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Publication: Get Your Freebies
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                     GET YOUR FREEBIES                   
                 Tuesday, January 9, 2007               

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Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

Before we get to today's freebies, I'd like to welcome all
of the Travel Freebie subscribers. Not only will you find
some travel freebies but other freebies as well. 

In today's issue you will find various free cdroms for every
interest and all you have to do is pay the S & H.

Freebie Fannie

There's No Better Time To Join (for free) Deal Of The Day..

WHY? Because for the next month you'll be able to save more
than ever on items that MUST be marked down due to over
buying for Christmas. 

Five days a week you'll get an email with an item and a
discounted price... in many cases these are selling at
less than our cost. We simply must get them out of our

Join the Deal of the Day community that focuses on selling 
cool stuff cheap. 

You can subscribe to this fun and money saving ezine for free. 
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   Play the Classic Number Game Now on Your Computer

Addictive, fun and challenging are just some of the words used
to describe this game.  But don't worry you don't have to be 
a mathematical genius to play, each of the puzzles is solved 
using pure logic. Su Doku Classic has 3 difficulty levels - 
beginner, intermediate and advanced, providing hours of 
challenging fun for all ages & ability levels! Now available
on CDRom for just $5.99 S&H. Order yours when you visit:
Sudoku CDRom


What's wrong with me?

Have you ever been to the doctor and found it difficult to 
describe your symptoms? Physician's Home Assistant prompts 
you with "YES/NO" questions regarding your symptoms. Based 
on your first set of answers, Physician's Home Assistant 
asks follow-up questions. You can print your symptoms and 
get a list of possible causes. Being able to describe your
symptoms clearly to your doctor should make your appointment 
go more smoothly and help your doctor to make a more accurate
diagnosis. All of this can be yours today for free ($5.99 
s&h plus $2.99 for each additional) by visiting: 
Physician's Home Assistant CDRom


Store Price: $9.99
STEAL PRICE: 99 cents

Here they are. . . The HOTTEST Deck of Cards Around! Featured 
in newspapers and news broadcasts worldwide, you can now own 
your set of COLLECTIBLE Iraq's "Most Wanted" Deck of Playing 

Also known as the "Deck of Death," this is a replica of the 
55-card deck given to Coalition soldiers featuring Iraq's 52 
"Most-Wanted" leaders. This is a real, usable deck of playing 
cards printed on casino-quality stock.

Keep a deck for yourself and give the others to your friends and 
family. Great for keeping as a collector's item or to use for 
Poker night!

PLEASE NO DEALERS and We must limit you to only 8 decks per order.
Today's Deal of the Day

Rand McNally Route Trip Planner CDRom for just shipping

Route Planner is part of a new range of high quality route 
planning software. Anyone can plan their routes quickly 
and easily with the most advanced route data available. 
Map & Travel is the first ever software that offers 
consumers a fast calculation engine with precision down to 
house numbers in 1,900 city maps.

It offers the same convenience of a travel guide as well as 
different options that can make all your trips easier. 
It's the complete travel pack for just shipping of $5.99 plus 
$2.99 for each additional. To order, click or copy and paste 
the link below: Rand McNally Route Trip Planner


  The Bible's Greatest Stories - Old Testament On CD Rom
   Normal Retail: $26.95... Our Price: free (s&h $5.99)

Now the magnificent legacy of the Old Testament can become 
a vivid part of your everyday life with this interactive 
storyteller and study tool on CD-ROM. The Bible's Greatest 
Stories - Old Testament offers many hours of enriching 
stories and learning. Features include Video Storytelling,
Daily Inspirational Bible Verses, online access to related
websites, & Much More Normally retailing for $26.95, you 
can order it for now for free ($5.99 s&h plus $2.99 for each 
additional) while supplies last by visiting:
Bible - Old Testament


Normal Price: $19.99

We are pleased to announce that we have found Full-Size 3'x5' 
American flags available at liquidation prices... never sold 
before at these low prices.

Made of durable polyester with two (2) metal grommets perfect 
for displaying. 

Its a great time to stock up AND pick up a couple for gifts, 
but there is a LIMIT of 8 per order. NO DEALERS PLEASE...
VISIT: Liquidation Special - USA Flags

              Free CDRom From Garden Composer
 Normal Retail Price: $24.95... YOURS free (s&h of $5.99)

Create spectacular garden arrangements with Garden Composer's
free CDRom. Everything you need for Great Garden Making is now 
on 1 CD that will have gardeners of every level inspired. Save 
time by planning your garden on screen... just a click of the 
mouse to place your plants and a few seconds more to contour 
paths and customize features. It couldn't be easier to create 
your dream garden. Develop your ideas and watch them come to 
life today. Also includes a Plant Encyclopedia that makes it 
simple to find your favorite plants. Order today for free ($5.99 
delivery plus $2.99 for each additional) while supplies last by 
visiting: Garden Composer


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