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Publication: Bits & Bytes
Curious George, Cooking, and More

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Bits & Bytes                                  April 27, 2006  

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Car racing season is starting at many racetracks this 
weekend. My brother-in-law races every year, so we usually 
try to make it out once in awhile to watch him race. If the 
weather is nice this Saturday, we plan on going to see his 
first race and cheer him on. It's always a lot of fun to 
watch the races, and barbecue in the pits afterwards. Enjoy 
today's issue and have a great weekend!


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          :::::  This Week's Computer Tip  :::::   

Here are a few tips to get you started using Microsoft 

First, open FrontPage and go to the File menu. Click on New, 
Page or Web.

In the new task pane to the far right, under New from 
Template, click Web Site Templates.

Click on Personal Web and then in the Specify the location 
of the new Web box, type a path on your hard drive.

The path should be typed in the following format: 
C:My WebsPersonal Web site. Click OK. Now, from the Page 
view, make sure the Folder List is showing and click on 

Next, look for the index.htm file and double click it.

The page that comes up is your very own home page. You're 
all done with the beginnings of creating a Web site!

Disclaimer: Advice presented as informational and is true to 
the best of my knowledge.

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analysis that lets you keep track of fat, calories, sodium, 
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monkey. Only in my version, my cousin Jen played the monkey 
and so we called her "Curious Jen." Hey, I never said we 
were too creative. Now Curious George embarks on a new 
adventure as a cub reporter for the local town newspaper. 
This interactive CDRom helps children building their read-
ing, vocabulary, phonics, writing, proofreading, editing, 
and spelling skills. The fun activities will keep children 
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motion video to fully explain words to the child. Windows 



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