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Publication: Bass Matters
Hot Weather Lures

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><> ><>        BASS MATTERS - July 19, 2006          ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

Water clarity plays a major role in choosing lures. When the 
water is clear use a Spinnerbait with willowleaf blades. If 
the water is stained use lipless crankbaits, jigs, or soft 

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Hot Weather Bass Lures
By Extreme Bass Lures

Imagine, it's the height of summer on your favorite bass 
lake, and you and your buddy are discussing strategies for 
the day. Fishing conditions are not favorable: the bass have 
been heavily pressured for months, the pleasure boat traffic 
is beyond belief, and the heat and humidity are forcing many 
anglers off the water well before noon. 

Conventional wisdom states that you should downsize your 
baits, select lures only in natural hues and fish only early 
and late in the day. But even the individuals who are doing 
things "right" aren't catching many bass. If this scenario 
sounds familiar, maybe it's time to break away from the 
norm and try something unusual. Here are five lures that may 
produce big time during the dog days on your favorite body 
of water.

1. RATTLING, DEEP DIVING CRANKBAITS: Large rattling crank-
baits, both in medium and deep running models, have been 
standard artificials for a number of years. These baits 
excel when the water is still cold and stained from winter 
run off and/or seasonal cold fronts. The large profiles of 
these baits and the considerable water displacement that 
these lures create aid bass in tracking them. The rattle 
chambers inside these crankbaits also give fish something 
to home in on. But these lures are also great fish finders 
during warm water period. 

A few things to remember: First, if nearly everyone on the 
lake is using "match the hatch" colors, then give the fish a 
different color to look over. Second, although rattling 
crankbaits are primarily spring lures, they can draw bass 
during summer months. In the deep water environments where 
many, if not most, summer bass dwell, noise making chambers 
can cause a lure to give forth that little extra enticement, 
which will cause largemouths to strike. Some anglers claim 
that the noise is similar to that which a crawfish emits, 
while others maintain that no creature in nature sound like
a rattling crankbait chamber. 

Whichever one is correct, rattles often make a lure more 
effective. Third, cast your crankbait well beyond its target, 
sweep your rod downward to cause the bait to plunge and 
endeavor to make the lure "bite" deep into the bottom. The 
more puffs of sand, silt, and debris that the lure displaces 
and the longer you can make the lure accomplish this, the 
better your chances are that a bass will find the artificial 

2. BIG BLADED SPINNERBAITS: Large spinnerbaits are definite-
ly not lures designed to catch large numbers of bass during 
the summer or any other time. They are, however, exception-
ally versatile baits that can elicit strikes under a variety 
of conditions. An oversized willowleaf blade will sometimes 
intimidate the smaller bass yet give the larger bass some-
thing worth their while to chase. Besides the willowleaf, 
other blade configurations will perform well during the 
summer. A single Colorado blade excels at probing deep water 
cover of all kinds. 

This lure "helicopters" down quickly and gives off consider-
able vibration in deep water. A two bladed spinnerbait (with 
the Colorado and Indiana configurations) is a great choice 
when the slow rolling technique is required. Many spinner-
baits on the market today offer minnow like heads and eyes, 
and these features add a nice, realistic touch. Some 
companies have even added rattles, further increasing a 
spinnerbait's appeal to bass. 

Rattles are an especially nice feature if a summer shower 
has caused a lake to become stained. Then, bass can use 
their lateral lines to home in on the vibrations of the 
blades and the sound of the rattles. In short, big bladed 
spinnerbaits are outstanding lures for jumbo summer bass.

3. RABBLE ROUSING BUZZBAITS: Nearly every angler who visits 
a lake during the warm weather period plans to arrive either 
early in the morning or late in the evening. The majority of 
those fishermen will have a topwater lure tied on to at least 
one of their rods, and many, if not most, of those individuals 
will employ a buzzbait sometime while they are fishing during 
low light conditions. Using a buzzbait during those two 
periods is sound game plan and most definitely will result 
in some quality bass. 



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But how many anglers tie on big, bad, rabble rousing buzz-
baits during the heat of the day? First, for a buzzbait to 
be effective on a sultry afternoon, it must be retrieved 
through shade. Your casts should be designed so that the 
buzzer would churn by wood that is lying in the shade. 
Second, the presence of current is almost as important as 
shade. In every lake, current is present, even though it 
may be barely discernible. The bass, though, can easily 
detect the flow's direction, and they will almost always 
face into it. 

Cast your buzzbaits "upstream". Finally, don't pay attention 
to your buzzbait as you retrieve it. After the lure lands 
and you note that the cast was accurate, look away, talk 
with a friend, hum to yourself or do whatever. Occupy your-
self so that you do not prematurely set the hook when a bass 
rolls on a buzzbait. The No.1 reason we miss bass that strike 
is that we jerk this lure away from the fish. Like oversized 
spinnerbaits, large, wake producing buzzbaits are not good 
lures for catching small bass.

4. JIGGING SPOONS: Jigging spoons, along with jig and pigs, 
are perhaps the premier lures for enticing wintertime bass. 
Even during this season, however, few anglers use a spoon. 
During the warmwater period, even fewer anglers will toss 
this artificial. That's a major mistake. No other lure is 
as good as a spoon at probing the deep water cover where 
summer bass dwell, and no other lure excels at descending 
so deep, so quickly, as this one. A big, flashing spoon is 
also great at creating an enticing visual image for a bass. 
Humps, main channel dropoffs, submerged roadbeds and the 
ends of points are all wonderful places to employ this 

Why are spoons so rarely used? For many anglers, they are 
one of the most difficult baits, if not the most difficult, 
to use correctly. A spoon is a heavy piece of metal that is, 
in effect, a finesse bait. This seems like a contradiction, 
but it neatly sums up the difficulty of properly presenting 
a spoon. For instance, once you locate bass holding in deep 
water, you should have little difficulty dropping this lure
in among the fish. The challenge comes with maintaining a 
tight line, deducing what the rate of ascent and descent the 
fish prefer you vertically jig the spoon and detecting a 
strike when it does occur. 

Mess up anywhere in this process, and you simply will not 
catch bass. To develop the finesse required to work a jig-
ging spoon requires many hours spent on the water. You can 
read about how to develop that finesse or have a buddy 
explain the technique to you, but on the water, time is 
really the only way to master vertical jigging. If you do 
learn how to work this artifical, then you will have learned 
to hook deep water bass that few others will be able to 

5. HARD PLASTIC JERKBAITS: Just as jigging spoons are typic-
ally thought of as winter baits, hard plastic jerkbaits are 
usually considered spring lures. Deep running jerkbaits that 
suspend are especial favorites of anglers out to catch pre-
sawn bass. Once again, though, summertime bass anglers need 
to ignore the conventional wisdom. The logic for using jerk-
baits during the summer is inescapable. Shad, minnows and 
other baitfish are more numerous at this time of year than 
at any other. Many of these fish have grown to several 
inches now and are just the right size for hungry bass. 

An old bass fishing maxim states that if you find the bait-
fish, you will have found the bass. This is especially true 
in late summer, and the realistic size and shape of a jerk-
bait is ideal for taking advantage of that fact. For example, 
balls or pods of minnows and shad often locate along the 
main channel, in shady coves, around boathouses and where a 
creek channel enter the main lake. All of these locales are 
ideal places to toss a deep running jerkbait. One of the 
best ways to work a jerkbait is to heave it well past the 
target area. 

With a sudden downward sweep of your rod (much like was 
discussed earlier with crankbaits), a jerkbait will motor 
toward the bottom. As this lure slowly rises, jiggle the rod 
tip to impart additional action. Allow the bait to rise for 
several seconds and then sweep it downward again. A deep 
diving jerkbait can also be made to run along the surface. 
Hold your rod high, and slow down the retrieve. Large jerk-
baits, those measuring 4 inches or better, will produce a 
bass bewitching wake as they skim across the surface. 

Jerkbaits also perform well when schooling bass come on the 
scene. Hard plastic stickbaits with rattle chambers are 
especially good then. These fish are aggressively looking 
for food, and the noise produced by the rattle serves to 
"call" the bass. Although most strikes will occur while this 
lure is on the surface, deep running jerkbaits can also draw 
strikes from bass hovering beneath the surface melee. A good 
tactic is to run this bait along the surface for a few yards 
and then retrieve it rapidly downward to where bigger bass 
may be holding. If you are catching surface schoolies that 
are running 1 to 2 pounds, a deep running jerkbait may be 
able to dredge up bass that go 3 or more pounds.

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        GopherCentral's Question of the Week
Do you support the Israeli military invasion of Lebanon?

Question of the Week

                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

An Irish priest loved to fly fish, it was an obsession of 
his. So far this year the weather had been so bad that he 
hadn't had a chance to get his beloved wadders on and his 
favorite flies out of their box.

Strangly though, every Sunday the weather had been good, but 
of course Sunday is the day he has to go to work.

The weather forcast was good again for the coming Sunday so 
he called a fellow priest claiming to have lost his voice and 
be in bed with the flu. He asked him to take over his sermon.

The fly fishing priest drove fifty miles to a river near the 
coast so that no one would recognize him. An angel up in 
Heaven was keeping watch and saw what the priest was doing. 
He told God who agreed that he would do something about it.

With the first cast of his line a huge fish mouth gulped 
down the fly. For over an hour the priest ran up and down 
the river bank fighting the fish. At the end when he finally 
landed the monster size fish it turned out to be a world 
record Salmon.

Confused the angel asked God, "Why did you let him catch 
that huge fish? I thought you were going to teach him a 

God replied "I did. Who do you think he's going to tell?"

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