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Publication: Get Your Freebies
Addictive, fun and challenging

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                     GET YOUR FREEBIES                   
                  Tuesday, March 25, 2008               

Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

Everyone loves CDRoms especially when they're FREE! In
today's issue I tried to include something for everyone.
I think you'll really like this week's picks!

The software is absolutely FREE, but you will have to pick 
up the Shipping & Handling cost of $5.99 per item you take.
Most of the titles listed can be found on the shelves at 
your local retailer from $24.99-$99.99. I think this is a
great offer! Check them out below:

Freebie Fannie

Genuine Dakota Sunglasses Below Cost
Retail Price: $69.99  YOUR PRICE: $2.99
Order Now


TV Price: $39.99
OUR PRICE: $9.99 or get two for $13.99

The Shark PS380 power scooper picks up all types of household 
messes! Safely picks up broken glass, and is perfect for pet 
messes and more. 

Simply release the bag, press the button, and your mess will 
be devoured directly in the bag. The unit has a built in light 
for easy visibility, and features a compact design. 

Includes an attachable household extender, attachable carry 
strap, and 2 rolls of biodegradable bags (we have replacement 
bags available at the lowest price too). Check this out at:

     Dogs Complete Interactive Guide free CDRom
     A Multimedia Journey Into the World Of Dogs
Over 250 types of dogs cataloged with still photography, 
text, video and audio. Interactive "Fetch" function finds 
your perfect dog based on your input. Hundreds of articles 
and videos on grooming, history, health, breeding, evolution, 
behavior, shows, dogs at work and training. Includes games, 
morphs and quizzes as well as supports printing of text and 
photography. Hollywood dogs including Frasier's Eddie, 
Scooby Doo, Toto and many more. Extensive electronic breeder 
list by state. Order today for free ($5.99 s&h plus $2.99 for 
each additional). Visit: Dog Interactive CDRom


       The Only Game That Makes Your A Better Angler

Don't let bad weather stop you from fishing. Now you can reel
in record-size fish anytime with Bass Masters Classic: Tournament
Edition CD ROM. Based on one of the most prestigious bass fishing 
tournaments, you can test your skills against top real-life 
professionals on actual competition lakes. With advanced 3D 
lakes and signature underwater views, this is the most realistic 
fishing simulation game EVER. You choose from over 3,000 lure 
combinations and even get real tips from BASSMASTER legends Shaw 
Grigsby, Roland Martin, Ken Cook and Paul Elias. This game is 
GUARANTEED to improve your fishing and can be yours today for 
free ($5.99 s&h plus $2.99 for each additional) while supplies 
last by visiting. Bass Masters Classic


Store Price: $7.99
DEAL PRICE: $2.49 or two for $3.98

This is so cool... You can light up your book papers, lap-
top and more anywhere you go... on the plane, in a meeting 
or in bed. Plus the LED light better for your eyes, reduces 
eye strain.

* Super bright LED light     * Light opens with touch of a button 
* Adjustable light angle     * Portable Take with you anywhere

Get one of these for just $2.49. BONUS: Save even more when 
you buy two or more, get them for just $1.99 each. This 
makes a wonderful gift... and College Kids especially love 
it. Robotic Book Light


   Play the Classic Number Game Now on Your Computer

Addictive, fun and challenging are just some of the words used
to describe this game.  But don't worry you don't have to be 
a mathematical genius to play, each of the puzzles is solved 
using pure logic. Su Doku Classic has 3 difficulty levels - 
beginner, intermediate and advanced, providing hours of 
challenging fun for all ages & ability levels! Now available
on CDRom for just $5.99 S&H. Order yours when you visit:
Sudoku CDRom

Our Best MYSTERY Offer Ever...

If you love jewelry, then there simply isn't a better offer 
around. We've got an overstock situation on various pieces 
of jewelry. The jewelry is FREE you pay only the shipping &
handling charge of $4.99. Each additional just $1.99 s&h. 
Free Jewelry

    Free CDRom - Exploring America's National Parks

Enjoy the Splendor of America's Treasured Sanctuaries.
Exploring America's National Parks is a tremendous resource 
for planning your vacation, accessing useful visitor 
information, and experiencing the best family vacation spots 
in America. From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the heights 
of Mt. McKinley, adventure to more than 230 American National 
Parks. Enjoy more than 900 breathtaking photographs with audio 
captions. Travel to awe-inspiring vistas with 40 full-motion 
videos. All of this can be yours today for free ($5.99 s&h plus 
$2.99 for each additional) by visiting: National Parks CDRom


Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com




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