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Publication: Trivia Today
Let's dance!

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           TRIVIA TODAY - Wednesday, July 9, 2008 
       "Six Items a Day of Enduring Insignificance" 
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Greetings Infomaniacs,

Now that I have had a few sessions with a personal trainer, 
I must say I am very happy I decided to try it. I feel like 
I get so much more out of my workouts when I have somebody 
to show me exactly how to do each exercise. Plus, having 
her watch over me while I am exercising keeps me from 
getting lazy and not working as hard!

My other recent exercise adventure has been Zumba classes. 
Has anyone ever tried Zumba? It's a fitness program 
inspired by Latin dance and features different routines 
that incorporate Latin music and easy to follow dance 
moves. I like it because it's a lot more fun than most 
workout classes, and it's challenging to learn all these 
different steps. I feel a sense of accomplishment every 
time I master a new move! 

Since we are on the topic of dance, why don't we learn a 
little more about different styles of dancing? 



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                    TODAY'S MYSTERY QUOTE 

QUOTE: “Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the 

HINT: (1894-1991), American dancer, teacher and 
choreographer of modern dance


                        RANDOM TIDBITS 

The now famous tutu was first worn by Italian dancer 
Virginie Zucchi in 1885 at the Imperial Theatre in St. 
Petersburg, Russia. The tutu was actually designed several 
years earlier by French painter Eugene Lami, in the form of 
a mid-calf skirt.


The waltz is named for the German word "waltzen," meaning 
"revolve." This dance consists of rotating, flowing motions 
performed in triple time with smooth and even steps. The 
variations are the rapid Viennese waltz and the slower, 
dipping Boston waltz.


The earliest known dance marathon took place in England in 
1364. These marathons, known as "derbies," reached their 
height in the Depression era of the 1930s, when dancers 
went to great lenghts to compete for monetary prizes. The 
longest recorded marathon lasted 22 weeks, three days.


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The fox-trot, which alternates long and short steps in 
quadruple time, was developed in the US in 1912. It was 
named in New York City in 1914 for music writer Harry Fox 


Break-dancing, usually performed to rap or hip-hop music, 
originated in the south Bronx, New York, in the late 1970s. 
Moves such as head-spinning or moon-walking could be 
performed individually or in competition.


The Samba is Brazil's national dance. The Carnival in Rio 
de Janeiro made Samba famous throughout the world.


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haven't got me. What am I?

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QUOTE: “Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the 

ANSWER: Martha Graham

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