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Publication: Get Your Freebies
You're in for a new taste....

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                     GET YOUR FREEBIES 
                 Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

If you’ve never had FLAT EARTH “crisps”, you’re in for a new 
taste experience. Choose a veggie flavor, and enjoy a savory 
blend of herbs, spices or cheese. Go for a fruit flavor and 
prepare for the delicate sweetness of berries, peaches or 
apples. Either way, they crunch just like a delicious chip. 
So go ahead and try them. It’s the only way to believe how 
good they taste.

Try them for FREE!

All My Best,

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Reduce Energy Costs... LED Bulbs Last Over 100,000 Hours 

Now you can have a bright remote controlled wireless light 
fixture any place you need without calling an electrician! 

This sleek Utility Light features 5 bright LED's that light up 
any dark closet, hall or utility room. The low profile design 
looks great in any room and installs easily and quickly. The 
remote control function allows you to turn on and off the light 
in hard to reach locations, and the magnetic mounting feature 
allows for quick removal for battery replacement or portability. 

Key chain remote control unit and hanging bracket included.

 *** PLUS, it's Energy Efficent... the LED Bulbs ***
     last up to 100,000 Hours. 

For more info, to see a picture or order it, visit:


Free Full Size Bag of Flat Earth Crisps

Try a full-size bag of FLAT EARTH fruit or veggie crisps for 
FREE to see for yourself why they’re IMPOSSIBLY GOOD. Just
print the coupon and take it to any grocery store for your
free bag. Free Crisps Here


Prepare to be AMAZED...

Store Price: $12.99 
DEAL PRICE: $7.99 or less...

Colorfusion Candles are the most significant enhancement to 
happen to the candle in many years. Enjoy both the traditional 
flame and the special Colorfusion light show.

With Colorfusion Technology, the effect will soothe, mesmerize, 
relax, comfort and enhance your mood. Colorfusion Candles are 
great for: 

    * Relaxation   * Celebrations        * Meditation
    * Romance      * Special Occasions   * Simple Enjoyment

You simply must check this out. We have both an animated picture
on our site and a video you can watch. I love this deal!
ColorFUSION Candle


Free Sample of Poise

Need protection from occasional wetness? Trust the protection 
that’s ultra-thin — and discreet — with wings for added 
stay-in-place protection. Free Sample


The Heavy Duty Bovano Backpack just $9.99

Bovano, the renowned name in hand bags, has produced this 
heavy duty back pack. Stylish enough for school yet durable
enough for camping, this will be the only backpack you will
ever need to buy. 

With over 5 separate compartments, this adjustable, double
strapped backpack even comes with its own water bottle
holder for those long hikes. And its best feature of all
is the price: Only $9.99. To take advantage of this one
of a kind offer visit: Bovano Backpack


Free Music for Mom

Now that your baby is dry and comfortable with Pampers Baby 
Dry diapers, make sure he's also eating healthy with nutritious 
Cheerios cereal! And let Baby preview the songs you want to 
download first. Maybe you'll find something you both enjoy.
Free Music for Mom


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