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Publication: Bass Matters
Fishing Approach to New Waters

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><> ><>         BASS MATTERS - May 31, 2006          ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

Have a good reason for employing a rattle bait. Know why you 
want to appeal to the bass' sense of hearing. To get its 
attention? To help it locate a bait? To imitate something 
it's eating? Maybe a similar bait without a rattle will draw 
more strikes. 

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
email Brock

Fishing Approach to New Waters
by Justin Lucas

We all have our favorite lakes or rivers for bass and most 
of the time we know how to always catch fish there. So what 
do you do when there's that TOC for your tournament circuit 
where you have never been or maybe you have just seen the 
lake? How do you pattern out these fish? And many more 
questions to ask. So let me tell you how I go about doing 

The very first thing I would do is go buy a topographic map 
of the river or lake and study every characteristic and 
depth change in the body of water. Then the next thing I 
would do is talk with some people who are familiar with the 
body of water, or call a nearby tackle store. These people 
can normally give you some good information on what lures 
and techniques produce fish during that particular season 
or month. 

Also ask things such as water temperature and water clarity. 
This will give you an idea of what depth to fish and what 
size line to use. Ok, so now we got the temperature, say 68 
degrees and dropping, which means the fish will probably 
start moving shallow, feeding up for the winter. Say water 
clarity is about 2-4ft. visibility, which means you can use 
pretty heavy line size. Now lets go catch some fish!

We just got out on the water for the first time and we have 
5 rods rigged up. We have a Spinnerbait, Crankbait, Buzzbait, 
jig, and a worm. Now you see I set us up with mostly react-
ion baits because, reaction bait fish are much easier to 
catch and it's easiest to pick up a decent limit quick. What 
makes it easy to catch a limit quick is that they are made 
to cover a lot of water quickly. So, you catch a fish here 
and there but, within a reasonable amount of time. 


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When we looked on the map it showed a lot of shallow flats 
with laydowns and dying weeds all throughout them. This 
would be a good spot to hit first thing in the morning 
because the fish will come up from the points and creek 
channels to feed when there is low light. We go through 
there quick with a Buzzbait, bringing it right over branches 
and running it into everything else in its way, trying to 
make as much noise and racket as possible. We get a few 
blowups but, none hooked. So, what do we do next? You 
guessed it, go back through there slow rolling a Spinner-
bait. Going back through with a Spinnerbait will most 
likely pick up most of the fish that hit our Buzzbait.

Alright good job we got 3 decent keepers in the live-well. 
Since we caught 3 on this flat we go and try another, with 
the same type of cover and depth. We pick up one better 
than average fish and a dink that just barely makes the 12" 
minimum. See quick limit, huh? Well it doesn't always happen 
this way but the majority of the time it will. Right now we 
have about 13lbs and we know most tourneys are won here with 
about 17lbs. We know that we have to at least have 17lbs. so, 
that's where we set our goal. In this situation I would go 
and fish about 10ft. deeper than I was and try to cull out 
our smaller fish. 

The main spot I would look for to do this would either be a 
creek channel or a main lake point. I would probably only 
throw the jig, since it normally does catch the bigger fish 
in almost every lake. We get done working a few points and 
cull 3 of our 5 fish which, brings our weight up to about 
16lbs, maybe even 17lbs. What do I do when I've reached my 
goal? Just keep fishin' with the bait that helped me cull 
my fish and pray that God will give you the one big bite 
everyone always dreams of.

Remember this is just the way I would approach a new body of 
water. These are also some of my baits that I have a lot of 
confidence in and maybe you don't. That's fine because, 
there's nothing that'll catch more fish for you than your 
confidence bait. So go out and fish that new place that 
you've always wondered about. Give your-self a challenge and 
a test of how good of a fisherman you really are! Take care 
and keep those lines tight!

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                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

Bob and Dick had been waiting at the restaurant for almost 
an hour for the fish they had ordered, when the waiter 
finally came to the table and announced that the fish would 
soon be ready. Bob asked, "Tell me, waiter, just what kind 
of bait are you using?"

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