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Publication: Steals and Deals
A treat for Superman fans

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Faster than a speeding bullet... yep we've got Superman. And
we've got a great deal on this exclusive DVD. 

Any fan will want to own this and at under $5 it's a collectible

Plus we have some last chance items. Folks, check them out and
order fast. Judging by last week they go fast.

Be Well,

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Normal Price: $14.99
DEAL PRICE: $4.99 

Today's item is to prepare everyone for one of the most eagerly
awaited summer movies... Superman.

I am looking forward to it. It's been too long since Superman
has been on the big screen. So in honor of the #1 super hero,
we've got an exclusive DVD with some very rare footage... And
we've reduced the price to under $5.

In my opinion there is no better super hero than Superman. In
this exclusive DVD you get classic Superman cartoon shorts produced 
by Max Fleischer for the big screen in the 1940s. Created to look 
like feature films, these innovative science fiction spectaculars 
remain among the most technically polished examples of the "short 
film" art form.

The Digitally Remasterd DVD features The Man of Steel in "Mechanical 
Monsters", "Billion Dollar Limited" and "Arctic Giant." You'll also 
get bonus cartoon features including Popeye, Merrie Melodies, The 
Three Stooges and more. Over two hours of classics on one DVD.
BONUS - when you're on the page, check out the MIGHTY MOUSE DVD
for just $1.99...  Today's Steal of the Day

. . . .

TODAY'S DEAL: MicroGRIP Non-Slip Car/Desk Pads

Normal Price: $9.99
DEAL PRICE: $2.99 

If you spend anytime in your car you're going to love today's
item. It is really cool and I'm not sure what the technology
is that makes it work, but it does.

MicroGrip Non*Slip-Pads are state-of-the-art technology. Securely 
hold objects in place through sharp turns and sudden stops. No more 
stuff flying in the back seat. Millions of microscopic grips act as 
invisible suction cups, without glue or sticky tapes that melt in 
the sun. MicroGrip works on any surface in any temperature and 
humidity level. Hold cell phones, coins, portable CD players, 
glasses and more. Visit:   Today's Deal of the Day

             ::::::  LAST CHANCE STUFF ::::::


Store Price: $19.99

Last Chance



Normal Retail: $29.99
DEAL PRICE: $12.99

Last Chance

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