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Publication: Biography
John Lennon

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           Biography - Thursday, September 7, 2006 
       "Real stories and fascinating details behind the 
         most intriguing people who have ever lived." 

Greetings Biography Buff, 

There's a new film coming out that gives insight into John 
Lennon's perceived threat to the U.S. government and offers
a new look at his career. Yoko Ono had a hand in creating 
the movie, "The U.S. vs. John Lennon," which highlights 
Lennon's transformation from pop music idol to political 

The film shows Lennon's rebellious tendencies came at a 
price. He was placed under surveillance by federal agents. 
Some 20 years after the rock star/activist's death, the 
government released his FBI file which was nearly 300 pages 

One document was a report that Lennon planned to take part 
in a protest at the 1972 Republican National Convention. 
After he read the report, Sen. Strom Thurmond of South 
Carolina suggested to President Nixon's attorney general 
that Lennon's visa be terminated, ABC said.

Lennon was notified that his visa had been terminated 
because of an old drug arrest in England and he was given 30 
days to leave the United States. But Ono and Lennon did not 
leave and a legal battle followed. In 1976, after the end of 
the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal, Lennon won.

"The U.S. vs. John Lennon" will be released later this month.

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--WHO AM I? 

--1. I was born on November 25, 1971 in Los Angeles, 

--2. I made my acting debut when I was only three months old.

--3. My breakthrough role was on Fox's popular sitcom 
     Married...With Children.

--4. In 1998, I returned to TV to star in the sitcom Jesse.

--5. I received strong reviews for my role in The Sweetest 
     Thing in 2002.

Who am I? (Answer at the bottom)



   See if you know if the following authors have had a 
   visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

--1. Alex Haley

--2. Judith Krantz

--3. Robert Ludlum

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****Some famous people born during this week in history: 

-- Beyonce Knowles - September 4, 1981
Singer, actress. Knowles began singing with the original 
members of Destiny's Child -- LaToya Luckett, Kelly Rowland 
and LaTavia Roberson -- as a pre-teen. They officially
became Destiny's Child in 1995 and released their first 
album in 1997. Their second effort, The Writing's on the 
Wall, generated three top-ten hits on the Billboard R&B 
singles chart. In 2001, still calling themselves Destiny's 
Child, the group released their third album, Survivor. In 
2004, after launching a successful solo career, Knowles won
five Grammy Awards, tying a record for most wins by a female 
artist. She has also acted in MTV's Hip Hopera: Carmen in 
2001 and co-starred as Foxxy Cleopatra in Mike Myers' James 
Bond parody Goldmember in 2002. 

-- Freddie Mercury - September 5, 1946
Died November 24, 1991
British pop star. His family moved to England in 1959, where 
he studied design and began singing with small groups. He 
formed the heavy metal group Queen in 1971, and this quickly 
became known for its combination of flamboyant musical 
technique and visual impact, seen to best effect in the 
promotional video released for the six-minute hit Bohemian 
Rhapsody in 1975. The group remained popular for two decades, 
and were seen in some notable performances, such as the 1985 
Live Aid concert. A day before his death, he made a public 
announcement that he had AIDS. When Bohemian Rhapsody was 
re-released as a tribute to him, it again reached the number 
1 spot in the British charts.

-- Otis Redding - September 9, 1941
Died December 10, 1967
Soul singer. As a high-school student in Macon, GA, he was 
so impressed by the success of the local luminary, Little 
Richard, that he decided to become a full-time performer. 
His early work, including Shout Bamalama, was heavily 
influenced by Richard's frantic style. An appearance at the 
Monterey pop festival in 1967 secured his popularity, but 
he died in a plane crash in December of that year. The 
posthumously released ballad Dock of the Bay became his 
first Number 1 US hit early in 1968. Several of his songs, 
including I've Been Loving You Too Long, Try a Little 
Tenderness, and Mr Pitiful , are now regarded as classics 
of their style. 

****Some famous people who have died during this week 
    in history: 

-- Mother Teresa - September 5, 1997
August 26, 1910
Mother Teresa won the 1979 Nobel Prize in Peace. At 18, she 
left home to join the Sisters of Loretto, a community of 
Irish nuns with a mission in Calcutta. After training in 
Dublin and Darjeeling, India, she took her vows as a nun 
taking the name Teresa after Saint Teresa de Jesus in 1928 
and was assigned to a Calcutta convent. During a train ride 
in 1946, as she looked out over the poverty in Calcutta, 
India, Mother Teresa vowed to serve the poorest of poor. 
She founded the Missionaries of Charity. At the time of her
death the order was operating 517 schools, clinics and 
hospices in more than 100 countries with over 4,000 nuns. 
It is the only Catholic order that is growing.

-- Keith Moon - September 7, 1978
Born August 23, 1946
Legendary Rock Musician, he played the drums for the rock 
band, The Who. Moon fell in love with playing the drums and 
joined a group called The Beachcombers. The Beachcombers had 
only one album, Mad Goose, and about the time the album came 
out, Moon heard that the group The Who were looking for a 
drummer, and he applied for the position. After a quick 
audition, he was hired, and his unique drum style provided 
The Who with what was missing in their music to make them 
successful. When Pete Townshend started to smash his guitar 
on stage at the end of the concert, Keith decided to join in 
and smash his drums, thus establishing a trademark for the
band. In the next several years, The Who became very 
successful, but Keith became increasingly dependent on 
alcohol and drugs to combat the stress caused by the band's 

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          GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Do you believe that dissenting on issues like the war in 
Iraq indicates fascism and appeasement?

Question of the Week


--Answer to "WHO AM I?" 
Christina Applegate. The actress made her acting debut at 
three months old in her mother's arms on Days of our Lives. 
She received her breakthrough role as teen airhead Kelly 
Bundy on Fox's popular sitcom Married...With Children. After 
11 seasons, the show called it quits in 1997. Applegate went 
on to star in the action-comedy The Big Hit, and played the
fiancee of a Mob scion in the Mafia parody, Mafia! She 
returned to TV in 1998 to star as a single mom in the sitcom 
Jesse. Applegate received strong reviews as Cameron Diaz's 
levelheaded best friend in 2002's The Sweetest Thing, and 
appeared with Gwyneth Paltrow in the comedy A View From the 
Top. She recently starred alongside Will Ferrell in Anchor-


--Answers to "DEAD OR ALIVE:" 

--1. Alex Haley - DEAD - 08/11/1921 - 02/10/1992 
     Cause of Death: Heart attack

--2. Judith Krantz - ALIVE - 01/09/1928   Age 78

--3. Robert Ludlum - DEAD - 05/25/1927 - 03/12/2001 
     Cause of Death: Heart attack

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