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What's Up...   

Well we have some changes today. We have a new player and
some of the clips we are playing are a great deal bigger in
size. So check it out.

One thing I have noticed is that at certain times the clips
run slower. When we are getting hit with a lot of traffic you
will notice some starting and stopping. 

We are awaiting more bandwidth to be piped in which should
help a whole lot.



Elvis - That's Alright Mama
(Current Rating 3.4  - What will you rate it?) 

Who doesn't love Elvis? I grew up with a sister who always
played Elvis songs. And even my mom and dad didn't mind
hearing Elvis. I don't remember watching this TV special
when it aired, but my mom tells me the whole family gathered
around the TV set to watch. And it just so happens we
have a video clip from the show and it features one of
my all-time favorite songs of Elvis. 

A little Elvis trivia for you. One of the first songs Elvis’ 
ever recorded in a studio was this old rhythm and blues tune 
called "That’s Alright Mama." You can WATCH IT NOW AT: 
Elvis - That's Alright Mama


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... Last Week's Clip Rating Results (out of a possible 5) ...   

Patches The Horse
Patches The Horse

Punk'd Red Carpet Fun
Punk'd Red Carpet Fun


Talking Cats - They Really Talk 
(Current Rating 3.2 - What will you rate it?)

I love this clip and have probably seen it 30 times. I
can't get enough of it. You too will watch this clip 
over and over. It is really amazing how these cats seem 
to be saying human words! How did they teach the cats 
this? I can’t even teach my cat not to jump up on the 
counters. WATCH IT NOW: Talking Cats

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