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Publication: Bass Matters
Fishing From the Back

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><> ><>        BASS MATTERS - March 22, 2006         ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

You can get a far greater effect from bass attracting scents 
if you add them to your worm yourself. A few drops will coat 
enough worm or lizard and make the scent much more effective. 
The scent if much more likely to be available for the bass 
to notice it. 

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
email Brock

Fishing From The Back
By Chris Horton

Well, here I am just a couple of weeks from the start of the 
tournament season and I still have not replaced my boat. I 
have decided to wait on getting a boat (unless some boat 
dealer calls of course) and fish from the back of the boat 
this year. I have to admit, this was not the original plan 
for the 2005 season but a few turns on the highway changed 

This being said, here is a strategy for those of you who, 
like me, will be fishing from the back of the boat this 
season. First, be confident. Confidence is the number one 
factor in fishing from the back of the boat. If you are 
fishing a team event, remember that you are just that, "a 
team", so don't get caught up in trying to out fish your 
own partner. If your partner catches more than you (and 
they should), so be it. If you find yourself catching more 
from the back than your partner is catching from the front, 
your partner needs your help.

Second, be different (until a pattern is developed). I try 
to do several things when fishing from the back of the boat. 
If my partner is power fishing shallow then I know I can 
catch some fish that he misses by pinpoint casts to nearby 
cover. If he is moving fast, I know I don't have the time to 
fish a Texas Rigged Worm all the way back to the boat but I 
do like to pitch a jig to stumps and laydowns in this

In a team event I will try to do something a little differ-
ent than my partner until we develop a pattern. If my 
partner is using a big bait, I will go smaller. If he is 
using a small bait, I will go big. If he is fishing lures 
that run deep, I will move up higher in the water column. 
Keep trying different things until a pattern is developed.


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Finally, be the same (once you have a pattern). Once you 
have a pattern, don't be afraid to use the same lure as your 
partner. I know this may go against conventional thinking, 
but how many times have you followed another boat down a 
shoreline fishing the same or similar lures and you caught 
fish? If your partner is catching fish, don't worry about 
using the same lure. First, he can't cast to every piece of 

Second, it may be the fourth or fifth cast that makes the 
fish bite. Also, try presenting your lure at a different 
angle than your partner. For example, if he fishes the left 
side of a piece of cover, you fish the right. Pay attention 
to how your partner is fishing and fish the same lure a 
little differently. You will pick up some fish that he 

Fishing from the back of the boat can be a rewarding 
experience. This year I will be fishing from the back of my 
dad's boat in the Media Bass Slot Lakes Division. Until next 
time, good fishing!!

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Question of the Week

                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

Three guys were fishing in a lake one day, when an angel 
appeared in the boat.

When the three astonished men had settled down enough to 
speak, the first guy asked the angel humbly, "I've suffered 
from back pain ever since I took shrapnel in the Vietnam 
War ... Could you help me?"

"Of course," the angel said, and when he touched the man's 
back, the man felt relief for the first time in years.

The second guy who wore very thick glasses and had a hard 
time reading and driving. He asked if the angel could do 
anything about his poor eyesight. The angel smiled, removed 
the man's glasses and tossed them into the lake. When they 
hit the water, the man's eyes cleared and he could see 
everything distinctly.

When the angel turned to the third guy, the guy put his hands 
out defensively -- "Don't touch me!" he cried, "I'm on a 
disability pension." 

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