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Publication: Dead End
Glenn Ford, Marie Tharp

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@@@         DEAD END - Friday, September 1, 2006         @@@
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"Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the 
grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun." Bishop Hall

Welcome to another edition of Dead End.

Actor Glenn Ford, who brought a quiet reserve to the screen 
in movies dating back to Hollywood's golden era, has died 
this week after suffering several strokes. Marie Tharp, a 
pioneering undersea mapmaker who was one of the first to 
recognize sea-floor spreading, died of cancer. Also this 
week we remember the passing of the founder and lead singer 
of the doo-wop group the Condors, and experimental composer 
James Tenney.

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Glenn Ford, who brought a quiet reserve to the screen in 
movies dating back to Hollywood's golden era, has died at 90 
at his home in Beverly Hills, Calif. Ford was best known for 
his roles in such films as "Blackboard Jungle," "Gilda" and 
"Pocketful of Miracles." His credits also included "Teahouse 
of the August Moon," "Don't Go Near the Water" and "The 
Courtship of Eddie's Father." Ford was born Gwyllyn Samuel 
Newton Ford May 1, 1916, in Quebec. His family moved to Santa 
Monica, Calif., when he was 7. He began working with local 
theater groups after high school, and broke into Hollywood in 
the 1939 feature "Heaven with a Barbed-Wire Fence," the Times 
said. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1943, where he met 
actress-dancer Eleanor Powell. They married, and had a son, 
Peter, but divorced after 16 years of marriage. Ford married 
actress Kathryn Hays in 1966, but the marriage ended quickly, 
and Ford's 1977 marriage to Cynthia Hayward ended in 1984. 
Ford also married his nurse, Jeanne Baus, in 1993.

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Marie Tharp, a pioneering undersea mapmaker who was one of 
the first to recognize sea-floor spreading, has died in 
Nyack, N.Y. The cause was cancer, The New York Times reported. 
Tharp, 86, spent her career at the Lamont Doherty Earth 
Observatory of Columbia University in Palisades, N.Y. She 
came there in 1948 as a research assistant to the founder, 
Maurice Ewing, and retired in 1982. Because women were not 
allowed to sail on research ships in  the 1940s and 1950s, 
Tharp remained at the institute plotting data. Tharp spent 
much of her life in a professional and personal partnership 
with Bruce Heezen, who came to Lamont as one of Ewing's 
students. Tharp and Heezen collaborated on the first complete 
map of the ocean floor. In 1953, Tharp observed a crack in 
the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. She wondered if the crack might be 
continuous and evidence of sea-floor spreading. Heezen died 
of a heart attack in 1977. Tharp leaves no survivors.



Sanders Barber Jr., founder and lead singer of the doo-wop 
group the Condors, has died in Pittsburgh at age 68. Barber 
founded the singing group with six others following high 
school graduation. The Condors performed throughout 
Pennsylvania, including venues like the White Elephant in 
White Oak, Dave's Walnut Inn in McKeesport and the Elks 
Club in Donora, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. Barber 
was born in Albany, Ga., but moved to McKeesport, Pa., as a 
child. In addition to singing, he worked for the Pittsburgh 
Water and Sewer Authority until his retirement about three 
years ago. He died Aug. 23 from complications from leukemia. 
His sister, Susie Brown, said Barber had been sick for 
about a year. Barber is survived by his wife Lois Evon Baker 
Barber; sons Kevin Davis and Sanders Devon Barber; daughters
Jackie Wright and Nicole Barber; stepchildren Karilyn Reese 
and Marilyn Hopkins; and 12 brothers and sisters.

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Experimental composer James Tenney, who was a musical 
theorist, pianist and university professor, has died of 
cancer in Valencia, Calif., at age 72. Tenney attended the 
University of Denver with the intention of studying 
engineering, but when he heard John Cage play "Sonatas and 
Interludes," his music "blew me away," he told the Los 
Angeles Times in 2002. After studying at Juilliard School 
in New York, he earned his bachelor's degree from Bennington
College in Vermont in 1958. At the University of Illinois, 
he earned his master's degree. Tenney worked at Bell 
Laboratories from 1958 to 1964, researching the new field of 
computer music, the Los Angeles Times reported. He taught at 
several universities, including California Institute of the 
Arts in Valencia and York University, Toronto, where he also 
got orchestral commissions and recorded. Tenney is survived 
by his wife Lauren Pratt, two sons, two daughters and three 


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Notable deaths this week in history...

In 1969, Vietnamese Nationalist leader Ho Chi Minh, who was 
noted for his success in blending Nationalism and Communism, 
died at the age of 79.

In 1982, actress Ingrid Bergman, an international star of 
films, television and on the stage, died at the age of 67. 

In 1997, Princess Diana, who married Prince Charles and was 
famous for her groundbreaking fashion choices and breaking 
barriers, died in a car crash. She was 36.
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Do you think that having a Survivor show centering around 
ethnic groups is a good idea?

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