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Publication: The Paranormal Insider

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Issue date: Saturday, February 24, 2007
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the final issue of The 
Paranormal Insider. As I mentioned last week, this column 
is being discontinued, but I certainly hope you have all 
enjoyed our explorations into the world of the unexplained. 
I thank you all for your letters and kind comments and if 
you wish to stay in contact with me, please visit me at my 
personal website, www.arcanamatrix.com or email me at 

For our farewell issue, I would like to dip once again 
into my mailbag and share some of our readers' amazing 
paranormal experiences with you all. I thank everyone who 
has submitted letters and shared their stories with me and 
our subscribers - we are all connected and it's a beautiful 
thing to see this truth in action. 

From angels to Yeti, and from apports to X-Files, there 
is an amazing world of wonder at the very edge of our 
physical senses and mundane awareness and I wish you all 
happy and enlightening explorations of the worlds beyond, 
today and always. 


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Walk-Ins and Ruth Montgomery

(The following 4 submissions are in response to a reader 
named Cynthea Z. and refer to a discussion about Ruth 
Montgomery's writings in our column of June 15/06) 

I have read just about every one of Montgomery's books and 
came to the conclusion about two things.  I believe Walk-
Ins are possible but I also feel her Spirit Guide, Lily, 
was either not on the up and up or was non-existent. 

Anyone that has studied the Metaphysical Masters, such as 
Blavatsky, Fox, Leadbetter, Besant, Hodges, etc. knows that 
our spirit guides' only function is to "guide".  They do 
not make our decisions for us, nor are they insistent that 
they are to be followed...they are just to "guide".  

I cannot remember which of the books of hers I read, in 
which Ruth indicated that Lily was insisting she do as it 
demanded.  This was a clear indication that Lily was the 
one that was in control and not Ruth.  Hence my questioning 
whether Lily was invented to sell books, or if not, then 
Lily was not from a good place. 

The modern New Age movement is filled with not so honest, 
jump-on-the-bandwagon-of-cash authors and seminar 
lecturers. What they are "teaching", as our modern-day New 
Age teachers, was what THEY read from the previous works 
of the masters from the late 19th & early 20th century 
writers, whose works are readily available through any 
bookstore.  Their work is not original but just a 
republication, in their own words, of what those old 
masters already published and for that, they are making 
lots of money through book sales and seminars having set 
themselves up as the "Teachers"...the people we need to 
flock to to get guidance and to understand.  They are not 
legitimate teachers, they are copy-cats and charlatans, 
because they give no credit to those they learned from, 
those that published their ideas and philosophy on 
metaphysics long before these know-nothing New Age 

There are some honest authors out there that have published 
their writings on their own personal genuine experiences 
with NDE's, PBE's & DE's and I am sure these writings have 
helped those to overcome their fears of death.  But, alas, 
the waters are treacherous with money-hungry sharks whose 
only goal is to seek gurudome and fortune, no matter how 

As for Ruth Montgomery's walk-ins, there may be some 
element of truth.  In fact, I tend to believe they do 
exist because of my extensive study into metaphysics.  
However, history has proven that when one wishes to 
deceive, throwing in some truths tends to make all of 
it Truth, to the deceived. 

Ruth's predictions of Earth shifting on its axis is a very 
strong probability (Edgar Cayce himself, a genuinely honest 
man and mystic, predicted this would happen before he died 
in 1945. So, Ruth's prediction was not an original one. 
However, it is important to remember that since her spirit 
guides were wrong in their prediction as to when the earth 
would shift on its axis, this should make everyone wonder 
what else her guides were wrong about.  It should also make 
you wonder who and what was Lily. 

Being perceived as a sweet old lady does not constitute an 
honest one and being a sweet old lady does not guarantee 
she couldn't be deceived herself. 

As a student of metaphysics for over 42 years, having 
studied the late Masters Blavatsky, Fox, etc., true 
awareness has been the greatest gift. 

A word to anyone interested...never give up mastership of 
yourself to anyone, for YOU are a Master in your own right. 
You just don't remember this:) 

Good luck in your search, Cynthia.

a reader



I have never read Ms. Montgomery's book, but I am somewhat 
of a science nut. The shift is happening. Not violently, 
not overnight, but in strange little waves here and there 
all over the planet. It does happen quite frequently in 
geological time. The only ones really affected are our 
poor animal friends who rely on the magnetic poles for 
migration and maybe even their own self-awareness/location. 
(As a side-note, I wonder if all these beachings are not 
somehow related to the waves of shifting, and not to the 
Navy's sonar completely.) 

There is a site, www.experiencefestival.com, that has many 
writings that could possibly help your reader. Just enter 
Ms. Montgomery's name in the search bar. Or any other 
subject. It's a very comprehensive site. 

There was a scientific site that was doing daily mapping 
around the world, with volunteers using fixed compasses 
and relaying their info via internet. But then the site 
went high tech and asked the "volunteers" to buy new 
computer interactive equipment to more easily compile 
the data from each site, and, being disabled, on a fixed 
income, I just couldn't afford the almost $300 "donation" 
to continue. Strangely enough, I've been searching, trying 
to find any info, updates on the project, and have come up 
empty. The "scientist's" name was Ted Tutweiller. That 
much I recall because I would get newsletters from him. 

Oh well, I hope I have helped your reader a little bit, 
in any case. It may take a hundred years for a complete 
shift. Or it may not shift completely at all; it may just 
fluctuate and return to what we call normal. There is an 
area in the southern Atlantic Ocean that has completely 
shifted. I can't remember exactly how large it is, perhaps 
a few hundred miles square; not knowing how they measure 
area at sea!! 

I thoroughly enjoy all your writings, Zsuzsana. Delving 
into the arcane is another of my passions, because I 
believe science and "magic" go hand in hand, different 
sides of the same coin. All of our great early scientists 
were also alchemists and astrologists. It's why they 
were so persecuted. The "black arts" were no more than 
early chemistry experiments and biology lessons. Rather 
a simplistic view, I know, but everything can be made 
simple once you remove all the outer trappings of 
superstition, societal norms, taboos, and personal 
expectations. Thank You so much for all of your hard work! 
It is appreciated. 

Susan Stanford



I don't know anything about the axis shift that has been 
predicted but if you had seen the news after the tsunami 
there were many report that it has knocked us off of our 
axis by a degree or so temporarily. 

Maybe this is what was predicted?
a reader 



I'm writing in response to the letter from Cynthea Z.  

I haven't read the book she mentioned, but do believe that 
the axis shift has already happened...at least by a few 
degrees.  If you will pay attention to the major weather 
shifts which have been happening and notice that what was 
once warm is now cooler and what was cooler is now warmer, 
climate-wise, you will see what I mean. 

The major thing I have noticed with the predictions of 
earthchanges and shifts is that people automatically assume 
they are HUGE, sudden shifts and changes.  However, each 
change and each shift starts with one degree...one small 
thing and we are usually too busy to notice it, just 
accepting it as 'normal' or ignoring it completely. 

Watch the weather shifts and make note of the increased 
'unusual patterns' or extreme temperature ranges.  It will 
become more obvious that something has shifted, even if it 
isn't how some have predicted it to be. 

Most timing on predictions has a margin for error due to 
external influences which can include the massive amounts 
of prayers for safety, healing, etc. I have often found 
that a seed thought planted in the mind of a seeker often 
prevents or alters what the intial 'vision' or prediction 
had shown. 
(example: Warning someone to pay more attention to their 
speed while driving averts a possible ticket or accident.) 

It can be the same with the massive predictions as well, 
especially since the book mentioned by Cynthea Z. was a 
widely read book by people who believe in the power of 
the mind. 

The most significant single event which can be associated 
with the earth shift is the tsumami over in the India area. 

This is all my own observations and may or may not have any 
scientific proof or validity but if only one or two more 
people start thinking about slow shifts and changes, maybe 
others will see the patterns as well. 

Thank-you for allowing me to express my observations.

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Psychic Pets


A friend of mine e-mailed your article about psychic pets.  
I found it very fascinating.  I also have a story I would 
like to share with you about an experience I had with my 
cat Merlin. 

Merlin was an orphan.  His mom was hit by a car and died.  
A woman who works at my Vet's office brought the orphaned 
kittens in and offered them free to good homes. 
Well I took one look at my Merlin, who was 3 1/2 weeks old 
and absolutely fell in love with him. Merlin is a very 
skittish kitty.  He never really likes anyone but me.  He 
is also very, very protective of me.  I guess because he 
was so young, he kind of thought I was his mother. The 
poor thing didnt even know how to clean himself after 
using the litter box and he would come to me crying and 
the good mother I am, I would take a warm wet paper towel 
and clean him, then another to dry him off.  It really was 
rather funny.  My husband could not believe how Merlin 
was with me.  My husband is an over the road truck driver 
and he would be gone for weeks at a time and when he did 
get home it would only be for a day or two and he was off 
again.  So, it was just Merlin and me. 

Merlin had gotten very protective of me very quickly.  
Every time someone, including the mail carrier, would open 
my front gate to come into the yard, Merlin would run to 
the door growling and hissing, then run and get me.  He 
knew whoever it was that came into the yard didn't belong 
there.  I also would order pizza and such to be delivered 
since cooking for one can be too much work.  I would tell 
Merlin that Mommy ordered food and the "man" will bring 
it, you let me know when the "man" gets here.  Merlin would 
sit on the arm of my sofa looking out the door and lo and 
behold when the "man" got here, he would growl and run and 
get me.  I digress, just wanted to give u a background on 
Merlin lol. 

My husband and I bought our home from an elderly lady who 
had not lived in the house for about 2 years due to 
illness.  When I found out the house was for sale I 
immediately contacted her (Eileen) because my cousin lives 
next door and at that time my mom was still living, she 
lived across the street, and because I was alone so much 
everyone thought it would be a good idea to be closer to 
family.  Merlin was just about a year old and one spring 
evening I was out doing yard work and had the back door 
and front door unlocked since I was back and forth between 
the 2 yards.  I was alone as usual as my husband was on 
the road.  It was starting to get dark, so I cleaned up 
everything, brought the mower to the back yard and came 
into the house.  Merlin was sitting at the bottom of my 
stairs just staring up.  I didn't pay much attention to 
him until about an hour later when he really was freaking 
out growling and hissing and still sitting at the bottom 
of the steps.  Well at this point I was rather freaked 
myself, so I called my mom and stepdad and told them I 
think someone is in my house hiding upstairs and explained 
to them what Merlin was doing.  They came over, with base-
ball bat in tow lol, and we proceeded upstairs. Well, we 
checked every closet, under every bed and even went down 
into the basement.  We searched the entire house and no 
one was here but us.  Merlin was so freaked he would not 
even go upstairs with me to bed that night and since his 
litter box was kept upstairs I literally had to bring it 
down because he refused to go upstairs.  Well, he acted 
like that for about a week - he was terrified to go 
upstairs. Finally about a week or so later he calmed down 
but was still very leary of going upstairs.  Well, 
eventually everything went back to normal and I forgot 
about the incident.  Exactly one year later, in April, 
Merlin did the exact same thing again.  I just couldn't 
figure out what was going on with him.  Well, I went 
through much the same thing as the year before but this 
time I knew no one was upstairs.  I just tried to calm 
Merlin down. 

About 3 months later, I got a letter from Eileen's ex-
husband, just asking how things were going and if we were 
enjoying our first home and he also told me that Eileen 
had passed away a year ago last April!  I was thinking in 
my head Oh My God!!  Eileen and her ex had lots or problems
but she did move back in with him because of illness and 
he took care of her until she died.  Eileen loved this 
house, it was her haven, her get away when she and the ex 
needed some space. Well, as soon as I read that letter, I 
knew what Merlin was so upset about, Eileen was here 
"visiting".  So I did a house blessing, blessed each room, 
and I also had a nice little chat with Eileen, telling her 
that as she could see her house was fine, actually had done 
some improvement, that I loved the house as much as she did 
and that it was well taken care of.  I also told her that 
she could go on into her next life with peace because all 
was fine here. After that a peacefullness came over my home 
and Merlin was back to his usual self.  The following year 
in April all was calm and Eileen never has returned and 
Merlin has never gone through any "freak outs" again. 

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed telling 

Cathy Standle


My Sabastian knew he was dying. He contracted kitty 
diabetes and I didn't realize the signs of this disease, 
I just thought he had a slight kitty cold. He and I were 
very close. I used to tell him that he is a human in a 
furry coat, that's how well he understood our human 
language. My husband and I were watching an animal program 
on TV and a video clip showed a cat retrieving his toy. I 
was telling my husband that I only had 1 cat out of all of 
the cats I've owned that retrieved like that. Sabastian 
looked at me as if to say, "Well watch this Mom." He went 
and got his toy and brought it to me so of course I threw 
it, he chased it and brought it right back to me. He 
understood what we were talking about and taught himself 
to retrieve. When he got sick I told him on a couple 
occasions, "Bass, you have to get rid of this cold, -I 
don't want you to die on me, you're my best friend." Then 
he would act as if he felt better even though he was still 
going downhill. I was getting ready to take him to the vet 
that morning but the vet's office didn't open till 8 am it 
was 6 am and he really went downhill fast. I realized he 
was dying and even if I had gotten him to the vet it would 
be too late. I finally went over to him and softly said, 
"My sweet Sabastian, you can go to kitty heaven if you need 
to." Instantly he reached out his paw and touched my cheek 
as if to say goodbye and died right then. I miss him so 
badly. That was 2 years ago. Every once in a while I will 
catch a whisp of him out of the corner of my eye running 
past me or feel something jump onto my bed. I know it's my 
kitty Bass. I know he will always be with his favorite 
human forever. 

Sincerely, Janet


I was reading your column with readers stories about animal 
bonds and I had to share.  I adopted a gray and white 
tabby. He was only about 5 weeks.  His owner didn't like 
him and had wanted me to take him at 3 weeks.  I refused 
because I couldn't stay home and feed him.  When she 
threatened to have him destroyed I took him at 5 weeks.  
He was so lonely I ended up adopting his litter sister. 
They were very close all their lives.  I had to put him 
down when he was 14 and she was so depressed.  He came 
back to visit several times.  He was very large (22 pounds) 
and I could see and feel him jump up on the bed several 
times after he was gone.  His sister was 16 when I had a 
dream that he came back and they ran off together through 
a grassy field as eagerly as kittens.  The next day she 
died in her sleep.  I knew he had come back to make sure 
she wasn't alone and to let me know he would take care of 
her.  She was always a momma's girl and it gave me great 
comfort to know she was not alone. 

a reader


Dear Zsuzsana,

My neighbor had a stroke and emphysema and had to be put 
in a home.  She left her pet Lhaso Apso with us to take 
care of.  The weekend we went camping (the dog had been 
on many excursions with us prior) she suddenly got sick 
at the campsite.  It lasted a whole day.  The camp 
caretakers figured it was mountain sickness as we were 
at 7,000 feet.  We thought we would have to leave early 
but as suddenly as it started it ended and all went well 
the rest of the trip.  About 2 weeks later we received 
the memorial card for her owner.  The date she died was 
the date the dog was sick. 

The owner, by the way, had been in a home 60 miles away 
at the time it happened.  I don't believe this is a 
coincidence as a year later we went to the same campsite 
and the dog was fine. If you have time let me know of 
your thoughts on this.  If not I understand and thank 
you for at least reading my message. 

A big believer in the paranormal,
Margaret Dolphin

(Margaret, I think this is a perfect example of a pet with 
a great telepathic connection with its owner. Thanks for 
sharing it, Zsuzsana) 


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Messages From Beyond

Back in 1989 I had a cousin in his early 40's that was 
dying of cancer.  We knew the end was near and while he 
lived many miles away he was always in our hearts while 
we waited for the inevitable to happen.

I was sleeping early one morning and woke up to a freezing 
temperature in my bedroom.  This was the end of July and 
I always slept with my window open and a fan running.  Now 
it usually rarely got cool that time of year let alone 
freezing.  I also noted a different smell in my room.  It 
was electrical/medicinal/mechanical smell.  I immediately 
thought my fan was overheating.  I got up out of bed and 
shut off the fan and covered up with more blankets and 
went back to bed.  It was about 5:30 am because I looked 
at the clock to see how long I had to sleep before getting 
up for work. 

When I got home from work that night I got a phone call 
from my sister telling me that our cousin passed away at 
that exact time that morning.  I found out that my aunt 
(his mother) had woken up to hear his voice say "Hi Dad!" 
(who had already passed over) at the time that he died 

Another time I had a college friend that was dying of 
cancer.  She lived in Hawaii.  I am from the midwest so 
I am unsure of the time differences.  At any rate I was 
working the night shift at my nursing home and suddenly 
the call lights began beeping and flashing at a very 
strange rate.  Usually the beep is a steady timed beep 
until the call light is answered.  There is an 
accompanying light that flashes at the same rate.  These 
call lights were sounding more like Morse code.  Some 
long beeps, some short beeps, some rapid and some slow.  
There was no rhyme or reason to this and we went into 
every room to see is one of the residents was in need of 
assistance but they were all sleeping.  We left a note 
for the maintance man to check it out and he didn't find 
a thing wrong with it.  It never happened again.  I later 
found out that my girlfriend had died that night.  I do 
believe she stopped by to say goodbye. 



My family has had several encounters since my wonderful 
grandmother passed away in September. She actually left 
me a phone number typed in on my cell phone. I thought 
my husband or daughter had done it and I called the number 
which happened to be my grandmother's tax man and friend 
who I used to use. This year I decided on someone else. I 
thought he had called me and someone in my house typed in 
his number on my phone, so I thought well maybe I should 
call him and let him know I got someone else to do my 
taxes. That night I told my husband and daughter. Neither 
of them had put the number in. They didn't even know his 
number so I think it was my grandmother telling me to be 
courteous (that's how she was) and at least let him know 
so he wouldn't expect me.  It makes me feel warm inside 
to know she is still with me. I loved her so much but I 
never knew she could work a cell phone! 

Will be missing your column,


I know this will be long, but I had to write in....I've 
had all kinds of paranormal experiences happen to me 
over the years, and I've studied lots of the different 
paranormal topics, but I've never heard of 'apports' 
until you discussed it in your column. 

After realizing what an 'apport' is, I know I've had lots 
of these things to happen to me as well, but the one that 
sticks out most in my mind is this. In 2002, my uncle, 
John Mark, who was only 46 years old, passed away.  He 
lived in Missouri at the time, and my family and I live in 
West Virginia, which is where John Mark had grown up.  He 
was only 11 years older than me, and we were close when he 
was here, but through the years, he moved around from state 
to state, and we often didn't hear from him for a few years 
at a time.  The summer before he died, I had located him, 
and had been talking to him on the phone quite a bit, but 
I hadn't seen him for about 4 years or so before this, and 
never got to see him again. 

When he died (due to alcoholism), it was a shock to all of 
our family, but I probably took it the hardest, being so 
close in age to him.  I cried for days and was really 
shaken up by this. I prayed to God for 'signs' and I had 
a couple dreams about John Mark that seemed so real. 
However, the 2 most significant signs were comforting, yet 
so odd at the time.  The first one involved me sitting in 
my car, playing a tape of a song that he had liked and that 
he and I had listened to together, a few years before.  I 
was crying, thinking of him, and his initials (J.M.M.) 
suddenly appeared in the dust on the dashboard, only they 
were backwards!  I've heard that spirits live on a 'plane' 
that is 'mirrored' to ours, so things would appear 
backwards, coming from them, right? 

The second and MOST significant event was that I had just 
swept and mopped my hallway and of course, had been think-
ing of John Mark and getting teary-eyed.  I walked out of 
the hallway and into another part of the house, to do some 
more cleaning and when I later came back into the hallway, 
there was a big tangled ball of fishing line in the middle 
of the hallway floor, and it even got 'caught' around my 
ankle.  It had definitely not been there before, and no 
one else had come into the house, and although my boyfriend 
and my sons liked to go fishing, there were no fishing 
poles in the house and NEVER before had I seen a tangled 
ball of fishing line that big. I was wondering where it 
came from and I went into our dining room, which had a 
big walk-in closet in it.  Suddenly, I heard a very loud 
crash in the closet.  When I looked, the wooden rod that 
was in the closet, with clothes hanging on it, had broken. 
Never before had this happened either, and considering it 
was made of very thick wood, I'm surprised that it happened 
then, too. 

I immediately thought of my uncle and the 'signs' I had 
been requesting, but didn't have any idea what these 2 
things meant, until I talked to his ex-wife (who was also 
very upset about his death) and when I told her about the 
fishing line and the clothes rod, she was so shocked......
she said that while they lived in Missouri together, he 
always went fishing at a huge lake called 'Finger Lake', 
and amazingly enough, he never used a real fishing pole.....
he used a plain ROD (basically, a stick) with FISHING LINE 
tied to it!  She said his friends were amazed that he 
could catch so many fish this way, when they had expensive 
poles and didn't catch much at all!  And, on another 
interesting note.....John Mark is the one who taught me 
how to fish when I was a kid......I've even seen him dip 
a kid's wagon into the edge of a pond and pull it up 
quickly with a fish in it! 

Yes, 'signs' are everywhere, but sometimes we don't pick 
up on their meaning until we really think about them, or 
even ask someone else what they think it means......we 
need to be more open to looking for and receiving the 
many signs that are given to us.  In our hectic lives, we 
have shut the door to the part of our brain and heart 
that can connect with the 'other side', but we can re-open 
it if we try! 



I hope you've all enjoyed reading these submissions and if 
I haven't had the chance to print your story here, I hope 
you have gained from the knowledge of others' paranormal 
experiences - I know I have. Best wishes to you all. 

Carpe diem!

Zsuzsana Summer

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