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Publication: Dead End
Maureen Stapleton, Peter Tomarken

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            DEAD END - Friday, March 17, 2006        
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"Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the 
grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun." Bishop Hall

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Welcome to another edition of Dead End.

Today we remember "Press Your Luck" host Peter Tomarken and 
his wife, Kathleen, who perished in a plane crash earlier 
this week. Tomarken was piloting the plane for Angel Flight 
West when it went down in Santa Monica Bay. We also remember 
actress Maureen Stapleton, roller derby bad girl Ann 
Calvello, and best-selling children's author John Reynolds 
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Oscar, Tony and Emmy-winning stage, film and TV actress 
Maureen Stapleton died Monday in Lenox, Mass., at age 80. 
The actress won two Tonys, an Emmy and an Oscar as well as 
multiple nominations in all three, the New York Times report-
ed. Stapleton rose to stardom on Broadway in 1951 with her 
Tony Award-winning performance in Tennessee Williams' "The 
Rose Tattoo." The stress of the show set Stapleton on a path 
of alcoholism and paranoia, which she battled throughout her 
career, the newspaper said. She went on to star in several 
Williams' plays through the years as well as make her mark 
on both the big screen and TV. She won her Emmy in 1967 for 
"Among the Paths to Eden," a Truman Capote story about a 
spinster and a widower. Her second Tony was for Neil Simon's 
"The Gingerbread Lady" in 1970 and she won her Oscar for 
best supporting actress in the 1981 film "Reds."  Twice-
divorced, Stapleton is survived by a son, a daughter and a 

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"Press Your Luck" host Peter Tomarken and his wife, Kathleen, 
were killed while flying on a volunteer medical mission in 
California. Tomarken was piloting the plane for Angel Flight 
West, which transports medical patients who cannot afford 
traditional air travel, The Los Angeles Times reported 
Tuesday. The plane crashed Monday in Santa Monica Bay, kill-
ing Tomarken, 63; his wife, 41. An unidentified third person 
was reported missing and presumed dead. Tomarken began his 
Hollywood career with bit TV show parts and commercials in 
the 1970s. His first game show was 1983's "Hit Man," and a 
year later, he settled into his biggest hit, "Press Your 
Luck." His other game shows included "Bargain Hunters," 
"Wordplay," "Wipeout" and "Monopoly." Veteran game show host 
Bob Eubanks released a statement saying: "Peter was one of 
the most underrated game show hosts in television. He could 
adapt to any type of game show format." Tomarken had been 
working with Angel Flight West since August, a spokesman said.


Ann Calvello, who thrilled roller-derby audiences in 
California and elsewhere with her spray-painted hair and 
tattoos, has died at the age of 76. Calvello, who had 
survived brain tumors and melanoma, died of liver cancer, 
the San Francisco Chronicle reported. On skates, Calvello, 
nicknamed "Banana Nose," was the bad girl of roller derby, 
the heavy to Joanie Weston's Blonde Bomber. She was known 
for her salty language, for painting her hair purple years 
before punk rock and for her tattoos and body piercing. "She 
loved it when the fans hated her," Jerry Seltzer, owner of 
the San Francisco Bay Bombers, told the Chronicle. Calvello 
was born in Rhode Island, the daughter of a career Navy man, 
and moved to San Francisco at the age of 12. She told inter-
viewers that she was a teenage tomboy who loved to skate on 
the street and at a local roller rink. When she was 18 she 
saw roller derby for the first time and signed up with the 

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"Stone Fox" author John Reynolds Gardiner has died in 
Anaheim, Calif., of complications from pancreatitis at age 
61, it was reported Thursday. The best-selling children's 
author died March 4, his wife told the Los Angeles Times.
Gardiner described himself as "a dumbbell in English" and 
said he never read entire novel until the age of 19, the 
newspaper said. He earned a master's degree in engineering 
and worked as a contract engineer specializing in thermo-
dynamics for Rockwell International and McDonnell Douglas, 
the Times said. He turned to writing in his late 20s and was 
inspired by an instructor who "didn't give a hoot about 
spelling and grammar," Gardiner wrote in his autobiography. 
In addition to "Stone Fox," his books included "Top Secret" 
and "General Butterfingers." Gardiner is survived by his 
wife, three daughters, a granddaughter, a brother and two 

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Notable deaths this week in history...

In 1906, activist Susan B. Anthony, who dedicated much of 
her life in the movement for woman suffrage, died of heart 
disease and pneumonia. She was 86.

In 1945, Anne Frank, who kept a diary of her experiences 
during the Holocaust, died after contracting typhus at the 
age of 15. Her diary later was published and met with great 

In 1975, actress Susan Hayward, who became a star for her 
performances in such films as Among the Living and Reap the 
Wild Wind, died at the age of 56.

In 1998, Dr. Benjamin Spock, the pediatrician who gently 
coached anxious postwar parents to trust their "own common 
sense," died at the age of 94.

          GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Do you approve of Dick Cheney's performance as Vice President?

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