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Publication: Bass Matters
The Three Cs of Bass Fishing

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><> ><>        BASS MATTERS - May 3, 2006            ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

Power bass fishing is a state of mind. Power bass fishing 
involves three things, boat control, lure selection and 
exploitation of each strike. Keep the boat moving. The goal 
is to cover water until you find active fish on this 
particular day. If a good spot does not produce, go the 
next good spot. Use fast moving lures that let you cover a 
lot of water like crank baits, spinner baits or jerk baits. 
Choose the lure based upon the cover and depth of each spot 

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
email Brock

The Three C's of Bass Fishing
by Bob Popp

I have been fishing for quite some time now and have found 
out that after the physical aspect of the sport is learned 
(casting, flipping and pitching) that bass fishing is 80% 
mental. I often hear fishermen say they did or did not have 
any luck today. Well my definition of luck is: When prepara-
tion meets opportunity. It seems like the harder I work at 
bass fishing the luckier I become. It would be like Michael 
Jordan saying I hope I have good luck tonight. To rule out 
the luck factor I follow what I call the three C's of bass 
fishing, which are:

1. Confidence 2. Concentration 3. Contact.

1. Confidence- Covers a whole range of items. To be a 
successful fisherman you must have confidence in your equip-
ment (Your boat, rod/reel etc.) but most important you must 
have confidence in yourself. Because if you don't have 
confidence in you no one else will either. Along those same 
lines you must have confidence in the bait you are using the 
more confident you are using a particular bait the better 
you are going to fish that bait. If you don't have confidence 
in those three things you may as well go home. 

You may ask "How do I gain confidence?" I can sum that up in 
one word, experience. Go fishing as often as you possibly 
can. Pick 3 or 4 different baits and master them. I suggest 
the following:

1. Topwater 
2. Spinnerbait 
3. Plastic Worm 
4. Jig. 


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You can become very confused when you walk into a sporting 
goods store and see the huge selection of tackle. My advice 
is to keep lure selection as simple as possible. Topwater-
White/Baitfish Color, Spinnerbait-White, White/White/Chart-
reuse, Plastic Worm- Purple/Blue/Black/Green Pumpkin, Jig-
Black/Blue. I hope this puts you on the track to be a more 
confident angler.

2. Concentration- Concentration means no matter what bait 
you are using, under any conditions, you must give 100% 
concentration. Easier said then done. Its real easy to day-
dream when fishing is slow but you have to concentrate on 
what your bait is doing at all times. This is very difficult 
to master. If you are thinking about something else (home, 
work etc) you could miss a bass picking up your bait. You 
have to envision a bass eating your bait on every cast.

3. Contact- Contact goes along with concentration, you must 
maintain contact with your bait at all times. For example: 
If you're fishing a plastic worm with a 1/8 oz. weight and 
you lift up your rod to move the worm and you no longer feel 
the 1/8 oz. weight, SET THE HOOK! This takes complete 
concentration to maintain contact with your bait. A topwater 
bait is the easiest of all to maintain contact with (sight 
and feel contact)

Following the 3 C's of Bass Fishing takes time and effort 
but by practicing these every time you go fishing you will 
find yourself getting better and better.

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        GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Do you support the "immigration protest of May 1st"?

Question of the Week

                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

Joe had a particularly bad fishing tournament. Nothing went 
right, his troll motor hit a stump and bent the shaft. His 
depth finder broke. He had the best fish of his tournament 
career on the line and lost it at the boat when the wake of 
a ski boat pitched him into the lake. Letting loose a 
stream of foul language the like of which has never been 
heard before or since, Joe proceeded to toss his tackle 
into the lake. 

Declaring that he would never fish again, Joe stomped off 
to the marina and proceeded to cut his wrists. At that 
point a fishing buddy happened in and, not noticing Joe's 
desperate condition, off-handedly said "Hey Joe, I need a 
fishing partner for tomorrow morning - how 'bout it?" Joe 
looked up and said "What time?"

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