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Publication: NBC Soaps
Tabitha Sees Kay

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                   Wednesday, February 1, 2006

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Patrick tells Hope he thinks he can prove Billie's innocence. 
Lois insists Kate is still in love with John. 


Roman tells Billie that he knows the truth about Zack's 
accident. Billie doesn't care; he must keep quiet, just 
like Bo has promised to do. Patrick, however, realizes 
Billie's story doesn't add up and starts an investigation 
of his own. His first interrogation? A VERY nervous Chel-
sea. Will she admit the truth? 

Bo tries his best to comfort a grief-stricken Hope. Carrie 
is devastated to learn that it was Austin who took over 
and destroyed her company. He tries to defend himself, but 
she isn't having any of it. He tries to reverse the take-
over, but it's too late. Will Carrie ever be able to for-
give him? 

Jennifer admits her own feelings to Frankie and asks him 
to stay in Salem. Patrick decides to do some investigating 
on his own. Hope has a breakdown. Carrie blames Austin for 
the destruction of her company. Kate doesn't buy Billie's 
story. Bo pleads with Billie to come clean. Hope is surr-
ounded by her family. Austin tries to reverse his takeover. 
Carrie goes to see Austin. Bo refuses to keep lying to Hope. 
Hope encourages Jennifer to lean on Frankie. 

Marlena wants to renew her wedding vows. Chelsea expresses 
her condolences to Hope. Patrick thinks he will be able to 
clear Billie. Lucas, Sami, Carrie and Austin learn of Zack's 


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Tabitha sees Kay wearing the engagement ring. Sheridan and 
Chris make plans to head to Hawaii to find Marty. 


Fancy goes to the hospital to visit unconscious Alistair. 
Noah is astonished to see his ex-girlfriend, Maya. When he 
recovers his shock, he wonders what she is doing in Harmony. 
The two take a stroll down memory lane. Theresa is appalled 
when Gwen triumphantly announces she is leaving Harmony 
with Ethan and Jane. 

Getting more and more desperate, Kay tries to avoid Fox's 
proposal. Noah realizes that Maya has been the one spying 
on him and Fancy. Fancy worries when she is unable to locate 

Eve, Julian, and Sheridan fail in their attempts to bring 
Theresa back to reality. After declaring that she will stop 
Ethan from leaving Harmony, Theresa catches a glimpse of 
Ethan and Gwen locked in a naked embrace. 

Perhaps actions DO speak louder than words... Fancy over-
hears Noah talking to someone in the alley, but Maya runs 
away before Fancy can see her. 

Simone visits Paloma at the Book Café, filling her friend 
in about the recent events at the Crane Mansion. Sam ar-
rives, looking for Jessica. Katherine tells Sheridan she 
wants to reunite with Martin. 

Meanwhile, Pilar excitedly plans her vow renewal ceremony 
with Martin. She voices concern that something could come 
between them before the big day, but Martin promises she 
has nothing to worry about. 

At the hospital, Chris contemplates killing Alistair. 
Rachel arrives and convinces him not to throw his future 
with Sheridan away by killing the old goat. 


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