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Publication: Diet Buddy
A Few Heads Are Better Than One, Part 2

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Diet Buddy - Monday, August 14, 2006

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A Few Heads Are Better Than One.....(continued)

Hello there Buddies:

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The temperatures in 
the midwest have finally cooled off somewhat, making it 
pleasant to be outside again, without feeling like you've 
stepped into a sauna and making it difficult to do any type 
of outdoor physical activity. I probably shouldn't be 
complaining about the heat too much, considering before too 
long it will start getting "cooler" again and that means 
summer (my favorite time of year) is on it's way out.
Hmmm???  No, I'm definitely not ready for cool weather yet.
I also hope everyone enjoyed some of the interesting 
approaches being used last week by different people all 
around the country.  Everyone seems to have their own ideas 
for what best meets their emotional and physical needs, and 
what they'll be able to stick with in the long run.

You know, we all at times seem to get stuck with our present 
weight loss program, even to the point of complete boredom, 
so it's always refreshing to find what drives and motivates 
people in similar situations.

So let's get on with some more diet tips and tricks from 
around the country, and be sure to keep your eyes open for 
ideas that will spark your interest enough to give them a 

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Trigger Foods:

Donuts are my downfall: It's bread, sugar, and fat in the 
same item.  I have a hard time saying no to them, so I don't 
keep that stuff in the house - although my husband buys and
then hides them. - AC, Grand Lake, Colorado - lost 30 lbs

My worst cravings are for salty foods, like chips, and the 
worst time of day for me is mid-afternoon.  The best way 
I've found to combat it is to drink water to fill me up.  At
work, I'll just walk to the water cooler, which is close to 
my desk.  This helps me resist the urge to go downstairs to
the cafeteria to buy snacks. - J, Reading, Pennsylvania - 
lost 70 lbs

Chocolate is my weakness.  To try to keep it under control, 
I buy chocolate only in mini-bar sizes.  Of course, it's 
hard to just eat one; I stash the bag in the high cabinet 
above my refrigerator so I have to make an effort to get 
them.  If my family sees me dragging a kitchen chair over to 
the cabinet, they know I'm searching for chocolate, and they 
can tease me accordingly. - D, Orem, Utah - lost 47 lbs

My greatest dieting downfall is carbohydrates, mostly in the 
form of any kind of potato or pasta.  I do have cravings for 
these things and have learned to control my portions.  I try
not to have two carbs together during one meal.  I resist 
pasta and potaotes by reaching for fruits or sugar-free 
Popsicles.  I do at times give in, but the guilt is 
definitely not worth it. - Anonymous, Birmingham, Alabama - 
lost 30 lbs

French Fries: I love them.  I make them at my home (baked) 
and count out a certain amount.  That is the hardest part.
Another trigger food is French bread; now I get multi-grain 
baguette bread. - L, Redmond, Washington - lost 27 lbs

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Keep Active:

I couldn't have lost the weight without exercising.  Three 
days a week, I do an hour of Tae Bo and one hour of weights, 
then two days a week I use a treadmill during my favorite 
show "Days of Our Lives".  I walk while the show is on and 
jog during commercials. - Ap, Gig Harbor, Washington - lost 
68 lbs

Two friends asked me to join them in dancing to music tapes
for 30 minutes without stopping, a few times a week.  We 
play the Supremes and Cher.  I do the twist.  We are all 
over 50, and we love to talk about where we were at the time 
a particular song came out.  In just a few weeks, I have 
lost 15 pounds. - SB, Kerala, Indiana - lost 15 pounds

Learn how to play tennis, or if you already know how, get 
out there and play.  Tennis burns about twice the calories 
compared to walking, for the same period of time.  And it's 
much more fun.  I started out playing for diet reasons, but 
now I'm hooked.  I love the sport. - EG, Poland, Ohio - lost 
17 lbs

Going to the gym always intimidated me; there were all these 
women in their perfect clothes and their perfect make-up.  I 
started thinking about what I really liked to do.  The 
answer is rollerblading.  I figured it was great exercise, 
and I had access to a park with a good path. Now I look 
forward to doing it, and it's hard to obsess about your hair 
when you're wearing a helmet. - MG, Bellevue, Illinois - 
lost 25 lbs

Get a dog.  Initilly, she was what got me out of the house 
and running.  I don't think that now, nine years later, I 
need her.  It's become enough of a routine for me that it's 
an ingrained habit.  But she sure was a great motivator. - 
DH, Kirkland, Washington - lost 50 lbs

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Dining Out:

Choose a dish that's grilled or baked. Instead of getting 
fries, order a baked potato or an extra veggie.  Avoid 
eating too much bread, and instead of alcohol order a diet 
soda and water with a slice of lemon.  If you do this, you
won't feel like you cheated on your diet and you will feel 
better about socializing during your diet. - Anonymous,
Birmingham, Alabama - lost 30 lbs

If I know I'm going out to a restaurant I usually scale 
back on eating during the day.  I don't starve myself, I 
just limit snacks, or eat fewer carbs and fats.  At the 
restaurant, I limit myself to one piece of bread (if it's 
on the table) and one glass of wine.  And if the meal 
portion is huge, I won't eat it all.  I'll ask for them to 
box half of it up so I can take it home with me. - MS, 
Seattle, Washington - lost 38 lbs

I eat out a lot and have to make a real effort to stop 
eating when I'm full.  I know that if the plate sits in 
front of me, I'll keep picking at the food, so I ask the 
waiter to take my plate right away.  If that's not possible
I'll pour salt over everything or even put my napkin on the 
plate (not classy, but it works). - LM, Philadelphia, 
Pennsylvania - lost 45 lbs

Always order from the light menu, if it is available.  If 
not, treat yourself to the biggest most expensive salad on 
the menu.  Salad dressing?  Go for it.  You've got to feel 
like you're being just a bit naughty once in a while.  If 
you don't, you won't maintain your new eating habits and 
will ultimately fall right back into the old trap. - JM, 
Independence, Iowa - lost 45 lbs

It's so much easier to stay on a diet when away from home 
than when left to my own devices at home.  Restaurants are 
terrific today in that regard.  I usually start with a 
salad with dressing on the side, so I can monitor how much 
I use.  I order extra vegetables, I avoid the bread, and if 
someone else orders dessert, I order fresh fruit. - SL, 
San Francisco, California - lost 18 lbs

Tips for staying positive:

*  Give yourself credit for the good things you are doing 
   (exercising every day), don't focus only on the bad 
   things you're doing (eating Chinese food).  The key is 
   positive thinking and taking small steps to creating 
   good habits. - KO, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - lost 10 
*  Focus on what you have accomplished, not what lies 
   ahead.  If you have 150 pounds to lose and have lost 25, 
   focus on the weight lost, not the 125 pounds you still 
   have left.  When I was losing weight, I could not think 
   in terms of the total amount of weight I had to lose; it 
   was unbearable.  Focusing on the positive made it seem 
   possible.  I used this method all the way down the scale.
   PM, West Grove, Pennsylvania - lost 146 lbs
*  Work on your diet day by day.  Instead of saying, "Gee, 
   I have to lose so many pounds, "I say, "This is the day 
   I'm going to eat sensibly and see what happens."  The 
   next day, I get up and say, "OK, I'm going to continue 
   to eat sensibly." - S, Atlanta, Georgia - lost 40 lbs
*  Once you achieve your goal, you cannot revert to your 
   old way of life: Those days are over.  Too many people 
   lose the weight and then start right back in with the 
   sweets.  You have to understand that you are a new 
   person.  Those old lifestyle choices are behind you, 
   never to be seen again.  - Anonymous, East Palestine, 
   Ohio - lost 13 lbs
*  Don't take yourself too seriously.  If you fall off the 
   diet wagon, laugh at yourself and try again. - Anonymous,
   Douglasville, Georgia - lost 10 lbs

Did You Know ???
That "the average 150-pound person burns 360 calories a 
night while sleeping."

So here you have various thoughts and suggestions from all 
types of people managing their weight. Try what may work 
for you, and make it something you can live with on a daily 
basis.  Embrace the challenge of it all.....the end result 
will of course be, a happier, healthier and slimmer you.

Have a great week everyone !!! 

We love getting mail, so don't forget to visit our blog or 
e-mail us with your diet stories.

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional, any 
statements in this column are stricly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.     

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Cuban people?

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