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Publication: Dead End
Gene Pitney, Gloria Monty

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@@@         DEAD END - Friday, April 7, 2006             @@@
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"Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the 
grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun." Bishop Hall

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Welcome to another edition of Dead End.

This week we remember a legendary singer/songwriter, a soap 
opera producer known for turning General Hospital into a pop 
phenomenon, a longtime adviser and strategist to U.S. 
President Ronald Reagan, and the Emmy Award-winning director 
and creator of ABC's hit soap "Dark Shadows." Read on to find 
out more about these folks and their accomplishments. 

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Singer/songwriter Gene Pitney was found dead Wednesday in 
his hotel room in Wales at age 65. The cause of death was 
not yet known but foul play was not suspected, the BBC said. 
Pitney had performed Tuesday night at St. David's Hall in 
Cardiff. The crooner became a teenage idol in the early 
1960s with his breakthrough hit "Town Without Pity." He 
followed the success of this song with classics like "(The 
Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance" and "Only Love Can Break a 
Heart." His songs were recorded by music's top stars during 
a career that spanned 40 years and he performed in the 
background on several Rolling Stones songs. He was inducted 
in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. Pitney is 
survived by his wife and three sons, who live in Connecticut.

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"General Hospital" producer Gloria Monty, who turned the ABC 
soap into a pop phenomenon in the late 1970s, died of cancer 
at age 84.  CBS hired in 1954 her to direct the pilot for 
the "Secret Storm" and she ended up staying there as producer/
director for 14 years, the Times said. In 1978, Monty was 
given 13 weeks to save ABC's foundering "General Hospital." 
She added action, adventure, science fiction and probably 
the most controversial soap opera story line ever -- the 
romance and eventual marriage of Laura Webber and her 
rapist, Luke Spencer. An estimated 30 million people watched 
the couple's 1981 wedding, a record for daytime television,
the Times said. Monty pushed "General Hospital" to the No. 1 
daytime soap and went on to win two Emmy Awards. Her husband 
of 39 years died in 1991 and she is survived by her sister, 
Norma, who served as head writer for "General Hospital."



Lyn Nofziger, a longtime adviser and strategist to U.S. 
President Ronald Reagan, has died at his Falls Church, Va., 
home at the age of 81. Nofziger began his time at Reagan's 
side to the 1966 California gubernatorial campaign. After 
serving as press secretary in Reagan's 1980 presidential 
campaign, Nofziger stayed on in the White House as assistant 
for political affairs until Jan. 22, 1982. He opened a 
lobbying firm in Washington and continued as an informal 
adviser to Reagan. His counsel was later sought by a variety 
of Republican candidates for offices that included the 
presidency and the statehouses in Maryland and New Jersey, 
The Washington Post reported. A onetime reporter, it was 
Nofziger who briefed the media on Reagan's legendary "I 
forgot to duck" remark after being shot in 1981. He report-
edly irked first lady Nancy Reagan with his appearance, 
which often featured shirts that appeared to be too small, 
and Mickey Mouse ties with the knot pulled down, the news-
paper said. Survivors include his wife, Bonnie; a daughter; 
and two grandchildren.

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The Emmy Award-winning director and creator of ABC's hit 
soap "Dark Shadows," Dan Curtis, died in Los Angeles Monday 
at age 78. The cause of death was cancer, Daily Variety 
reported. In addition to the gothic afternoon soap, "Dark 
Shadows," Curtis produced and directed the Emmy-winning TV 
miniseries "War and Remembrance" and the Golden Globe-
winning "The Winds of War." "Dark Shadows" ran for 1,225 
episodes from 1966 to 1971, spawned two feature spinoffs and 
a 1991 TV remake, Variety said. Curtis produced and directed 
several TV movies including "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll 
& Mr. Hyde," "The Night Stalker," "Trilogy of Terror," "The 
Turn of the Screw" and "Dracula." "Bridgeport: When Every 
Day Was the Fourth of July" and "The Long Days of Summer" 
were loosely based on his life, Variety said. His film 
credits include "Burnt Offerings," a 1996 horror film 
starring Karen Black, Oliver Reed and Bette Davis. He is 
survived by two daughters.

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Notable deaths this week in history...

In 1891, Phineas T. Barnum, best remembered for founding the 
first modern three-ring circus, which also would eventually 
became the biggest and most important circus in the world, 
the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, died at age

In 1947, Henry Ford, noted automotive pioneer, the founder 
and unchallenged master of an industrial empire with assets 
of more than a billion dollars, died at the age of 83. 

In 1994, rock musician Kurt Cobain, the singer and guitarist 
for the seminal grunge band Nirvana, was found dead in his 
Seattle home with his arms holding a shotgun that had been 
fired into his head. 

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