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Smash or Trash These - A funny horse & celebrities getting punk\\

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What's Up...   

As promised, if you want to read about my trip to The Academy
Awards you can read my Oscar diary with some behind-the-scenes
tidbits. Ladies, let me tell you... George Clooney is even
BETTER looking in person. Here's the link to read:
My Oscar Diary

Today we have two funny clips for different reasons. One
is about an amazing horse... the other is about a few stars
getting punk'd.



Patches The Horse
(Current Rating 3.7  - What will you rate it?) 

When I first saw this clip I couldn't believe it. I haven't
been around many horses in my life, but the ones I have, 
didn't have much personality. 

See how Patches the Horse proves that even the largest of 
pets have personality by taking joy rides and munching on 
cheese burgers. Also featured in this clip, a couple of 
guys with way too much time on their hands. 
SEE IT AT: Patches The Horse


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Muppet Parody
Muppet Parody

Childbirth From The Inside Out - Final Stage of Labor
Childbirth From The Inside Out - Final Stage of Labor


Punk´d Red Carpet Fun
(Current Rating 3.2 - What will you rate it?)

I just had to run this clip. Wouldn't it have been too funny
if Ashton Kutcher had pulled one of these stunts at the
Academy Awards? These Punks he does on the celebrities on
the Red Carpets are ALWAYS my favorites. It shows you who
are the stars who are nice (Christina Applegate) and the ones
who aren't (Pauley Shore although he's not in this clip).

Aston sends Ryan Pinkston out to make fun of celebrities as 
they walk down the red carpet. Features: Ray Liotta, Tori 
Amos, Christina Applegate, Christina Aguilera, and Denise 
Richards. VISIT: Punk´d Red Carpet Fun


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