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Publication: Biography
Bacall, White, and More

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            Biography - Thursday, September 14, 2006 
       "Real stories and fascinating details behind the 
         most intriguing people who have ever lived." 

Greetings Biography Buff, 

Thank you for joining me today. It's hard to believe that 
Fall is upon us already. Now that the kids are back at 
school, it seems so quiet in the house, even when they are 
home. They seem to be getting more and more homework every 
year, which keeps them from making too much noise! Hope you 
have a great day and enjoy this issue.

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--WHO AM I? 

--1. I was born on August 18, 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts.

--2. I appeared in several off-off-Broadway productions 
     including Brian Friel's Lovers and John Patrick Shanley's 
     Italian American Reconciliation.

--3. I garnered a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination 
     for my supporting role in Primal Fear.

--4. My emotionally fierce performance in American History X 
     earned me the second Oscar nomination of my career.

--5. In 2001, I costarred alongside heavyhitters Robert De Niro 
     and Marlon Brando in the crime film The Score. 

Who am I? (Answer at the bottom)



Put these US Secretaries of State in order of the year they 
were born:

--1. Madeleine Albright

--2. Cyrus R. Vance

--3. Henry Kissinger

--4. James Baker

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****Some famous people born during this week in history: 

-- Barry White - September 12, 1944
Died July 4, 2003
Singer, songwriter. White immersed himself in music at a 
young age, and made several records during the early '60s 
under his own name (Barry Lee). In 1969, he formed the group 
Love Unlimited, a female vocal trio that featured the talents 
of Diane Taylor, Glodean James (his future wife) and her 
sister Linda. The group's success rejuvenated White's own 
career, receiving acclaim for such songs as I'm Gonna Love 
You Just A Little More Baby and Never, Never Gonna Give Ya 
Up in 1973 and Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe and You're 
The First, The Last, My Everything in 1974. He also founded 
the Love Unlimited Orchestra, a 40-piece ensemble to 
accompany himself and the singing trio, for which he 
conducted, composed and arranged. 

-- Oliver Stone - September 15, 1946
Film director, producer, and screenwriter. He studied at the 
film school of New York University and had written numerous 
unfilmed scripts before he made his directorial debut with 
the Canadian horror film Seizure. He won an Oscar for 
Midnight Express, but subsequent screenplays were for mostly 
forgettable action films. He then wrote and directed two 
highly regarded films, Salvador and Platoon; the latter won 
him Oscars for best director and best picture. He received 
another Oscar for Born On The Fourth Of July. He produced 
and directed a series of commercially successful but often 
edgy films, the most controversial being JFK, his highly
partisan account of the assassination of President Kennedy. 

-- Lauren Bacall - September 16, 1924
Actress. A student at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 
she made her stage debut in 1942. She married her co-star 
Humphrey Bogart in 1945, appearing with him in such thrill-
ers as The Big Sleep and Key Largo. After Bogart's death in 
1957, she turned to the stage, her Broadway successes 
including the musical Applause!, for which she received a 
Tony award. Later films include Murder on the Orient Express, 
The Shootist, Mr North, Appointment with Death, The Mirror 
Has Two Faces, Diamonds, Dogville, and Birth. She was also 
married to the actor Jason Robards Jr. Her autobiography, 
By Myself, was an international best-seller; volume two By 
Myself and Then Some appeared in 2005. 

****Some famous people who have died during this week 
    in history: 

-- John Ritter - September 11, 2003
Born September 17, 1948
Actor. A figure in television and motion pictures, he is 
fondly remembered for his role in the television comedy 
series Three's Company and 8 Simple Rules for Dating my 
Daughter. He received an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for 
his work on Three's Company. During the late 1960s, he 
joined his father while he was entertaining United States 
troops in Germany. His first steady job was playing the 
minister in the television series The Waltons. He also 
appeared in several movies, including Sling Blade, It, Noises 
Off, Tadpole and Bad Santa. He was at the studio working on 
his latest sitcom, 8 Simple Rules... when he took ill, and 
was rushed to the hospital, where he quickly died while in 

-- Grace Patricia Kelly - September 14, 1982
Born November 12, 1929
Actress, Princess of Monaco. With her natural beauty, she 
attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and began a 
modeling career, quickly turning to movies. Her first major 
picture was High Noon with Gary Cooper, which caught 
Hollywood's attention. She played in Dial M for Murder, Rear 
Window, The Country Girl, To Catch a Thief, and The Bridges 
of Toko-ri. At the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, she met 
Prince Rainier, ruler of Monaco, and within a year, they 
were engaged. On April 19, 1956, she married Prince Rainier 
in Monaco in the "Wedding of the Century," allowing MGM 
Studios to film the entire wedding in exchange for ending 
her seven-year movie contract. As Princess of Monaco, she 
remained in the public eye, always showing dignity and 
grace, further warming her with her adopted country and 
with the American public.

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          GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Do you think Osama Bin Laden is dead?

Question of the Week


--Answer to "WHO AM I?" 

Edward Norton. The actor decided to pursue acting as a young 
boy after watching a babysitter perform in If I Were a 
Princess. He acted throughout high school and went to Yale 
to pursue studies in astronomy, history, and Japanese. In 
1994 he decided to devote his energy and intelligence to 

Norton appeared in several off-off-Broadway productions 
including Brian Friel's Lovers and John Patrick Shanley's 
Italian American Reconciliation. In the meantime, producers 
of a Hollywood courtroom thriller were trying to find a 
costar for Richard Gere. 

Norton auditioned for the role, blowing away casting direct-
ors in the screen test with the convincing intensity of his 
performance. Norton was cast, and was later credited for 
rescuing Primal Fear (1996) from the annals of Hollywood 

Norton's supporting turn in Rounders inspired even more 
praise, but it was his emotionally fierce performance as a 
reformed neo-Nazi in American History X that earned him the 
second Oscar nomination of his career. 

In 1999, he teamed up with Brad Pitt as a nameless young man
in David Fincher's Fight Club. He made his producing and 
directing debut in 2000 with Keeping the Faith, a romantic 
comedy featuring Norton, Ben Stiller, and Jenna Elfman. In 
2001, he costarred alongside heavyhitters Robert De Niro 
and Marlon Brando in the crime film The Score. 


--Answers to "BIO QUIZ:" 

--1. Cyrus R. Vance - 03/27/1917

--2. Henry Kissinger - 05/27/1923

--3. James Baker - 04/28/1930

--4. Madeleine Albright - 05/15/1937

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