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Publication: Bits & Bytes
Preschool Education, Resumes, and More

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Bits & Bytes                                    June 1, 2006  


This weekend it is time to open the pool. It has been 
unusually warm in Chicago for spring and I have been ready 
to go swimming a few times already! Knowing our luck though, 
we will get the pool all prepared and then it will cool 


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         The Garden Creations Weather Forecaster
      Measures Wind, Rain and Temperature all in One

Standing at 5 feet tall the Garden Creations Weather Station 
keeps track of temperature, precipitation, wind speed and
wind direction. The large 15" thermometer, with Fahrenheit 
and Celsius scales can be read from across the yard. The 
attached rain gauge measures precipitation, while the weather 
vane and wind spinner on top measure relative wind speed and 
direction. Now just $12.99 when you visit:
Weather Forecaster


          :::::  This Week's Computer Tip  :::::   

David writes: I need your help please. Awhile ago you gave 
us a tip on how to change my mouse setting so it would open 
things with only 1 click. It's driving me crazy!! Can you 
tell me how to reverse it?

* First, open Folder Options in Control Panel. Do this by 
clicking Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Appear-
ance and Themes, and then Folder Options.
* On the General tab, under Click items as follows, click 
the double click option. 

Disclaimer: Advice presented as informational and is true to 
the best of my knowledge.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   
         Download The Gopher for Free... VISIT:   

Download the Gopher Desktop
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                      $19.95 + s&d  
               Normal Retail price $149.99

Any preschooler or kindergartener will have fun while learn-
ing with this great education bundle. This set includes Big 
Thinkers Kindergarten, Blue's Clues, Little Bear Rainy Day 
Activities, Reader Rabbit Kindergarten, Reader Rabbit 
Preschool, and Reader Rabbit Toddler. Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP



          GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Do you think Condi Rice should run for President in 2008?

Question of the Week

                   RESUMES THAT WORK
                 F-R-E-E (Pay only s&d)   
               Normal Retail price $29.99

In this competitive job market, make sure your resume rises 
to the top of the pile. Get step-by-step advice on how to 
make your resume stand out from the crowd. Learn to highlight 
your strengths as you select from proven graphic styles that 
can help you land a new career.



   Add Charm to your Home with the Solar Turtle Light
      Charges During the Day and Lights up At Dusk

This adorable turtle has an intricately designed shell that 
lights up at night using sensors and an internal solar re-
chargeable battery. This is the perfect accent to any garden, 
patio or front walkway. SAVE when you buy 2 or more....Buy 1 
for $19.99 or buy 2 or more for $14.99 each! To order Visit:
Solar Turtle Light


                    COOK'N DIABETIC
                 F-R-E-E (Pay only s&d)   
               Normal Retail price $24.99

I have a good friend who is diabetic and sometimes he finds 
himself limited as to what he can eat. I told him about this 
CDRom that offers six cookbooks on one CD and over 1,000 
recipes from the American Diabetes Association. Just because 
he's diabetic doesn't mean there aren't plenty of dishes he 
can't enjoy! This software features everything you need to 
prepare healthy, balanced meals for people with special 
dietary needs. Windows 95/98/ME/XP



Surfs Up... Here's a Fun Site To Check Out:

This one is geared for children, but is cool for people of   
all ages. Meet Me at Midnight is an interactive online   
adventure that takes place in an animated version of the   
Smithsonian American Art Museum.   


Check out more CDRom Software that you can get for just s&h of   
$5.99 for your FIRST ONE, each additional CDRom is just $2.99   
s&h. Check out all that is available by visiting:   
More CDRoms Available   

Archive link:
Bits & Bytes Archives

YOU BE THE CRITIC... Have you used any of today's or previous   
software selections? If so, drop me a line about them... I may   
just publish your review... Just email me at:   
Email your review   

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