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Publication: EVTV1 Insider
Smash or Trash - Raquel Welch is crazy and animal sports...

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What's Up...   

Today's two video clips make me laugh... but for two very
different reasons.

But I have to say, if you watch just one video on EVTV1, you
MUST check out the wild clip with Raquel Welch. Can you
tell me... what the heck is going on?



Crazy Sci-Fi Dance Routine - Raquel Welch
(Current Rating 4.3  - What will you rate it?) 

This may be one of the most bizarre things I've seen
that was not meant to be bizarre. I just can't help
myself from cracking up when I watch this. In fact
it's playing right now and just the music has me 
snickering. Okay so what is it? It's Raquel Welch in
a dance routine from her TV special she did with Tom
Jones in 1970. Now maybe the year 1970 will explain the
wild stuff going on. I was just a little girl, but I'm
guessing this was written and conceived of after an
acid trip. Make sure you rate it after watching. 

Oh and guys, I'm sure you'll like it because Raquel is
dancing around in her bikini.
WATCH IT NOW AT: Crazy Sci-Fi Dance Routine - Raquel Welch


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... Last Week's Clip Rating Results (out of a possible 5) ...   

Elvis - That's Alright Mama
Elvis - That's Alright Mama

Talking Cats - They Really Talk 
Talking Cats - They Really Talk 


Animals Playing Sports
(Current Rating 3.8  - What will you rate it?) 

I love animals and the Animal Planet channel, but find
there's just no time to watch it. So I was glad to see 
this clip show up on our site. See some amazing animals 
and I do mean amazing. Have you ever seen a dog play 
basketball, soccer or jump rope, or a bird play golf? 
Watch this clip to check out those and other great 
animal feats. It will bring a smile to your face.
WATCH IT NOW AT: Animals Playing Sports


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For over 150 years people across the globe have been dancing
the sensuous and exciting dance known as the Tango. In this
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Tango on DVD

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