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Publication: EVTV1 Insider
Smash or Trash - Two VERY funny video clips..

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What's Up...   

Two very funny clips today but for different reasons. The
first clip, maybe one of the funniest clips we've ever had
on our site.

The second, well, it's just funny.



Will You Scratch My Nuts?
(Current Rating 3.7  - What will you rate it?) 

This video clip has the distinction of getting the whole office 
to laugh and talk about it. Women just laugh and laugh... Men 
laugh but get that uncomfortable feeling in their loins and say, 
help the poor guy out. But I'm sure none of them would do any
different then the officers in this clip. What would you do?
See it at: Will You Scratch My Nuts?



Normal Price: $9.99
DEAL PRICE: $1.83 Cents

I've had one of these for the last few years and I can't
imagine living my life without it!

It's a mouse pad that has a calendar on it. I can't tell
you how many times a day I need to know the date... it's
so convenient to just look down by my mouse and see it
or use it for planning.

I'm heading to the Academy Awards to cover it for our
Celebrity Nooz ezine and having this mouse pad handy made
making all the travel arrangements and plans so easy.
Get the exclusive EVTV1 mouse pad


... Last Week's Clip Rating Results (out of a possible 5) ...   

Gun Safety - The Glock 40
Gun Safety - The Glock 40 

Attacked By A Snake
Attacked By A Snake


Kevin Federline - PopoZao
(Current Rating 2.8 - What will you rate it?)

In Portuguese it means 'Bring yer Ass!' Most of you know 
him as Pop Tart Britney Spears’ white trash husband. But 
now Kevin Federline, or K-Fed as he is known, is trying 
to make a name for himself in the music world. And the name
he is making is not a good one. Word is when Britney heard
this song, she bust out laughing. And when you'll watch you
will to. Check it out by visiting: PopoZao


The Heavy Duty Bovano Backpack just $9.99

The renowned name in hand bags Bovano has produced this 
heavy duty back pack. Stylish enough for school yet durable
enough for camping, this will be the only backpack you will
ever need to buy. 

With over 5 separate compartments, this adjustable double
strapped backpack even comes with it's own water bottle
holder for those long hikes. And its' best feature of all
is its' price. Only $9.99. To take advantage of this one
of a kind offer visit: Bovano Backpack

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