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Publication: Dead End
Louis Rukeyser, Earl Woods

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@@@         DEAD END - Friday, May 5, 2006               @@@
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"Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the 
grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun." Bishop Hall

Welcome to another edition of Dead End.

Let us take a moment to remember those who have gone before 
us this week. They include longtime PBS host Louis Rukeyser, 
flamboyant Hollywood manager Jay Bernstein, television 
pioneer Elma Gardner "Pem" Farnsworth, and the father of 
Tiger Woods, Earl Woods.



The longtime host of TV's "Wall Street Week," Louis Rukeyser, 
has died at his Greenwich, Conn., home at age 73. Rukeyser, 
who stepped down in 2003 after 32 years on the air to undergo 
treatment for a rare type of bone marrow cancer, died Tuesday, 
the Baltimore Sun reported Wednesday. Rukeyser, who also 
worked as the London bureau chief for the Baltimore Sun and 
a correspondent at ABC News, was seen more than 4.1 million 
viewers when "Wall Street Week" was at its peak on PBS in 
the 1980s. However, his final months on the air were via 
cable TV's CNBC after an ugly spat with Maryland Public 
Television resulted in Rukeyser leaving his longtime PBS 
home, the Sun noted. People magazine had dubbed him "the 
dismal science's only sex symbol" and he was hailed as the 
"best-dressed man in finance" by the Fashion Foundation of 
America. He is survived by his wife, three daughters, two 
grandchildren and three brothers.

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Earl Woods, the father of golfing great Tiger Woods, has 
died of cancer at the age of 74. Woods was more concerned 
with raising a good son than a great golfer and became the 
driving force behind Tiger's career. But Earl Woods was 
more than a golf dad. He played catcher for Kansas State, 
becoming the first black to play baseball in the Big Eight 
Conference, and he was a Green Beret for two tours in 
Vietnam. However, he believed his true purpose was to train 
his son, and he watched Tiger evolve into the dominant 
player of his time. Although Woods introduced Tiger to golf 
by swinging a club as his son watched in a high chair, he 
said he never intended to create a golf champion. Tiger 
learned to love golf on his own, and his father wouldn't 
let him play unless his homework was finished. "My dad was
my best friend and greatest role model, and I will miss him 
deeply," Tiger said on his Web site.  Besides his wife and 
Tiger, Earl Woods is survived by three children from his 
previous marriage.



Flamboyant Hollywood manager Jay Bernstein, who launched the 
careers of Farrah Fawcett and Suzanne Somers, has died in 
Los Angeles at age 68. Fawcett was at Bernstein's bedside 
when he died Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from the 
effects of a stroke, The Los Angeles Times reported. 
Bernstein started as a publicist in the 1960s and counted 
among his clients Sammy Davis Jr., Sally Field, William 
Holden and Burt Lancaster. After switching to personal 
management in 1975, he turned Fawcett into a superstar with 
her role in "Charlie's Angels" and her legendary swimsuit 
poster. He was credited with securing a $2 million Lloyd's 
of London insurance policy on "Entertainment Tonight" anchor 
Mary Hart's legs and reportedly even paid women to throw 
their hotel room keys at singer Tom Jones. Somers said she 
hired Bernstein after seeing what he did for Fawcett. His 
survivors include a daughter, a sister and his mother.

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Elma Gardner "Pem" Farnsworth, a pioneer of the television, 
has died at age 98. Farnsworth helped her husband, Philo T. 
Farnsworth, develop the television and was one of the first 
people whose images were transmitted on TV. She spent years 
by her husband's side in his laboratories and fought to 
assure his place in history after he died in 1971. 
Farnsworth's first TV transmission was on September 7, 1927, 
in his San Francisco lab. Elma recalled that morning in the 
lab "like it was yesterday," she told the San Francisco 
Chronicle in 2002. "It was a very small screen, about the 
size of a postage stamp, an inch and a half square. At first, 
we were stunned. It was too good to be true. Then Phil said, 
'There you have it -- electric television."'" Philo 
Farnsworth gave his wife equal credit in his invention, 
saying, "my wife and I started this TV." Her survivors 
include sons Russell of New York and Kent of Fort Wayne.

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Notable deaths this week in history...

In 1972, F.B.I. Chief J. Edgar Hoover, who made the bureau 
formidable with politics, publicity and results, died at age 

In 1983, blues musician Muddy Waters, who was established as 
perhaps the preeminent blues icon, died at the age of 68.

In 1992, Marlene Dietrich, actress and singer who appeared 
in over 70 films, died at the age of 90. 

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