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Publication: Get Your Freebies
Chocolate and More....

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                     GET YOUR FREEBIES 
                   Friday, March 14, 2008

Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

I found a freebie that you can win chocolate and play games
too! Check it out below...

All My Best,

Genuine Dakota Sunglasses Below Cost
Retail Price: $69.99  YOUR PRICE: $2.99
Order Now


         Get Your Groove On and Have Some Fun
  Learn To Dance - Party Dancing DVD Now Only $14.99

You've always wanted to know how to Dance, now here is your
opportunity to learn. Start out with the two most popular 
line dances that get everyone on the dance floor: The 
Electric Slide and the Macarena. Also included in this easy
to follow instructional video are a Foxtrot, a Jitterbug, a 
Waltz, and even the Cha Cha. Order your Video for $14.99:
Party Dancing DVD


Free Box of Chocolates

Get your FREE box of chocolates just for trying my new game, 
where friends help friends win valuable prizes!
Free Chocolate



Store Price: $19.99
OUR PRICE: $9.99 or get two for $15.98

This quality lantern will light up your workspace or any room. 
Great for emergency or everyday use. Pivotal lamp head directs 
light anywhere you need it. 20 Long-life LED lights last for up 
to 100,000 hours. So versatile, you can use it on a desk, for 
your backyard, workshop, camping, outages and more.

     ********  Order one (1) for just $9.99  ********
      **** SAVE $4.00 and get two (2) for $15.98 ****
       ** SAVE $6.00 and get three (3) for $23.97 **

To see a picture of this or to order, visit:


Free Womens Sports Bra

From time to time our sponsor provide us with some apparel to 
give away. This time we got women's sport bras. This gift 
available in BLUE, WHITE & BLACK in sizes L, XL, 2X and valid 
for for US. residents only. Free Sports Bra


DRYER BALLS - The Natural Fabric Softener...
Going Green Has Never Been So Easy!

TV Price: $13.99
OUR PRICE: $7.99

Dryer Balls are the safe, natural, easy way to soften fabrics 
while saving money on fabric softeners, dryer sheets and energy. 
Best of all...There's No Chemicals!

The unique design relaxes the fibers during the drying cycle 
leaving clothes softer and towels more absorbent. 

As they tumble around in the dryer they lift and separate fabrics 
allowing air to flow more efficiently thus reducing drying time 
up to 25%. 

Use them over and over again and they last for years! Each package 
contains 2 Reusable, Non-Toxic Dryer Balls. Do yourself and the 
environment a favor and grab a set. Visit:
Dryer Balls - The Natural Fabric Softener


Free Energy Nutrition Sample

Offer valid for U.S. residents only.
Limit 1 sample per household.
Offer good while supplies last.
Free Sample


Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com




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