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Publication: Celebrity Nooz
Hasselhoff's surgery, Mariah & Nick, Nax to sue Miami & more...

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CELEBRITY NOOZ                                April 23, 2008

Here's the Scoop....

It's that time again... time to go to the site and vote for
which celebrity you want to see featured in our Where Are They
Now issues. Here is the list to vote on:

- Sybil Danning - Chained Heat 
- Richard Karn - Home Improvement 
- Ertha Kitt - Singer-Actress - Cat Woman 
- Gregory Sierra - Barney Miller 
- Sinbad - Comic-Actor 
- Heather Thomas - The Fall Guy 

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Hasselhoff Has Surgery...
Former 'Baywatch' actor David Hasselhoff is doing well after 
having "something removed" above his eye on Saturday, his 
publicist has confirmed. 

"He's fine, he's coming out tonight," Judy Katz said on Monday. 
The star was treated at Los Angeles Medical Center. 

She did not say what was removed but denied rumors Hasselhoff 
was in rehab. Last week, the actor agreed to pay his ex-wife a 
$25,000 monthly divorce settlement. In October, he was treated 
for a relapse into alcoholism. 


Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Romance?...

Mariah Carey's secret romance with actor Nick Cannon has been 
blown open by British socialite Lady Victoria Hervey.

Rumors have been ripe that Mariah and Nick have been dating after 
the pair was spotted partying together in Las Vegas last week,
but neither stars are confirming they're an item.

However, Lady Victoria has revealed the couple are inseparable 
after she invited Carey to perform at an upcoming Cannes Film 
Festival party she's throwing in France next month.

At a Hollywood party last week, the socialite was overheard 
boasting that Carey told her she'd only make the trip to Cannes 
if Cannon was by her side.

Cannon's romantic life hit the headlines late last year when he 
called off his brief engagement to Victoria's Secret lingerie 
model Selita Ebanks. 

               ? ? ? ? GUESS WHO ? ? ? ? 

This actor was inspired to have his ear pierced after a drinking 
session with earring-wearing pals Ed Bradley (60 Minutes) and 
Jimmy Buffett...............Guess Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

                     Answer Below 


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Nas & Kelis To Sue Miami?...

Rapper Nas and his R&B singer wife Kelis are reportedly 
threatening to launch a $100 million lawsuit against the city 
of Miami, Florida accusing officials of racial profiling.

Kelis was arrested in the city in March last year for 
allegedly screaming racial obscenities at two undercover 
police officers.

She was charged with two misdemeanor counts of disorderly 
conduct and resisting arrest, and was later released on a 
$1,000 bail bond.

Kelis' husband Nas was reportedly talking to the undercover 
cops at the time of his wife's arrest. And now the couple are 
said to be planning to sue city officials over claims they 
were unfairly targeted by police.

A source said, "Kelis has been silent about everything thus 
far. She's waiting for the right time and then she'll explain 
exactly what happened." 


Ewan McGregor Speaks Out About Cancer Scare...

'Star Wars' actor Ewan McGregor has spoken out for the first 
time about his battle with skin cancer - insisting he has now 
been given the all-clear following the shock diagnosis.

Ewan was diagnosed with the deadly disease following a regular 
check-up and subsequently underwent surgery to remove a number 
of malignant moles from his face.

The 37-year-old has not disclosed when he suffered the disease, 
but internet bloggers claim he had the surgery in February 2007.

But McGregor has now recovered fully from the illness and is 
convinced it was "not that big of a deal".

He says, "I just went to have them checked, you have to be careful 
if you're pale skinned and you spend time in the sun, with moles.

"So I went to see a specialist who thought they were better to 
be removed, and indeed, he was correct." 


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LOOSE LIPS: "She actually is a good actress... She needs to 
go and do some movies... I didn't follow the whole relapse 
and this and that." - Pete Wentz offers advice to Lindsay Lohan. 

        Celebrities of Yesterday & Today at evtv1.com 

                  *-*-* GUESS WHO *-*-*- 

The actor who was inspired to have his ear pierced after a 
drinking session with earring-wearing pals Ed Bradley (60 
Minutes) and Jimmy Buffett?

It's Harrison Ford... Harrison's choice to sport an earring 
at the age of 65 has raised eyebrows, but he insists it was 
a spontaneous decision inspired by alcohol, 10 years ago.

He says. "I was at a semi-drunken lunch with Ed Bradley and 
Jimmy Buffett, who were both wearing earrings.

"I walked down Madison Avenue till I found the first jewelry 
store that pierced ears." 

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END OF Celebrity Nooz 
Copyright 2008      All rights reserved. 

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