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Publication: Trivia Today
When dinosaurs roamed the earth...

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           TRIVIA TODAY - Thursday, July 31, 2008 
       "Six Items a Day of Enduring Insignificance" 

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Greetings Infomaniacs,

I am in some pain today after helping my boyfriend move into 
a new apartment last night. I'm not sore from lifting and 
lugging boxes, but rather from taking a slip down the basement 

See, it started to pour as soon as we began unloading the 
moving truck, but since he had to return the truck today, we 
had to get everything out. So we're running back and forth in 
the rain carrying bags, boxes, and pieces of furniture. 

The stairs leading down into his apartment are tile and were 
already wet from our travels when I attempted to run down them 
with a big box full of stuff. 

I was trying to see around the box and step down at the same 
time when my shoe slid on the slick floor and caused my foot 
to fly out under me. 

I thudded down the remaining steps with the box still firmly 
in my grip. Luckily, nothing broke or twisted, but I have a 
huge bruise on my thigh, and my butt is awfully sore!



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                    TODAY'S MYSTERY QUOTE 

QUOTE: “The dinosaur's eloquent lesson is that if some 
bigness is good, an overabundance of bigness is not 
necessarily better.”

HINT: (1896-1963), President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 
a motion picture association executive and U.S. government 



Although there have probably been dinosaur discoveries 
dating back thousands of years -- there are, for instance, 
references to "dragon bones" found in ancient China -- the 
first documented dinosaur discovery took place in 1676 when 
a jawbone and teeth were unearthed in Oxford, England. In 
1824, famed paleontologist William Buckland (1784-1856) 
finally named this first dinosaur Megalosaurus. Megalosaurus 
was a large meat-eater that stood up to 30 feet tall and 
weighed about 1 ton.


In 1877, a paleontologist named Othniel Charles Marsh (1831-
1899) discovered a new species of dinosaur with he named 
Apatosaurus, meaning "deceptive lizard." Two years later, 
he discovered what he believed to be another species of 
dinosaur. He named this one Brontosaurus, meaning "thunder 
lizard." When later paleontologists examined the two fossils,
however, they determined that both skeletons belonged to the 
same animal class, one being an adult and one being a juvenile.


Stegosaurus means "covered lizard" in Greek. This dinosaur 
had a double row of protective plates covering its back and
tail. In addition to acting as a protective covering, these 
plates may have operated as a sort of cooling device -- wind 
flowing between the plates would have helped lower the body 
temperature of a Stegosaurus on hot days.


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The Argentinosaurus, an herbivorous sauropod and quite 
possibly the largest animal ever to walk the earth, is 
believed to have reached lengths of up to 150 feet and 
weighed as much as 110 tons. Only fragmentary remains have
been discovered, but using their knowledge of related 
dinosaurs, scientists have been able to estimate the size 
of these specimens of Argentinosaurus.


The Brachiosaurus, a herbivore, used its giraffe-like neck 
to graze in the tops of trees. It is believed to have 
reached heights of up to 42 feet, lengths of 82 feet, and 
weights in excess of 90 tons. Once considered the largest 
known dinosaur, it has since been surpassed by the likes 
of Argintinosaurus and Sauroposeidon.


Dinosaurs are believed to have become extinct about 65 
million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period. We 
know of their existence today because of fossilized remains.
It is impossible to know for sure what caused this sudden 
mass extinction, but the prevailing theory is that a massive 
meteor struck the earth about that time causing drastic 
climate changes and thus the extinction. 


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                  *** Weekly Mind-Scrambler *** 

Weight in my belly,
Trees on my back,
Nails in my ribs,
Feet I do lack.

What am I?

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QUOTE: “The dinosaur's eloquent lesson is that if some 
bigness is good, an overabundance of bigness is not 
necessarily better.”

ANSWER: Eric Johnston

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