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Publication: Bass Matters
How To Fish Visible Cover

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><> ><>        BASS MATTERS - April 19, 2006         ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

Here are some helpful jerk bait tips:

* Incredibly long casts are possible with jerk flash so you 
cover more water. 

* The jerk flash gives more side to side, darting action 
than any other jerk bait. Keep your rod tip low and pop your 
rod with each jerk and always feed slack line to the jerk 
flash during pauses. 

* Holographic finishes give more flash. 

* Bass always bite as the jerk flash is stopped. Do not stop 
it long. Keep it moving with short pauses. 

* Keep the jerk flash erratic. make it jump side to side, up 
and down. 

* The jerk flash runs 1 to 2 feet deep on 12 pound line.

* Fish the jerk flash over grass, around brush or on rocky 
points. Use jerk flash as a search bait to find the bass. 

* The darting action makes bass strike out of reflex. 

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
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How To Fish Visible Cover
By Extreme Bass Lures

Fishing visible cover: stumps, trees, weedbeds, rocks, boat 
docks, and other bass holding objects that can be seen with 
the naked eye is the classic way to cast for bass. But today, 
with more anglers fishing for bass than ever before and with 
the average angler more highly skilled than in the past, 
visible is often subjected to intense fishing pressure. The 
result: It's harder and harder to catch quality bass from 
visible cover. This makes it more important than ever to 
know how to fish it right.

TYPES OF VISIBLE COVER: Here are some of the types of visible 
cover you're likely to encounter in your area bass waters: 

Weeds and Grasses. 
Shallow tributaries, shorelines and coves often harbor 
visible aquatic plants. Emergent grasses such as bulrushes, 
maidencane, and cattails protrude above the surface. These 
serve as a bridge for terrestrial creatures, especially 
insects, to enter the water. Surface plants such as water 
lilies are rooted on the bottom and often have a flowering 
plant growing on the surface. Submerged grasses such as 
milfoil, hydrilla, coontail, and eelgrass grow beneath the 
surface, however some types may form a thick mat on top. 
Pond scum is a thick surface coating of algae that forms in 
hot weather in slack water. 

Stumps, brushpiles, fallen trees, and standing timber are 
all popular visible targets among bass anglers. 

Rocks. Bass will hold around large rocks or rockpiles in 
shallow water, especially in rivers where they use these as 
current breaks. 

Man Made Cover. 
Boat docks, duck blinds, and virtually anything else man 
puts in shallow water may attract bass.

Where muddy water forms around a bank due to wave action or 
enters a clear lake via a tributary after heavy rains, a 
mudline sets up. Bass use this for concealment, hiding at 
the edge where stained and clear water meet.

will catch a bass from visible cover is often determined 
before you ever make your first cast to it. Here are some 
tips pro anglers keep in mind when approaching and fishing 
visible cover: 

Wear Polarized Sunglasses. 
These reduce glare and allow you to spot objects beneath the 
surface more easily. Many anglers wear Polarized glasses 
with black or gray lenses on sunny days and brown lenses on 
overcast days. 

Approach With Caution. 
Think of yourself as a predator. Use stealth when moving 
within casting distance of your target especially in clear 
water. Bass are wary creatures and usually will not strike 
if they're aware of your presence. Avoid roaring into the 
area with your big motor. Instead, cut off your outboard a 
good distance away from the cover and use your electric 
trolling motor to quietly move closer. Avoid bumping into 
the cover with your boat. 

Fish The Outside Of The Cover First. 
Don't cast into the middle of a weedbed, logjam, etc. until 
you have combed the outside edges first. If you hook a bass 
in the middle of the cover and fight it out into open water, 
it will usually spook fish using the outer edges. Instead, 
work the outside of the cover first, then work your way 
gradually toward the middle. 

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Target Isolated Cover. 
A lone brushpile at the end of a point or a single stump two 
or three cast lengths from hundreds of other similar stumps 
often holds the biggest bass in the area. 

Target Juncture Areas. 
These are places where two or more pieces of visible cover 
come together. Here are some examples: 1. Where the end of 
a submerged tree meets open water. 2. Where two logs criss-
cross on the bottom. 3. Where a major limb shoots off from 
the trunk of a submerged tree. 4. Where the corner of a boat 
dock meets a shallow weedbed or open water. 5. Where a weed-
line meets open water. 6. Where the bottom or bank condition 
changes gravel turns to mud, fist size rock turns to head 
size rock, etc. 

Target The Edges Of Visible Cover For Active Bass. 
In nature, all predators gravitate to the edges of their 
habitat zones when hunting. Just as a lion will prowl the 
edge where a grassy plain meets a water hole, a bass will 
prowl a weedline or the edge of a stumprow. Bass relating 
to edges are highly catchable fish. Work the outer edges 
first with spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwaters and other 
fast moving lures for active biters. 

Target Deeper Inside The Cover For Inactive Fish. 
Bass show a marked propensity for holding tight to stumps or 
rocks, or burying in brushpiles or weedbeds, when inactive. 
Use slow moving saturation lures such as jigs, soft plastic 
crawfish and plastic worms for inactive bass. 

Target Overhead Cover. 
When not actively feeding, bass may show a marked preference 
for overhead cover, including hydrilla or milfoil mats, 
lilypads, water hyacinths, pond scum, even debris such as 
logs or leaves that gathers in slack water pockets and the 
back ends of tributaries. They feel a strong sense of 
security beneath overhead cover and may often be approached 
very closely without spooking. Flip or pitch to this cover 
using the jigs or soft plastics. 

Accuracy Counts. 
It used to be fairly easy to pull a bass out of visible 
cover with a sloppy cast, but not in today's high pressured 
world of bass fishing. All too often, if the cast isn't 
right on the money, the fish won't strike. Cast beyond your 
target so your lure is up to speed or at the proper depth 
when it reaches the spot where the bass is most likely to 
be holding. Many anglers rely on pitching when working 
visible cover; this is a highly accurate presentation that 
works in all water conditions and facilitates a silent lure 

Learn To Dissect Cover. 
Don't think of a stump as a stump, think of it as a short, 
squat treetrunk with a broad, relatively flat top and a 
system of roots at the bottom. Sometimes merely casting to 
the stump isn't enough, if the bass are holding tight to 
the root system, they may not bite unless your lure hits 
this specific target area. 

Contact Cover. 
Pro anglers always try to bump their lures into the cover 
they're fishing. This gets them close to the bass and imparts 
an erratic action to the bait as it careens off the object, 
often triggering a reaction strike. 

Throw Bass A Change Up. 
Pressured bass learn not to bite lures they see repeatedly. 
If you see several anglers in the area you're fishing work-
ing visible cover with spinnerbaits, try fishing the same 
areas with a different lure that works the same depth zone, 
such as a shallow running crankbait. 

Pick The Best Times. 
When fishing flowering surface plants such as hyacinths and 
water lilies, you'll often have your best luck from midmorn-
ing until mid-afternoon, this is when the plants' flowers 
open and attract insects, which in turn attract bass. On 
other types of cover, bass often move to the outer edges in 
lowlight conditions and will be more catchable there early 
or late in the day. During midday, they'll probably be hold-
ing tight to or buried in the cover.


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        GopherCentral's Question of the Week

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                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

"Goulet," the boss bellowed, "I happen to know that the 
reason you didn't come to work yesterday was that you were 
out playing golf! What do you have to say for yourself?"

"That's a rotten lie!" Goulet protested. "And I have the 
fish to prove it!"

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