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Publication: Biography
Jerry Lee Lewis

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            Biography - Thursday, September 28, 2006 
       "Real stories and fascinating details behind the 
         most intriguing people who have ever lived." 

Greetings Biography Buff,

This week musician Jerry Lee Lewis celebrates his birthday. 
To learn a little bit more about this rock and roll pioneer, 
check out this clip:
Jerry Lee Lewis - Sinner & Saint of Rock n Roll

Jerry Lee Lewis

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--4. In 1999, I appeared in Sophia Coppola's The Virgin 

--5. Other films include Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, and 
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Who am I? (Answer at the bottom)



   See if you know if the following Musicians have had a 
   visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

--1. Frankie Valli

--2. Count Basie

--3. Maurice Gibb

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****Some famous people born during this week in history: 

-- Michael Douglas - September 25, 1944
Actor, producer, director. Douglas gained notice as an actor 
when he starred with Karl Malden in the 1970s television 
series The Streets of San Francisco. He landed his first 
leading role in 1984's Romancing the Stone. In 1987, he 
starred in the dark thriller Fatal Attraction, and costarred 
in Oliver Stone's Wall Street. In 1992 he continued 
exploring his dark side by costarring with Sharon Stone in 
the thriller Basic Instinct. His production company, 
Stonebridge Entertainment, has produced such hits as 
Flatliners and Radio Flyer. He signed a development deal at 
Paramount in 1994, which included The Ghost and the Darkness, 
The Game and A Perfect Murder. Douglas earned critical 
acclaim for his starring role as a rumpled novelist and 
English professor in Wonder Boys. 

-- Mira Sorvino - September 28, 1967
Actress. Sorvino first stepped into the spotlight in 1992 in 
the syndicated teen serial Swans Crossing. In 1994, she made 
her Hollywood debut as Rob Morrow's intellectual wife in 
Quiz Show. Her breakthrough role was Linda, the bleached 
blonde prostitute in Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite. She 
received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her 
performance. Sorvino has appeared in a number of diverse 
projects, including HBO's Norma Jean and Marilyn, Mimic, The 
Replacement Killers, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion,
and Summer of Sam. In early 2001, she starred as Daisy 
Buchanan in A&E's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic, 
The Great Gatsby.

-- Jerry Lee Lewis - September 29, 1935
Musician. A singer and pianist, he emerged in 1956 as one of 
the most fervent and blues-flavored of the rock 'n' roll 
originators. His first recordings for Sun, Whole Lotta 
Shakin' Goin' On and Great Balls of Fire, caused a sensation 
and became classics of rock. In 1958 he starred in the film 
High School Confidential but later that year, when he married 
his 14 year-old cousin, Myra, he was effectively boycotted 
by television and radio. Personal controversy and drug 
addiction continually dogged his career. He made a successful 
switch to a career in country music in the 1960s and 1970s, 
but remained widely celebrated for his contributions to rock. 
In 1986 he became an inaugural member of the Rock 'N' Roll 
Hall of Fame. 

****Some famous people who have died during this week 
    in history: 

-- Clara Bow - September 27, 1965
Born July 29, 1905
Actress. Known as the It Girl, she is considered America's 
first Sex Symbol. She often played a young, frisky, openly 
sensual, rebellious girl in many of her movies, yet this 
role probably defined the attitude of society at that time, 
and it made her a star. She was the definitive Flapper of 
the 1920s. Probably one of the more overworked and under-
paid actresses in the industry, she made 58 films between 
1922 and 1933. Unlike many Hollywood stars, she did not 
flaunt her wealth, but lived on par with the middle class, 
living in a small 7 room house in Beverly Hills. Her sexual 
liaisons and extremely public private life were legendary, 
and in 1928 she had a torrid affair with director Victor 
Fleming that made headlines continuously. 

-- James Dean - September 30, 1955
Born February 8, 1931
Actor. He famously died in an automobile accident at the age 
of 24. He debuted in the theater and signed a Hollywood 
contract after a promising performance in a theatrical 
adaptation of "The Immoralist" in New York in 1954. Through 
his films, James Dean came to personify nonconformism and 
the confusion and restlessness of youth. His status as a 
cult hero in American popular culture long outlasted his 
meteoric Hollywood career. His only three films were "East 
of Eden" (1955), "Rebel Without a Cause" (1955), and "Giant" 

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Question of the Week


--Answer to "WHO AM I?" 

Josh Hartnett. Hartnett's first passion was football, but a 
knee injury sidelined his career. After his aunt encouraged 
him to take up acting, Hartnett headed to Los Angeles after 
graduating from high school. He landed his first job on the 
television series Cracker in 1997. This exposure led to his 
first feature role, that of Jamie Lee Curtis' son in the 
popular horror film Halloween H20. Soon after, he appeared 
in the blood-and-guts thriller The Faculty. 

He attracted critical notice for his portrayal of a sexually 
precocious 1970s seducer in Sophia Coppola's The Virgin 
Suicides. He was also noticed by director Michael Bay, who 
cast Hartnett in his $135 million WWII epic Pearl Harbor. 
Hartnett has also starred in the military drama Black Hawn 
Down, the comedy 40 Days and 40 Nights, and, most recently, 
The Black Dahlia.


--Answers to "DEAD OR ALIVE:" 

--1. Frankie Valli - ALIVE - 05/03/1934  Age 72

--2. Count Basie - DEAD - 08/21/1904 - 04/26/1984 
     Cause of Death: Cancer

--3. Maurice Gibb - DEAD - 12/22/1949 - 01/12/2003 
     Cause of Death: Congenital bowel condition

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Jerry Lee Lewis - Rebel From Youth

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