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Publication: Classic Bizarre
East Coast Sniper

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CLASSIC BIZARRE NEWS - Tuesday, March 27, 2007
"A wild journey into the history of the most
bizarre stories EVER."

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

As the majority of America is aware, authorities have yet to
track down the sniper loose on the east coast. Having a family
of my own, I truly feel for those who have lost a loved one
during the rampage of this maniac.

But it's a natural instinct for regular people like me to feel
sympathy for those who have suffered in this ordeal. What
strikes me as bizarre, and I'm sure it has others who have
heard this story, is the sympathy being extended from serial
killer David Berkowitz, also knows as the 'Son of Sam'. The
convicted murderer of six has written a letter addressed to
the sniper asking him to "stop hurting innocent people." This
sounds like Ron Jeremy campaigning to promote abstinence.

Still, I have to applaud Berkowitz's efforts to end the sniper's
spree. Perhaps some resolution can be found when one psychotic
killer connects with another.



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+--------------------- Bizarre Consumer -------------------+

The scent of Crayola crayons is among the twenty most recog-
nizable to American adults.

In the United States, more Frisbee discs are sold each year
than baseballs, basketballs, and footballs combined.

The universally popular Hershey bar was used overseas during
World War II as currency.

Ivory Soap is the best-selling soap in America because the
air-laden bars dissolve twice as fast as other brands, com-
pelling consumers to buy twice as much.

Surgeons treat an arterial venous fistulas, or entangled
cluster of arteries, by injecting liquid acrylic agents into
the abnormal blood vessels to seal off the excessive flow of
blood. The material used, N-Butyl Cyanoacrylate, is similar
to the ingredients in Krazy Glue.

At the turn of the century, unscrupulous spice dealers would
cut shipments of peppercorns with mouse droppings.

Q-TIPS Cotton Swabs were originally called "Baby Gays."

During World War II, 3M stopped selling Scotch tape to civil-
ians because the military wanted it all. At least one American
munitions factory used transparent tape as a conveyor belt to
move bullets.


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------------ Employee To Fault For Man In Vault ------------

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - One man's trip to the bank turned
into a very long weekend. Roberto Lifsitz spent 66 hours in
a bank vault after staff forgot about him while he attempted
to retrieve money from his safety deposit box. He was trapped
from 4 pm on Friday until 10 am on Monday, when he was found
by a security guard. With only a pack of biscuits to tide him
over, Lifsitz was forced to urinate in plastic bags in case
extreme thirst overcame him. "Luckily it didn't," he added.
Although the bank's employees are to blame for his horrifying
ordeal, Lifsitz will not be suing the bank. Perhaps it might
be a good idea for Roberto to look into getting an ATM card.

------------ Fire-Starting Feline Saves The Day ------------

BERLIN, Germany - In the northwest town of Luedenhausen,
a family pet managed to endanger its family and save their
lives all in one night. A black-and-white cat named Mimi was
playing in the family kitchen when it accidentally switched
on an electric oven, igniting a stack of papers. Fortunately,
the clever feline was able to awaken the family by meowing
loudly and pushing heavy objects on the floor. A police spo-
kesman quoted, "Mimi saved the family. There would have been
a major fire had she not raised the alarm." Had it never been
for Mimi... nothing would have happened.

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-------------------- Will Work For Perm --------------------

GRONINGEN, Netherlands - An overabundance of clients is put-
ting a beauty salon in jeopardy. The Dutch salon for homeless
people and tramps is facing closure, as it struggles to find
enough companies to donate the necessary products it needs.
The lack of shampoos, hair creams and other beauty supplies
may put the place under. One spokesperson added, "We espe-
cially need razor blades, clippers and socks. Especially
socks because we need them for tramps to wear after having
a foot care session." With at least five clients each day,
the salon needs help. Not having a home is one thing, but
not being able to get a pedicure is just downright inhumane.

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