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Publication: Bass Matters
Early Summer Bass

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><> ><>        BASS MATTERS - May 24, 2006           ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

Salt impregnated plastics will taste natural to the fish. 
This just might give you the extra time to get that hook set 
thing of yours going.

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
email Brock

Early Summer Bass
From Extreme Bass Lures

The bass, which had been stacked up in shallow water for the 
spawning ritual only days or weeks before, pull a slick 
disappearing act. They become more difficult to locate and 
to catch, and they often frustrate even the best bass 
fishermen. Why have the bass suddenly become tough to catch? 
It's because they are entering a post spawn transition 

LOCATING BASS: Earlier in the spring, before the bass had 
spawned, they were preoccupied with feeding and moving into 
the shallows in preparation for spawning. They were more 
aggressive then and easier to locate. After spawning many 
bass leave the shallows and begin making their way toward 
deeper structures where they will eventually set up their 
summer feeding patterns. The problem is that they are 
exhausted from mating activities and are in no hurry to get 
into the swing of things. 

They're often scattered from the shallows to deep water and 
in a generally lethargic mood. Exactly when the bass go into 
their post spawn doldrums depends on the weather and where 
they are located in your area. In many cases you can avoid 
fishing for post spawn bass by switching locations on a 
given lake, or switching to another lake altogether. Keep 
in mind that all the bass in a lake or reservoir don't spawn
at exactly the same time. Shallow bays and feeder creeks on 
northern shores receive more exposure to the sun and are 
more protected from cold, northern winds. They usually warm 
first and are the first to be infiltrated with bass. 

While the bass may be thick in some places, a deeper creek 
arm on the same lake that receives little sunlight may be 
much cooler. The bass there may still be holding near deeper 
dropoffs waiting for the water to warm up before moving 
shallow. When the bass in a shallow, warm bay or creek arm 
have finished spawning and scatter, head for a deeper creek 
arm that has cooler water. Chances are good that the bass 
there will be shallow and willing to strike. When the bass 
in a deeper creek arm go into their post spawn attitude, 
you may find bass on main lake structures that have already 
tuned into their summer feeding patterns. 

If you have a shallow lake and a deep lake near home, 
chances are that many of the bass in the shallow lake are 
now in their post spawn period. The deeper lake, however, 
may have areas where the bass are still preoccupied with 
prespawn feeding or spawning and relatively easy to catch. 
When these bass shut down, you'll probably fare better if 
you head for the shallow lake, since those bass may have 
settled into their regular summer feeding schedules. 

As smart as we fishermen are, we can't always dodge fishing 
for post spawn bass. This is especially true for those of 
us who fish bass tournaments which are scheduled months in 
advance. If you have to fish for post spawn bass, be 
prepared to do a lot of moving around. If you keep on the 
move and cover a lot of water, you'll increase your odds 
for getting a lure in front of these scattered fish. 

Casting: Crankbaits and spinnerbaits are excellent lures for 
fishing a lot of water quickly. The bass are now beginning 
to feed on newly hatched fry, so use smaller size lures to 
match the prey. Norman's shallow and deep running Baby Ns 
are good crankbaits to start with. When fishing a spinner-
bait, start with 1/4 oz. single spin, usually in white 
depending on water clarity. Main lake points are one of the 
first places to search for early summer bass. Some of the 
most productive points are those on either side of a major 
feeder creek. 


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Bass that are leaving a creek after spawning will often stop 
at these gateways to the main lake. Try to fish points with 
crankbaits, both shallow runners and deep divers, and vary 
your retrieve speed. Sometimes really burning the reel hand-
les will trigger a strike after slower retrieves have failed 
to get a response. If you catch a bass from one main lake 
point, return to it later after checking out some other 
similar points, since bass are likely to be moving up on it 
throughout the day. Another good place to cast a crankbait 
is a secondary point in a major creek arm. 

You'll find secondary points at the mouths of small coves 
and feeder creeks, and such places also will hold bass for 
brief periods during their migration towards the deeper main 
lake. Although many bass have left the shallows, some will 
remain in the creeks throughout the summer. Creeks that have 
an abundance of wood cover, such as flooded bushes, stumps, 
fallen logs and standing timber will harbor more bass. When
fishing shallow wood cover for post spawn bass, the spinner-
bait is a fast and efficient tool for covering the water. 
Cast it beyond and over limbs, logs and other targets and 
retrieve it past the cover. 

Flipping: The plastic worm is another excellent producer of 
early summer bass. When fishing shallow cover use a long 
flippin stick. Essentially, the flippin method lets you fish 
a relatively slow moving lure, such as the plastic worm, 
quickly and efficiently. When flippin, ease your boat within 
20 feet of the cover you're fishing, so there's no wasted 
time casting or retrieving over open water. The flip-cast 
allows you to place your worm precisely into tight cover 
where it will do the most good. 

After giving the worm a few hops, you simply lift the lure 
with the long rod and flip it to another promising spot. 
This method is also productive when fishing steep rocky 
banks. When flippin, rig the worm Texas style with the barb 
buried into the body of the worm to make it weedless. 
Generally you would weight the worm with a 3/16 or 1/4 oz. 
slip sinker. Peg the slip sinker to the line by jamming a 
toothpick into the line hole and then snipping off the 
excess. This holds the weight tight to the head of the worm, 
which makes for easier flip-casting and better feel for 

Drifting: Drifting is another productive way to fish plastic 
worms for post spawn bass. On some lakes, the bass will 
spread out over long flats near spawning areas. The easiest 
way to cover these large expanses is to motor upwind and 
let the breeze push you over the flat while dragging a Texas 
rigged worm over the bottom. Some anglers hold a rod in each
hand while drifting. When they get a strike on one rod, they 
lay the other one down while they set the hook and land the 
bass. Just be sure you wedge the second rod well so a bass 
can't pull it over while it's unattended. 

When fishing for post spawn, early summer bass, don't become 
discouraged if you can't catch several bass from one spot. 
Stay on the move and fish points, secondary points, shallow 
cover in creek arms and large flats. You may not make a 
killing, but persistent anglers will catch enough bass to 
make the effort worthwhile. Besides, you'll be on the water 
when the bass pull out of their slump and go on their 
initial summer feeding binge. This spree may only last a 
week or two, but it yields some of the best catches of the 

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        GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Should the Mexican government pay healthcare costs for the 
11 million illegal immigrants from Mexico?

Question of the Week

                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

Q. What do fishermen and hypochondriacs have in common?
A. They don't really have to catch anything to be happy. 

[Thanks for the joke Patricia!]

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