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Publication: Bass Matters
Spooling Up Your Reel

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><> ><>        BASS MATTERS - August 30, 2006        ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

The best boat docks are old and wooden and have many cross 
braces under water. Check docks that have lights and rod
holders on the rail. These usually have brush piles. Very 
good and silent boat control is needed to get close but not 
spook the fish. 

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
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Spooling Up Your Reels
From Extreme Bass Lures

Fishing with old line is a costly mistake. After use, abuse 
and exposure to the elements, weathered line is weak and 
thereby unreliable. The best, and least expensive, insurance 
against broken lines and lost trophies is learning how to 
change line properly, and doing it frequently.

Baitcasting Reels: Line on baitcasting equipment is loaded 
by winding it to the top of the reel spool. Monofilament 
manufacturers load their spools the same way. To prevent 
line twist when transferring line from the supply spool to 
the reel, take line from the top of the supply spool and 
load it to the top of the reel spool. 

To do this, simply slip a pencil through the center of the 
supply spool and have a friend hold  it. Keep the supply 
spool in a vertical position, aimed at the reel. Keep 
tension on the line as it's reeled on, so the spool is 
filled evenly without loops or loose coils. Simple as that.

Spinning Reels: Spinning reels are a bit tricky to refill 
because they operate on a different principle than baitcast-
ing equipment. Instead of winding line on a revolving spool, 
a person uses a revolving bail which winds line around a 
spinning reel's fixed spool. To avoid line twist, load a 
spinning reel as described. 

Hold the label of the supply spool toward the face of the 
spinning reel spool and take in 15 cranks of line while 
keeping tension on the line. Next, move the reel toward the 
supply spool to see  if the slack line twists. If it does, 
eliminate twisting by reversing the supply spool before 
loading the rest of the reel.


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Spincasting Reels: Spincasting reels are loaded in the same 
manner described for spinning reels, with one difference. 
Stop periodically and remove the reel face to be certain the 
reel isn't over filled. Too much line on a spincasting reel 
will cause it to jam and tangle. 

With all reels, fill the spool about 1/8th inch from the rim. 
Less line will make casting difficult, if not impossible. 
More line will cause the line to backlash or jump off the 
spool in loose coils. Experts say line twist is the most 
frequent complaint anglers have about their line. Actually, 
the twist is a result of some mechanical action that occurs 
after line is take from the supply spool.

A few line twisting factors include: improperly spooling 
line, fishing with lures that spin line on retrieve, or 
retrieving fouled lures. If new line is twisted, you can 
untwist it by dragging it in the water behind a boat. In a 
few minutes the line will return to its original condition.

Today's fishing lines are better than ever, though they 
can't be expected to last indefinitely. Changing it regular-
ly and correctly, and you will spend more time fishing and 
less time making up excuses for the big one that got away. 

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        GopherCentral's Question of the Week
Do you think that having a Survivor show centering around 
ethnic groups is a good idea?

Question of the Week

                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

Two policemen knock on a guys door.
A man answers, "Yes?"
"Good evening Mr. Smith. I'm afraid that we have some 
terrible news, and some great news about your missing 
wife," said one of the cops.

"Whats the bad news?" asked Mr. Smith.
"Scuba divers found your wifes body at the bottom of the 
bay this morning." reply the officers, solemnly.

"This is terrible," sobbed Mr. Smith, "What could possibly 
be the good news?"

"Well," answered one of the cops, "when they pulled her 
up, the divers found 3-30 lb lobsters and a dozen blue 
crabs still hanging on to her body.

"You people are sick," replied Mr. Smith, disgustedly, 
"where is the body? I still need to identify it."

"I'm afraid you can't see the body yet," says the cop, 
"they won't be bringing her back up again 'til later this 

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