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Publication: Dead End
Billy Walker, Ian Copeland

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@@@         DEAD END - Friday, May 26, 2006              @@@
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"Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the 
grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun." Bishop Hall

Welcome to another edition of Dead End.

Let's get right to this issue of Dead End. Have a safe and 
enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

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Grand Ole Opry legend Billy Walker, his wife and two band 
members were killed when their van rolled off a highway just 
south of Montgomery, Ala. In addition to the 77-year-old 
singer of "Charlie's Shoes" and "Cross the Brazos at Waco," 
killed in the Sunday accident were Betty Walker, 61; Charles 
Lilly Jr. 44; and Daniel Patton Sr., 40, the Montgomery 
(Ala.) Advertiser reported Monday. The Walkers and Lilly 
lived in Hendersonville, Tenn., while Patton was from 
Hermitage, Tenn. Walker's grandson, Joshua Brooks, 21, of 
Hendersonville, Tenn., was hospitalized in critical 
condition. The group was returning to Nashville from a 
performance in Foley, Ala., when the accident occurred.
Walker, who shared the stage with Elvis Presley, joined the 
Grand Ole Opry in 1960. Early on, he was known as the 
"Traveling Texan, the Masked Singer of Country Songs."

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Rock promoter Ian Copeland, considered the father of new 
wave music, has died in Los Angeles at age 57. The brother 
of the Police drummer Stewart Copeland and IRS record label 
founder Miles Copeland died Tuesday of melanoma, The Los 
Angeles Times reported. Among the many bands Copeland is 
credited with helping rise to fame were R.E.M., the Bangles, 
the Go-Gos, Squeeze, Nine Inch Nails, the B-52's, the 
Ramones, the Cure, the Smiths, the Dead Kennedys and the 
Police. In the early 1970s, while working as a booking 
agent in London, he "discovered" the Average White Band, 
which went on to score a string of international hits such 
as "Pick up the Pieces." Moving across the pond, he worked
at the Paragon Agency, scheduling tours for the Charlie 
Daniels Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers Band. 
After Paragon closed, he started Frontier Booking 
International, or FBI, and funneled acts such as R.E.M., 
the Go-Gos and the Bangles to IRS records. In addition to 
his brothers, Copeland is survived by two daughters, his 
mother and a sister.


World-renowned black dancer, choreographer, activist and 
Kennedy Center honoree Katherine Dunham has died at her New 
York apartment at age 96. The cause of her Sunday night 
death was not revealed. She won the University of Chicago's 
prestigious Julius Rosenwald Foundation travel fellowship 
while majoring in social anthropology in 1935. Upon 
graduation, she became dance director of Chicago's Federal 
Theatre Project, where she developed the exotic style that 
brought her world fame. She began the Dunham Dance Company 
and during a cross-country tour, sued hotels in Cincinnati 
and Chicago for racial discrimination. She began the 
Katherine Dunham School of Arts and Research in New York in 
1945 and later moved to Haiti, where she set up a medical 
clinic and was honored for her service there. She happened 
upon East St. Louis while helping with a student production 
of "Faust" at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, 
in 1964. Moved by the city's impoverished state, she 
proposed what would become the Katherine Dunham Dynamic 
Museum and Katherine Dunham Centers for Arts and Humanities.


Freddie Garrity, the lead singer of 1960s pop band Freddie 
and the Dreamers, died in a hospital in North Wales Saturday, 
the London Independent said. He was 65. Garrity gained 
international prominence as part of the "British Invasion" 
of the early 1960s. His light-hearted attitude and his 
friendly stage persona contributed to the success of his 
band. The band reached number one on the U.S. charts in 
1965 with their hit "I'm Telling You Now" after several 
hits in the United Kingdom. Freddie and the Dreamers were 
also popular for creating an international dance craze with 
their hit "Do The Freddie." Garrity was on vacation when he 
was admitted to the hospital, the newspaper said. He had 
been diagnosed with emphysema several years ago.

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The Florida artist who drew the iconic Coppertone girl 
losing her swimsuit to a feisty cocker spaniel has died at 
the age of 88. Joyce Ballantyne Brand, who died Monday at 
her Ocala, Fla., home, had recently suffered a heart attack, 
said her daughter Cheri Brand Irwin. It was daughter Cheri, 
3 years old in 1959, whom Brand drew as the pig-tailed 
Coppertone girl. Brand used a Bronxville, N.Y., neighbor's 
cocker spaniel as the model of the dog tugging on the 
bottom half of the little girl's swimsuit, The Los Angeles 
Times said Friday. During World War II, she drew for a pin-
up studio. Brand said she was paid $2,500 for the Coppertone 
girl and dog, equivalent to about $17,000 today -- and 
$2,000 more when she had to re-create them after the 
originals were destroyed in a fire. In the mid-1970s, Brand 
moved to Ocala with her second husband, Jack Brand, a TV 
executive who died in the 1980s. Her first marriage ended 
in divorce.

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Notable deaths this week in history...

In 1935, the founder and director of Chicago's Hull House, 
Jane Addams, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for her 
life-long devotion, died at age 74.

In 1967, Langston Hughes, the noted writer of novels, 
stories, poems and plays about Negro life, died at the age 
of 65. 

In 1974, Duke Ellington, jazz composer, bandleader and 
pianist, often considered America's most prolific composer, 
died at the age of 75.

          GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Should the Mexican government pay healthcare costs for the 
11 million illegal immigrants from Mexico?

Question of the Week
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