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Publication: Bass Matters
Flipping Techniques

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><> ><>        BASS MATTERS - April 5, 2006          ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

Here are a few facts about stained water: Stained water 
makes bass stay close to cover. Fish shallow and tight to 
cover. In stained water use a worm or lizard with lots of 
action so bass can find your lure. Use a less erratic 
retrieve. It is easier for bass to locate your lure.

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
email Brock

Flipping Techniques
by Bud Fields

Flipping is another very effective technique for catching 
bass, especially when they are holding tight to cover. Many 
times as a cold front passes through an area or on sunny 
days, the bass will relate closely to cover and structure 
such as moored boats, tree stumps, pier edges, anything they 
can relate too that is different.

The mechanics of Flipping is not difficult to utilize. You 
must remember that you will be fishing "up close and personal" 
so the necessity of a quiet trolling motor and boat control 
will be very important since you will normally be less than 
12 feet from your target and many times closer to 6 feet 

I will describe the basics of "How To Flip" and the direct-
ions will be for right handed anglers. If you are left 
handed, you can modify to suit your personal needs.

I hold the rod in my right hand as I am approaching the 
"target'. As I get to the distance I want, I will take my 
left hand and grasp the line about 14" in front of the reel 
and pull the line straight out and to my left as I am rais-
ing the rod with my right hand. (You need to be certain that 
the reel is not in free spool mode.) As this is happening, 
I will use a pendulum motion and swing the lure just above 
the surface of the water and as it approaches the target, 
I will slowly release the line and allow the lure to SOFTLY 
land in the water.

As the lure is dropping, you must concentrate for any 
indication of a hit. I have caught fish as the lure is drop-
ping and the only indication I had was a slight "tick" of 
the line as it twitched. Sometimes, you will feel the "tap-
tap" as the bass engulfs to lures, other times, you may 
notice the line "swimming off" in an opposite direction or 
as you are moving the rod tip, you will notice a "mushy" 
feeling. Anything that feels different...SET THE HOOK.


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You will most often be Flipping in fairly shallow water and 
the bass can be easily startled so you must exercise patience 
and be as quiet as possible approaching the target area. You 
must not be dropping things in the bottom of your boat and 
you must not be constantly banging your boat into stumps and 
rocks. Also, Flipping can be more difficult in clear water. 
Remember, if you can see the bass...the bass can certainly 
see you.

I use a 7 1/2 foot "Flipping Stick" specialty rod that is 
telescopic so you can extend it back and forth for ease of 
storing in a rod box in my Stratos boat. The rod is a Heavy 
Action/Graphite for sensitivity and I personally like a 
baitcasting reel with a 6.2:1GearRatio. When I set the hook, 
I want to get the fish into the boat as soon as possible. I 
WILL NOT use the "Flipping Switch" on the reel. This limits 
the distance the lure will travel by being pre-set for 
possibly 7 foot. If a bass splashes 20 foot away, I like the 
option of being able to make a fast cast to him.

As far as line, it is a personal decision. I personally use 
Stren Super-Tough Mono line in at least 25 pounds. You must 
remember when you are Flipping, you will be in and around 
heavy cover and you will need a quality fishing line that 
will hold up to the tough fishing surroundings. I always 
stress to people the most important link between you and 
your fish IS THE LINE. Do not scrimp and purchase "bargain 

As far as the lures used, I would estimate that the popular 
jig and pig combination is probably used more than anything. 
You can also use plastic worms and I have even seen anglers 
Flipping spinnerbaits but regardless of your choice, make 
certain the hooks are extremely sharp. I like to use a 
rattle jig for attracting the attention of the bass and my 
favorite trailers are the Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog, the 
Jumbo Frog, or the Pork Crawdad.

I have been asked when do you use pork and when do you use 
plastic? Of you desire, you can use the pork all year. I 
have used pork in the Spring and as the water temperature 
warms, I have switched to using plastic trailers. Many times, 
you can let the bass tell you what THEY want.

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                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

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A friend broke in and chided, "Yeah, I saw a picture of 
that fish and he was all of six inches long." "Yeah," said 
the proud fisherman, "but after battling for three hours, 
a fish can lose a lot of weight."

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