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Publication: Get Your Freebies
Being denied because of bad credit?

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                     GET YOUR FREEBIES                   
                Tuesday, January 29, 2008               

Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

Everyone loves CDRoms especially when they're FREE! In
today's issue I tried to include something for everyone.
I think you'll really like this week's picks!

The software is absolutely FREE, but you will have to pick 
up the Shipping & Handling cost of $5.99 per item you take.
Most of the titles listed can be found on the shelves at 
your local retailer from $24.99-$99.99. I think this is a
great offer! Check them out below:

Freebie Fannie

Bring your damaged media discs back to life...

Retail Price: $14.99
Deal Price: $5.99

Plain and simple you will love this item. It will save
you hundreds of dollars and also give you peace of mind.

The Disc Repair System cleans surface scratches on CD's, 
DVD's, Gaming Discs, Data Discs and more... It also 
prevents audio discs from skipping. Plus, you can save 
vital data from damaged discs. This hand-powered carousel 
cleans and polishes discs without any batteries. Plus
you can get this system for less than cost. Want to save
even more? Grab two systems for $8.98. Visit:


Normal Price: $24.95
DEAL PRICE: FREE (s&h of $5.99)

Are you tired of being denied because of bad credit? Well
now you can repair and build your credit with the help of
this CDRom. Learn the secrets of maintaining good credit 
and repairing bad credit. Eliminate the problems that can 
damage your credit history. For only $5.99 s&h, plus $2.99
for each additional. 

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP... check it 
out at: Credit Repair CDRom


  The Bible's Greatest Stories - New Testament On CD Rom
   Normal Retail: $26.95... Our Price: free (s&h $5.99)

Now the magnificent legacy of the New Testament can become 
a vivid part of your everyday life with this interactive 
storyteller and study tool on CD-ROM. The Bible's Greatest 
Stories - New Testament offers many hours of enriching 
stories and learning. Features include Video Storytelling,
Daily Inspirational Bible Verses, online access to related
websites, & Much More. Normally retailing for $26.95, you 
can order it for now for free ($5.99 s&h plus $2.99 for each 
additional) while supplies last by visiting:
Bible - New Testament

FULL SIZE United States Marine Corps Flag

Normal Price: $19.99 

Celebrate the most feared and respected troops in the world 
with your own Marine Corps flag. For over two hundred years 
the first line of offense in every American military effort 
has been the U.S. Marines. 

* Measures 3 ft. x 5 ft.      * Water Resistant
* Durable Polyester           * Metal Grommets 

With this special price you save $15.00 off the normal price. 
There is no better time to get one of these handsome flags. To
see a picture or to order, visit:
FULL SIZE United States Marine Corps Flag

           Free CD-Rom - 6100 Home Plans
      Normally $19.99... NOW free ($5.99 s&h)

Whether you're adding to an existing structure, building 
an office or just looking to redo your kitchen or bathroom, 
6,100 Home Plans can help from the ground up. Order today 
for free ($5.99 s&h plus $2.99 for each additional) by visiting:
6100 Home Plans CDRom

Be The Top Gun In The Crowd...

Store Price: $69.99 

These high-quality Aviator Sunglasses by Dakota come to us as 
one of their best-selling styles. This style is very rare for 
us to get on an overrun because it is their best-selling one.

The Maverick is a blend of Style & Sophistication that will 
make you the Top Gun in the Crowd! Also features Spring Hinges 
and Mirrored Lenses.

To see a picture or to order, visit:

   Make The Web Safe for your Children With CyberPatrol

CyberPatrol offers you a host of flexible features that can 
help you manage the level of filtering that's appropriate for 
your family. CyberPatrol lets you: 

**Customize filtering to choose which Internet sites are 
appropriate for your family.

**Have different filtering levels for up to nine members of 
your family can have their own separate selections. 

**Restrict access to certain times of day or limit total time 
spent online with the Time Settings feature. 

Feel safe and secure when your child surfs the web. Order 
today for free ($5.99 s&h) by visiting:
CyberPatrol CDRom


Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com




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