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Publication: Trivia Today
Works of art.

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           TRIVIA TODAY - Monday, July 28, 2008 
       "Six Items a Day of Enduring Insignificance" 

Greetings Infomaniacs,

It was such a busy weekend that I think I need a weekend to 
recover from it! In the midst of all my running around, I 
did make it to the Gopher company picnic. I'll fill you in 
on the details tomorrow...



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                    TODAY'S MYSTERY QUOTE 

QUOTE: "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to 
remain an artist once we grow up."

HINT: (1881-1973), Andalusian-Spanish painter, best known 
for co-founding the Cubist movement


                        RANDOM TIDBITS 

Edgar Degas is acknowledged as the master of drawing human 
figures in motion. In the early 1870s, the female ballet 
dancer became his favorite theme. He sketched from a live 
model in his studio and combined poses into groupings that 
depicted rehearsal and performance scenes.


The Dada school of art, or Dadaism, can be traced back to 
Zurich and the poetry of Romanian-born Tristan Tzara. Born 
out of the widespread disillusionment created by World War 
I, Dada attacked conventional standards of aesthetics and 
behavior and stressed absurdity and the role of the 
unpredictable in artistic creation. The principles of Dada 
were eventually modified to become the basis of surrealism.


Edvard Munch painted "The Scream" after a walk with two 
friends during which he sensed an "endless scream passing 
through nature". To describe this experience, he developed 
an exciting, violent, and emotionally charged style that is 
recognized by most critics as leading to the birth of 
German Expressionism.



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Frida Kahlo--who began painting while recovering from a 
serious road accident at the age of 15--sent her early work 
to the painter Diego Rivera, whom she later married. Her 
works are often shocking in their stark portrayal of pain 
and the harsh lives of women.


"Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" was the 
most famous painting of Georges Seurat, founder of the 19th-
century French school of Neo-Impressionism whose technique 
for portraying the play of light using tiny brushstrokes of 
contrasting colors became known as Pointillism. This painting 
inspired a Broadway musical by Stephen Sondheim entitled 
Sunday in the Park With George.


While studying at the Academy of Ancient Art in the Medici 
Palace, Michelangelo not only developed his genius as a 
sculptor, but also excited the wrath of his rival, 
Torregiano, who struck him with a mallet, crushing his nose 
and disfiguring him for life.


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                  *** Weekly Mind-Scrambler *** 

Weight in my belly,
Trees on my back,
Nails in my ribs,
Feet I do lack.

What am I?

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email me your complete name and address and I will ship 
your prize. 
Be sure to put "Winner" in the subject line.


QUOTE: "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to 
remain an artist once we grow up."

ANSWER: Pablo Picasso

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