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Publication: Bass Matters
Fishing From Memories

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><> ><>        BASS MATTERS - June 21, 2006          ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

Submerged ditches can be like a gold mine when bass fishing 
in the summer. Bass use the ditches to move from deep water 
to shallow water when they are feeding. Ditches can be hard 
to find. They're sometimes left off of topography maps. You 
can find them on flats and points. If you look over these 
areas with your depth finder you find one. You can also find 
them by looking at the bank for water runoff areas. Ditches 
as shallow as a foot can attract bass. 

Remember you can comment on any story or read comments   
by visiting: Bass Matters Blog

Enjoy a week of fishing!
email Brock

Fishing From Memories
By Don Applegarth

"Fishing from Memories"…that is what my friend Alan Rusk 
says whenever we are fishing the same holes where we have 
caught some big bass at one point or another in the past.

I think we all tend to do that, or at least I know that I 
do. I find that I usually do much better on a strange lake 
where I really haven't got a lot of so called "Honey Holes". 
I am forced to use my brain, and my knowledge of the fish's 
behavioral patterns to locate and then hopefully catch some 
nice bass.

I have also tried to make myself do more of this on my own 
"Home" lake as well. 

That does not mean that I don't fish my favorite places any 
more...instead, it means that I pay more attention to little 
details like "what was the weather like? Or "what time of 
year was it?" That sometimes makes a HUGE difference.

I have so many holes here on the lake, that I know I can 
always catch at least a few bass no matter what the condi-
tions. I have holes that will produce in mid winter, and 
some that are great in summer months as well. Fall, and 
spring, are fairly easy, and you just follow the baitfish 
up into the backs of the creeks.

I have found over the years, that some of these holes will 
produce at least a few bass year round, while others may 
only produce during a very small window of time during a 
certain season.

We as anglers tend to be lazy, and want to do more fishing 
in areas we know, rather than put forth the extra effort to 
look for new patterns and areas on the lakes we regularly 

For years, I have fished on West Point Lake, and always 
spent the entire trip on the southern end near the dam. Why? 
Because I always caught fish there, and many times, they 
were big fish.


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On the past two trips there, I have fished with my partner 
Dave, and he wanted to fish up in the rivers and some of the 
main lake pockets. He had never seen the lake before, and 
thought those areas looked good.

I found so many new places to fish, simply because we tried 
new waters, and caught some good bass in these areas too. I 
would not have done that normally, because my confidence 
level is so high on the other end of the lake. Whenever I 
am fishing new areas, I really don't have that same level 
of confidence, but over the past few years, I have learned 
to change that. Now I have confidence in patterns, and lures, 
rather than certain areas that produced for me before.

Being able to fish any area that you are forced to fish with 
confidence, will definitely make you a more successful angler.

During our last tournament, we had boat problems, and were 
forced to fish the area near the host marina all day. It 
would have been easy to get frustrated, but instead we knew 
that the areas there would hold some bass, We had never 
fished them before, but knew that since the water temps were 
in the 58 - 63 range, there would be fish in these pockets.

We spent the entire day fishing, and never cranked the boat. 
We ended up in 14th place out of 78 teams. 

Plan each trip carefully, using a topographic map as your 
guide. I know many people now use GPS units for navigation, 
and don't carry maps, but trust me, you can find things on 
them that you would never find without, such as roadbeds, 
humps, creek channels, etc.

By forcing yourself to do more thinking, and fish where they 
fish should be, rather than just going to those same holes 
each trip, will help you to land more, and bigger bass. It 
has sure helped me!

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        GopherCentral's Question of the Week
Is the war in Iraq going well?

Question of the Week

                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

Why did the businessman go fishing instead of attending a 

Just for the halibut.

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