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Publication: Biography
Dustin Hoffman honored

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            Biography - Thursday, August 24, 2006 
       "Real stories and fascinating details behind the 
         most intriguing people who have ever lived." 

Greetings Biography Buff, 

The Chicago International Film Festival is honoring actor 
Dustin Hoffman with a career achievement award at this 
year's event in October. Hoffman is expected to attend the 
Oct. 5 Chicago Theatre's opening night screening of 
"Fiction," the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.

The Marc Forster film is about a novelist played by Emma 
Thompson, whose main character, played by Will Ferrell, 
takes on a life of his own. Hoffman plays a literature 
professor who aids the fictional character's quest for 

"I'm really proud of it," Hoffman said, adding that he has 
"only said that about three times during my career." The 
42nd Chicago International film festival is running Oct. 5-
19 and showcasing more than 100 features from more than 30 

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****Some famous people born during this week in history: 

-- Robert Plant - August 20, 1948
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to form the New Yardbirds. With the addition of bassist/
keyboardist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham, Led 
Zepplin was born. The group sold tens of millions of albums 
worldwide before breaking up in 1980. Two years later, Plant 
launched his solo career with Pictures at Eleven and teamed 
with Page in 1984 for The Honeydrippers, Vol. 1. He helped 
with Page's solo debut in 1988's Outrider, and released Now 
& Zen in response to fans' requests for Led Zeppelin 
material. Poor sales kept Plant away from the recording 
studio until late 2001, when he produced Dreamland. In 2003, 
he released Sixty Six to Timbuktu, which exclusively 
featured works from Plant, including Tall Cool One and 
Upside Down.

-- Shelley Long - August 23, 1949
Actress. Long dropped out of Northwestern University after 
two years to pursue an acting career. She joined the 
prestigious Second City comedy troupe and hosted a local 
news magazine called Sorting It Out. After a handful of 
film and TV appearances, including 1981's spoof Caveman, 
MASH and Night Shift, Long landed the role of Diane Chambers 
on the hit sitcom Cheers in 1982. She won an Emmy that year 
and Golden Globes in 1982 and 1984 for her performance as 
the pretentious, uptight waitress. But behind the scenes, 
Long's reportedly overbearing personality wore on the rest 
of the ensemble cast, and she left the series in 1987. Her 
career since Cheers has included a stint as Carol Brady in 
1995's The Brady Bunch: The Movie, a role she reprised for 
1996's A Very Brady Sequel.

-- Tim Burton - August 25, 1958
Director, producer, screenwriter. Upon graduation from the 
California Institute of Arts, Burton began work at Walt 
Disney Studios as an apprentice animator. He left Disney 
within a year, and in 1982, he released the award-winning 
short Vincent. His creation of the live-action short 
Frankenweenie caught the attention of Paul Reubens, who 
commissioned Burton to direct the comedy Pee-wee's Big 
Adventure. This led to other opportunities, including the 
1988 ghost story Beetlejuice. After forming his own product-
ion company, Burton directed the lavish production Batman, 
which was the first film to sell $100 million in the first 
10 days of release. The following year, Burton helmed the 
bizarre but touching film Edward Scissorhands. Burton has 
also produced the animated musical The Nightmare Before 
Christmas, Ed Wood, the sci-fi spoof Mars Attacks!, Sleepy 
Hollow, Planet of the Apes, and The Corpse Bride. 

****Some famous people who have died during this week 
    in history: 

-- Truman Capote - August 25, 1984
Born September 30, 1924
Author. When he was 17, he ended his formal education and 
began a job with The New Yorker magazine. In 1945, at age 
21, Mademoiselle magazine published his short story, Miriam, 
which won the O. Henry Award for the best first-published 
story in 1946. Flamboyant and outspoken, Capote was openly 
gay at a time when most gay men were silent and unobtrusive. 
After reading about the 1959 Clutter family murders in the 
New York Times, Capote became fascinated with the story and 
traveled to Holcomb, Kansas, to investigate the killings. 
The resulting book, In Cold Blood, instantly became a best 
seller. In his later years, Capote became reclusive, in 
part from rejection from his wealthy, famous, upper crust 
friends who he had managed to alienate over the years, and 
partly due to his alcoholism and drug addiction. He died 
at the age of 59 from an overdose of pills. 

-- Charles Lindbergh - August 26, 1974
Born February 4, 1902
Explorer, Adventurer, Aviator. "The Lone Eagle." The first 
solo aviator to fly non-stop directly from New York to 
Paris. His singular exploit made him a hero in the eyes of 
the world and forever changed aviation. He was awarded the 
Medal of Honor for is exploit. On May 20, 1927, he took off 
in his newly designed airplane, The Spirit of St. Louis, 
from Roosevelt Field in New York City. Just 33 and a half 
hours later, he landed at Le Bourget Field in Paris, France, 
greeted by an estimated 100,000 people. His flight had 
captured the imagination of the world, and his success made 
him an instant hero. The next day, the President of France 
awarded him the Legion of Honor. 

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--Answer to "WHO AM I?" 

Bob Hope. The comedian entertained audiences ever since his 
teen years, when he joined the Fatty Arbuckle review. In 
1933, he was featured on Broadway in Roberta (where he met 
his wife, Dolores Reed), and he made his first film the 
following year. He later acted in a string of films 
including the classic 'Road' films with Bing Crosby and 
Dorothy Lamour, and also hosted The Bob Hope Pepsodent Show 
on radio. He entertained troops overseas in every US war 
since World War II and sponsored the Bob Hope Desert Classic 
golf event for charity. He was also a star a television, the 
jester to presidents, and the author of nine humorous books. 
His 100th birthday in 2003 was marked with various 
celebrations across America.


--Answers to "DEAD OR ALIVE:" 

--1. Phil Gramm - ALIVE - 07/08/1942   Age 64

--2. Nelson Rockefeller - DEAD - 07/08/1908 - 01/26/1979 
     Cause of Death: Heart attack

--3. Ralph Nader - ALIVE - 02/27/1934   Age 72

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