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Publication: Dead End
Oleg Cassini, Dr. James Schwartz

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            DEAD END - Friday, March 24, 2006        
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"Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the 
grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun." Bishop Hall

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Welcome to another edition of Dead End.

Let's take a moment to remember the talented individuals who 
have died in recent days. Fashion innovator Oleg Cassini, 
who was credited with defining Jacqueline Kennedy's style, 
passed at the age of 92. ABC News veteran Bill Beutel, known 
for his signature "Good luck and be well. Goodnight," has 
died of undisclosed causes. He was 75. We also remember 
magician Channing Pollock and neurobiologist Dr. James H. 
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Fashion innovator Oleg Cassini, who brought the U.S. the 
Nehru jacket and pillbox hat, has died on Long Island, N.Y., 
at the age 92. No cause of death was given for the man 
credited with defining Jacqueline Kennedy's style, The Los 
Angeles Times reported Saturday. Cassini was not only an 
innovative leader in the fashion industry, he was a major 
Hollywood player as well, married to actress Gene Tierney, 
engaged to Grace Kelly before she became princess of Monaco 
and a regular on TV talk shows as "The Tonight Show and "The 
Mike Douglas Show." He was the first fashion designer to 
franchise and had as many as 50 licenses for items such as 
sunglasses, watches and children's clothes, The Times said. 
At one point, Cassini's estimated worldwide retail volume 
was estimated at $400 million. In later years, Cassini
became an animal activist and introduced micro-fiber fake 
furs in 1999. He is survived by his daughters and grand-

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ABC News veteran Bill Beutel, known for his signature "Good 
luck and be well. Goodnight," has died in Pinehurst, N.C., 
at age 75. Beutel, who changed his name from Bill Boydel at 
the behest of a news director, died Saturday of undisclosed 
causes, WABC-TV, New York, reported Sunday. Beutel started 
with ABC in 1962 as a reporter for the network and anchor of 
WABC-TV's evening report then called "The Big News." ABC 
took him out of New York in 1968 and made him its London 
Bureau chief, where he worked with a young Peter Jennings.
WABC brought him back to New York two years later to co-
anchor its revamped "Eyewitness News" with Roger Grimsby, a 
partnership that lasted 16 years. Beutel retired from "Eye-
witness News" in January 2001 but remained as a reporter 
until 2003. Beutel was a pioneer in the morning news arena 
as well, hosting ABC's "AM America," now known as "Good 
Morning America," WABC said. Beutel is survived by his wife 
and four children.



Magician Channing Pollock, called by Lance Burton "the most 
emulated magician of the 20th century," has died in Las 
Vegas at age 79. Pollock died at home Sunday from 
complications of cancer, the Las Vegas Review-Journal report-
ed Tuesday. Pollock started his career in 1952 and shot to 
stardom with an appearance on Ed Sullivan's "Toast of the 
Town" in 1954. Through the years, he performed for President 
Dwight D. Eisenhower, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and at 
the wedding of Monaco's Prince Rainier and actress Grace 
Kelly. He appeared in several films as well, including 
"Europe by Night," "Musketeers of the Sea," "Rocambole" and 
"The Red Sheik." His many TV appearances included "The 
Beverly Hillbillies," "Bonanza," "The Hollywood Palace" and 
"The Andy Williams Show." He is survived by his wife and a 

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Neurobiologist Dr. James H. Schwartz, whose research studied 
the biochemical basis of learning and memory, died from 
complications of leukemia at the age of 73, said the New 
York Times. In an observation with others, Schwartz discover-
ed that learning was associated with changes in the structure 
of chromatin, a basic material found within a cell, in some 
neurons. With doctors Eric R. Kandel and Thomas M. Jessell, 
Schwartz edited a textbook that has become "a standard of 
basic neuroscience." The book, "Principles of Neural Science," 
is for medical students and neuroscientists, and includes 
clinical descriptions of neurological and psychiatric dis-
orders. In addition to his neuro-research, Dr. Schwartz also 
collected and studied coins and gems from antiquity. He is 
survived by his wife, Dr. Catherine Lipkin, a daughter, Daisy 
Salzman; a son, Peter; a stepson, Jonathan Lipkin; and five 
grandchildren. His first wife, Frances, died in 1984. 


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Notable deaths this week in history...

In 1905, Jules Verne, one of the most energetic and 
innovative writers of the 19th century, who penned such 
classics as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Around the 
World in 80 Days, died at the age of 77.

In 1955, Walter White, executive secretary of the National 
Association for the Advancement of Colored People who was a 
leader in the civil rights fight, died at the age of 61.

In 1974, television newscaster Chester 'Chet' Huntley, who 
is most remembered for being paired with newsman David 
Brinkley on NBC television's nightly news, died of lung 

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