUL Laser Pointer for the cost of S&H  <---*

You've probably always wanted one of these handy laser pointers
but the price has probably stopped you. Well now you don't
have to spend $50 or more on one... you can get this for free,
just cover the cost of s&h of $3.99

It's great for presentations, having fun with your cat or dog 
and so much more. The laser projects a beam of light over 1000 
feet and with your order you'll also receive 5 interchangeable 
heads to project images as well. Just $3.99 s&h by visiting: 
Keychain Laser Pointer for just s&h



Normal Price: $24.95
DEAL PRICE: FREE (s&h of $5.99)

Are you tired of being denied because of bad credit? Well
now you can repair and build your credit with the help of
this CDRom. Learn the secrets of maintaining good credit 
and repairing bad credit. Eliminate the problems that can 
damage your credit history. For only $5.99 s&h, plus $2.99
for each additional. 

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP... check it 
out at: Credit Repair CDRom


   An Exquisite Genuine Blue-Topaz Necklace for f-r-e-e? 

UNBELIEVABLE. While supplies last, we are giving away these 
stunning Genuine Blue Topaz Necklaces - f-r-e-e. (you cover 
the s&h of $5.99 plus $2.99 for each additional). 

This exquisitely cut Blue Topaz stone will make heads turn. A 
stunning pendant that is accented by a stylish, 18" manmade 
gold chain, this gorgeous necklace makes a wonderful gift for 
a friend - or especially for yourself.

BUT YOU MUST ACT RIGHT NOW Due to an overwhelming response to 
this free offer there's no telling when our inventory will run 
out. Sorry -- limit 4 per order. GET YOUR f-r-e-e NECKLACE NOW: 
Topaz Necklace 



Store Price: $19.99
DEAL PRICE: $3.99 or just $5.98 for two (2)

Eliminate Unwanted Hair Instantly, Easily and Pain Free...

You've seen this advertised on TV for $19.99, now you can 
get the Silky Smooth Hair Remover by Feather King for less
than cost!

The Silky Smooth Hair Remover GENTLY removes hair from 
problem areas like bikini lines, eyebrows, neck & face and 

Plus, it's SMALL & DISCREET... Only 2 oz. Easily stores in 
a makeup bag or purse for quick touchups on the go. A small 
bristled brush makes cleanup a BREEZE. This is the essential 
grooming tool to make you look your best for just $3.99 (or 
$5.98 for two). Get more info or order by visiting:


               Zorro On DVD For free

Alain Delon plays the legendary masked hero, Zorro in this 
classic action adventure film where he fights to liberate 
the oppressed. As the new governor of Spanish California, 
he's disturbed by the state of tyranny his province has 
descended into due to Colonel Huerta's harsh control. Delon 
secretly becomes Zorro, joining forces with the monk 
Francisco and the beautiful aristocrat Hortensia and 
together they fight against Huerta for the freedom and 
equality of the people of Spanish California. Order today 
for free ($7.47 s&h plus $4.47 for each additional) by visiting:
Zorro DVD


Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com




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