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Publication: Trivia Today
Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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           TRIVIA TODAY - Monday, June 9, 2008
       "Six Items a Day of Enduring Insignificance" 
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Greetings Infomaniacs,

Anyone who has ever been to a baseball game has undoubtedly 
heard the familiar lyrics, "Take me out to the ball game, 
take me out with the crowd..." However, I bet you never 
knew that this classic tune was created in 1908 when 
entertainer/songwriter Jack Norworth scribbled some lyrics 
on scrap paper during a train ride to Manhattan, New York.
Norworth later gave the lyrics to Albert Von Tilzer who 
composed the music, and the song went on to be published by 
the New York Music Company. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
was a hit before the year was over! It took Norworth a total 
of 15 minutes to write a song that has been sung during the 
seventh inning stretch at nearly every baseball game in the 

Now that you know a little bit more history about baseball's 
favorite song, let's find out a few more tidbits about 
the sport that has become an American pastime. 


Your Trivia Today editor 


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                    TODAY'S MYSTERY QUOTE 

QUOTE:"You can learn little from victory. You can learn 
everything from defeat." 

HINT: (1880-1925), Major League Baseball player, pitcher for 
the New York Giants and Cincinnati Reds, one of the first 
five players elected to the Hall of Fame in 1936.


                        RANDOM TIDBITS 

The inventor of baseball is also credited with firing the 
first Union shot of Civil war.


The baseball tradition of spring training came about because 
in 1885 the Chicago White Stockings went to Hot Springs in 
Arkansas to prepare for the new season. 


In July 1934, Babe Ruth paid a fan $20 dollars for the return 
of the baseball he hit for his 700th career home run.


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In an effort to sell more licensed apparel, minor-league 
baseball teams were changing their names so often that the 
sport's governing body now limits franchises to team name 
changes every three years.


The first perfect nine innings baseball game was achieved by 
John Lee Richmond on June 12, 1880.

Baseball ended one of its oldest traditions in 1997 when 
inter league play begin for the first time. This means that 
teams from the American league can play National league 
teams during the regular season. The first inter league 
game was played on June 12, 1997.


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                  *** Weekly Mind-Scrambler *** 

My life can be measured in hours,
I serve by being devoured,
Thin, I am quick,
Fat, I am slow,
Wind is my foe.

What am I?

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QUOTE: "You can learn little from victory. You can learn 
everything from defeat." 

ANSWER: Christopher "Christy" Mathewson

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